Monday, February 20, 2017

Dunia terus berputar...

Pagi hari saya bertembung dengan seorang kawan. Kebetulan saya pegang dua tin kopi, jadi saya kasi dia satu.

Dia terima dan ucapkan terima kasih.
Eh... "minum ke kopi?" saya tanya.
" minumlah", dia jawab
"dulu kan tak minum kopi", saya tanya sambil tergelak kecil.
Dia jawab sambil ketawa juga.

Dulu saya suka provoke, sebab saya fikir kami berkawan baik, tapi sejak dua menjak ni, saya dah letih mungkin, dan mungkin juga....

He used to do that for years. When people give him something, dia kasi pada orang lain.  Banyakkkkkk kali..

"Tak baiklah..." saya cakap setiap kali saya nampak. Dia kata lebih banyak pahala sebab memanjangkan sedekah, but for me it is a sign that you did not like d gifts.
If u did not like d gift, y cant u be honest so dat he/she can give them to those who will appreciate it?
Akhirnya kami bertengkar.

Few weeks ago, saya nampak a gift I gave to him was on somebody else table. I gave two pieces. One for him n one for d other. Tapi saya tak beri pun kepada orang ketiga.

Saya fikir, dia yang tak sudi terima dan bagi pada orang lain. Geleng kepala saya hari tu. That's him. Obviously,  rambut sama hitam, hati lain2.
Kecil hati?

Why do I judge him?
Errr... Maybe because Jie tak kan buat cenggitu... He will treasure anything yang orang bagi kat dia.

Recently he was given flight ticket to USA. Dia terima penuh kesyukuran kata ko:)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sehingga hujung nyawa.

Just a Quick update.

Satu hari upper echelon cakap dgn gembira pasal a Charity program. Saya pandang Big Bro dan cakap saya tak tau. Big Bro also said he had no idea too...

On Friday Kaki Kencing (KK) sent whatsapps image of d schedule. There,  my name with phone number with others also with phone number.

Whatizit? Saya tanya publicly despite KK personal messaged me. Pengalaman taught me dia akan twisted d facts.  as d name KK implied. Yang terkini pengalaman end of last year.  Letak important form kat cermin kereta padahal jumpa tiap hari. Then, rekacipta data. When I pointed out d errors to others ( because he n his gang never approached me in f first place), tarik muka 18 pulak. Yang best berjemaah pulak tu.

Gooshhh...  RIIBENA sangat memasing.

But wait... I might b wrong then




I took sometimes to muhasabah. Am I hanginn because it is from KK or with a clear conscience?

Nayy... I puť myself in Jie's perspective.
But it is my private number he published when d in d normal circumstances only the person in-charge number will provided should any problem surfaced. I was scheduled to lead d team for a meet on d date. All d preparation was on d final stage n I afraid if I did not go, the team wont either. Resulted we will b fined. It happened before, it is a common practice too.
What izit so hard to discuss when kalau cakap hal merapu tu boleh pulak. We bumped into one another almost every day. Have some common sense la, saya merintih dalam hati.

Buat kali yang entah keberapa, kesabaran yang saya wayangkan selama ini memang tak bersisa lagi.

So I sent another message, kindly do not publish my private number to public n discussed before d schedule sent out as people might hv other commitments.
Saya tulis pendek, precise.

I m not talking about kenduri kawen, hantar anak masuk asrama,  g beli beras komitmen here. But I  tried not to sound cocky. Hal personal tak masuk dalam agenda.

D upper echelon replied n mentioned KK as d PIC. NOTED, no further comment your honor was my reply😂

Living in d CLOWNS ring makes me accept everything light-hearted nowadays. No point to say more, because clowns will always b clowns.

Why should I stoop to their level anyway?

Chillex sudah...
Jadi mokcik baca quote ni berulangkali

 dan ingatkan diri, di hujung kehidupan nanti ada perkiraan yang lebih adil.
Semoga mokcik tidak dihampakan di sana nanti.

Mom n me time again

Semalam mak saya kata, kalau balik Slim nanti belikan benih timun.

" Tapi kan mak baru beli benih petola. Dah bertunas ke?", saya tanya dengan tidak bersalah..
" Dah.. Mak dah hantar pun ke rumah Makcik Som kamu. Mak nak tanam timun pulak. Mahal sangat timun kat Tf tadi", nampak tak permainannya..

Kalau saya yang belikan, mula makan tahun baru dapat, so I suggested we go to Slim on Sunday. mak saya kata, eh... Kita tengokla dulu...

Pagi ini mak saya bangun macam biasa, sebelum Subuh. Pukul 7 dia bersarapan dan pakai stoking. Mak kata she could not sleep last night sebab kakinya kejang.

I messaged her feet n asked her to sleep as we can always go to buy cucumber seed at 9a.m. Still hv time meh..

Sunday is d day everyone in d House tetiba rajin. Acho swept d lawn n later clean d drain. Saya basuh kain n kemas rumah, then later siram pokok sebab mak x larat..

Siapa pulak yang sedia brekkie?
My mom, terus bangun n fried nuggets. Kalau saya tak sihat, saya terus tidur n x peduli hal lain dah, but not my mom...

Then, we went to Slim River.
First, mestilah beli benih timun tu. mom bought lemang.  Thats all. I bought 3 t-shirts for Adik, Mingguan Malaysia,  Harakah n Mastika for my bros. Penting!!

We stopped at Tom Yum House, but d lunch was not ready yet so we headed to Econsave. Tak ada apa pun nak beli.. Ended up mom picked a bottle of  100+. I bought 5 packets of Jacknjill n 4 tin of Wonda Coffee.

Then we had lunch.
She picked a fish which was my late father favourite.  She hardly chose that before. I picked grilled chicken n gave her half.

When I was small food was scarce. We rarely had chance eating chicken let alone having a whole fish for ourselves. Now, we can afford good food, but I want is to share them with my mom. 💖

I noticed lately my mom favourite quote is, " mana2 lah".
When I asked where to way, dat was her answer.
"Kita ikut jalan lama boleh tak mak? mak larat tak?" I asked again.
" Mak ok. Mana2lah", she replied..

But she was not ok. she dozed off half of d Journey. Once we reached home, she chatted with Uda for a while before she went into deep slumber.

At 2, when I want to go back she was still sleeping.

Mohtip betul.
Mokcik tetiba cengeng while writing this.
Somehow saya bersyukur saya takder rumah menghadap Laut Cina Selatan,  or else I might not be able to spend my weekends with mommy.
Worst, I might not be able to listen to all her stories.

Saya juga bersyukur saya tak kaya dan ada harta berjuta. Mungkin terpaksa saya susah hati siang malam fikirkan got to stay rich.

Saya juga bersyukur jodoh saya bukan dengan Brad Piť dulu. Kot tak... Hahahaa..

Till next Weekend.
Do u miss ur mom peeps?

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mom&me time

My mom's health really deteriorating from day to day. Whenever I came back after work, she was sleeping.  So I did not talk to her at all  during weekday. It always sad not to spend time much.  Since I have promise to help Neah every morning,  harus saya keraskan hati n went back to #12A without waking my mom up.

Today, I woke up early because I dont hv to help Neah on weekends. I asked my if she wants outing. She said ye.

While waiting for me to finish cuci kain n kemas rumah,  my mom siram pokok sayurannya. Dats y she is exhausted in d afternoon, semua benda my mom nak buat.

We went to Teluk Intan. Have lunch at Ramli's@CityMewah.  She had grilled chicken and kerabu tauge. I had omelette n ulam2.  RM10.50 je. We shared air sirap n lauk tu jugak. Last time kitaorang makan x habis, dats y kali ni ambik lauk ala kadar je.

Then,  she bought salty fish. Saya tunggu dalam kereta. On d way out, we stopped at snack story. She chose Cadbury sweets n marukku.  I bought 3 boxes of shandong peanuts only.

Next, RM2 zone. Actually kitaorang taknak beli apa2, tapi she bought take and Orange basket. I bought 7 packets of Faster Red pens n fancy cellotapes.

Then we went to Tf. A bag of 10 kg Rice, 3 birds, cabbage, ginger, biscuits and 4 tins of Marigold Milk later, kitaorang pun balik.

It is always pleasure outing with my mother. We talked about lots of things.
There r always things I do not know happened around me...

Like there is a Couple rented a 'bathroom' for RM100 per Month. Like Seriously???

" Lama dah... Dekat 6 bulan ada kot... ", mak saya cerita.
Dah 6 bulan baru dia cerita, actually Makcik Jah n her saw d couple carried a lot of thing with motorcycle back then. They were Flabbergasted!

But no. They did no offer help as d couple was chase out by d family. Both my mom n makcik Jah old enough to know not to interfere in family dispute.

The husband did come to my bro asking for job. But there was no vacancy.

It was..
I remembered one day Ms Bingit ( I think this name is quite cute) told us,  how she n her husband had help d couple. She mentioned abt d things she bought for them n all. Anyway, at dat time she blame d family though.

I m not 100% sure she referred to d same person, but if it is, goshhhhhh... why taking sides when u do not have d whole picture?

Nope. I did not tell my mom about it.
There must b a solid reason y makcik jah n her kept mum about it..

That is one of d many reasons why I love going out with my mom.
Despite she slept throughout d Journey...


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Less than perfect

Semalam, a fren contacted me about missing document which solely my fault n she asked me to fix it.
I couldnt. I m so stress out, dengan diri sendiri,  partly sebab cuai n mainly sebab menyusahkan orang.
Sungguh serabut saya  fikir.

Jadi sesampai di tempat kerja terus saya menuju ke kantin. Apa-apa hal kita makan dulu.
Tapi... Ohhhh kena buat announcement.  Jadi saya berlari pula ke tapak perhimpunan.

Saya kembali ke kantin bila perhimpunan tamat. Cik Odah pula tiada. Saya ambik roti canai dan masak sendiri. Cik Odah datang n dia ketawakan. Roti canai tu terputus2 sebab saya tujah dengan sudip.

Saya makan dengan Kak Sal. Dah 2 hari dia bercuti sakit, demam. Lepas makan saya cepat-cepat bangun,  sebab nak cari d said document.

Halfway seseorang buat muka serabut...
Belum sempat saya tanya dia dah buka mulut dulu...

" Janganlah macam ni... Kasihanilah d Kids", saya cakap. But he was adamant.
Saya kasi duit pun dia x mo.

"Teruk ke saya ni Jan?", dia tanya.
"Tak... Dulu S pun buat macam ni. Kita dah sampai,  rupanya dia x mo pergi. Takper jugak training je. Tapi kesian kot, budak dah tunggu dari pagi. Ada satu kali tu big tournament kot. Kita dah sampai R tak datang pun bawak budak. So u r not d first one", saya memang suka petik fakta.

Dia pun poured his hearts' out. Saya layankan je, saya tau dia tengah marah. Macamlah minyak kereta tu diisi dengan air..

" Tapi... Kasihanlah d Kids... ", saya cakap separuh merayu. They have quarter final today. He was so hurt, jadi he refused to help anymore.

Saya squeezed tangan d Boys. I taught them Since they were 13. Now at 17, they r all grown up, tapi saya masih pandang mereka macam d first time we met 5 years ago..

Then I saw a superior passed by. Terus mokcik buat aduan rakyat. He gave reasons, but I want action. Bab-bab d Kids mokcik memang sentifive kata ko..
Mokcik kasi sagesyen. Dia ikut...

An hour later,  I bumped into d superior again.

Dia pun poured his hearts out. Mokcik beritahu dia, nothing personal, it is d system we shud blame.
How could u harap orang forked out their hard-earned money when it is work-related thingy. Too mean!!!

"Mungkin tak sebab individu itu sendiri?" dia tanya penuh berhemah.
" Tidak. It happened before, circa 2010/2012. " Terus mokcik ungkit kenangan lalu katanya..

" Tapi saya pun dah buat back-up plan", dia kata sambil beritahu perancangan beliau.

" Oh great", saya cakap dengan jujur.
Nak berjaya kena fokus pada solution, kot asyik yg negatibity je diperbesarkan

. Serabuttttt...

I went down n looked for d ones yg mengadu pagi ni.
Selalunya bila saya dalam kesusahan, dia adalah antara ang pertama huurkan bantuan.
Saya tahu dia tengah serabut juga. Rupanya dia sedang  di'tazkirah' oleh upper echelon

Kalau saya ni upper echelon,  memang saya tazkirah juga. Tak baguslah hampakan hati d Kids kot...

Saya duduk di bawah pokok bersama d Boys. Sambil tunggu kawan tu habis ditazkirah.  Sambil  itu saya pasang telinga juga...

Well... Saya sebak sebab  ada orang ketiga yang berapi2 marahkan kawan tu. Perbuatan kawan tu memang kurang baik, tapi yang dia beria sangat mengalahkan upper echelon tu dah kenapa?

Dia mungkin lupa dulu dia buat begitu. Budak dah tunggu, he did not turn up. Sebab dah lewat saya gerak dulu. Bila sampai,  semua orang tanya dia n d Kids di mana.

Saya cakap on the way je. Tapi sampai sudah dia tak sampai. Saya buat muka tak bersalah je bila orang sindir lagi.. Saya tak kisah pun, sebab saya fikir mesti dia ada kesukaran di jalan. Talipon pun x dapat got through..

Later, baru isterinya kata, dia memang tak mau pergi sebab tak dapat mileage claim. Dia kata kesian Ijan....
Saya ketawa je kot dan beritahu dia lain kali kalau nak sabotaj  ajakla saya sekali. Ni saya dah pergi kot...

Cerita tamat macam tu saja. D Kids tak bergosip. Mokcik pun tak fikir perbuatannya salah. Yang salah ialah yang buat program tapi bajet suruh orang guna duit sendiri. Hilang akal????

Here d evidence,  it happened in November 2010.

Tapi pagi ini bila dia berapi dia berjemaah marahkan kawan tu...
Sungguh serabut fikiran mokcik....

Ramai sangat ke dah kena amnesia sekarang?

Sampai kita lupa,  kita ni acah-acah baik di mata orang pun sebab Allah tutup aib kita. Kalau DIA buka satu persatu,  barulah kita tau langit itu tinggi atau rendah...

Speaking about aib, it brings me to d said document in d first paragraph.
The biggest blow so far.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Follower #4

Asalnya kami langsung tak rapat.
Cuma satu hari saya tanya dia, kenapa dia tulis kata2 yang agak kurang ceria di efbi.

" Baca ke?" dia tanya.
" lalu kat feed, baca sajalah. Orang yang ditujukan tu pun mesti baca juga", saya cakap sambil ketawa.
" quite unprofessional", saya cakap dengan muka Serious. She deleted d posting.
We never talk about it again

There were days saya rasa sangat berkecil hati dengan errrr dinding?
" Are you okay?", dia tanya.
Saya geleng kepala.

 Mokcik manusia biasa kot... Ada hari menangis kat bucu katil, ada hari mokcik menangis kat bawah meja, pada waktu petang bila 90% orang dah balik rumah.

We hardly talk about our private life.
I never know posting kurang manis tu dia tujukan kepada siapa. Dia pun tak tahu kenapa saya breakdown petang tu.

Cuma saya boleh teka. If I put two n two together. I might know. I never ask.

Dia pun boleh teka juga. Sebab saya bagi dia sebotol minyak wangi DKNY. " I hate d person n d memories of it too", saya cakap. She never ask.

Cerita habis, dua tahun dulu.
Tak bersambung.

Hari ini dia datang. Dia minta saya belikan kain uniform, Woggle dan scarf.
D bill amounted to RM218.20.
Gila banyak.

Dia terus bayar.
Dan pakai..

Betul ke ni? Kawan2 lain tanya...
Eh betullah... dia cakap.

Beria kot... Saya pula kata...
Saya semangat ni Kak... Dia sambung..

Terus bermain di fikiran saya, 2 tahun dulu saya doa Allah kirimkan kawan2 yang baik dan setia dan takkan aniayai saya lagi.

I just dunno what future brings, cuma saya harap saya takkan aniayai follower no 4 ni.

Terus saya call HQ n beritahu saya nak buat satu lagi event..
Mokcik hoverr kata ko😂

Follower #3

Tahun lepas dia hubungi saya di messenger. Dia tanya kalau saya masih ingat padanya lagi. Beria dia mentioned nama kawan2nya yang femessss, so dat I can recall which batch she is from.

Saya beritahu dia, she did not need to do that because saya sentiasa ingat anak2 murid saya. Siap dengan Juicy-tit-bits sekali saya simpan dalam kenangan.

Dia interview untuk projek kuliahnya. Mokcik ok saja.

Semalam dia report duty. Kami bertegur sapa di awal pagi. Selepas itu tidak berjumpa lagi. Kelas saya full semalam.

Pagi ini jadual saya agak lapang. Saya menegurnya dulu. Seperti yg selalu saya tulis, I will try my best nak tegur orang sebab yg banyak dosa kena rendahkan hati dan mulakan salam katanya...

" Teacher... Boleh tak belikan uniform macam Teacher. I nak join persatuan Teacher tu", goshhhhhh berbunga2 hati mokcik...

" Laaa.. i baru g wisma semalam.. Kenapa tak beritahu semalam", saya tanya.

"Semalam nak cakap, tapi tak sempat..." dia kata..

Saya tak ingat kat mana saya baca. Tapi bila kita mewakili sesuatu organisasi,  you r representing d organisation,  be a good marketing instrument.

Saya tak fikir saya berjaya sangat, tapi at least,  knowing someone terjebak because of me...

So so surreal.
Makcik tidur lena,  follower bertambah lagi sorang.


Follower #2

Semalam seseorang mengadu sesuatu.  Alaaa... Orang yang suka quote saya kat efbi tu...

Semalam tu dia ngadu sentap sangat. Saya nak cepat kot... kena dengar pulak hal cenggini, adeiiii..

Puncanya bila dia minta manuskrip pada author, orang tu cakap ada publisher lain yang dah booked. Sentap...

jadi saya cerita pasal Kak Long. Saya bertemu Kak Long sewaktu discussion. All d Ketua Derjah kena kasi briefing.  That is one of d perks, able to work alongside d best.

Kak Long is in her fifties. Gila hebat achievements dia. Memang jadi rujukan dalam bidang dia la. dia juga penulis buku akademik.
Femessss kot.., tapi mokcik tak beli la sebab mokcik tak ajar Fizik ( bukan bidang sebenar)

"apa..?" Yong mencelah... Saya bagi signal suruh dia dengar dulu.

"Masa discussion tu kita sembang ngan  Kak Long, pasal her books. Kita tanya how much she got?". Saya cerita, Yong dengar.

" Dia kata tak banyak compared yg established publisher kasi. So I asked her y didnt she use d established publishing house." saya sambung.

" Kak Long kata, sebab dia fikir not nice to switch publisher Since they were d ones who discovered her. Cenggitu la lebih kurang dia cakap Yong. Semoga ko dapat jumpa writer yang lebih bagus dan loyalty macam Kak Long", terus mokcik tutup cerita,

" relevan tak cerita kita ni?",  saya tanya. Yong setuju n  Yong pun poured her dissatisfaction. Panjang...

Giliran saya pula dengar. Macam Jie, masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri. She juz needs someone to listen. Besides, I m in no position nak bagi opinion ke hapa.

Cerita Kak Long tu, Yong re-write n jadi status efbinya.

Jiran depan rumah

Saya tak ingat namanya. In fact, bila dah tua saya suka guna ganti nama yang selamat.

Yang - for d Kids yg muka sepesen dan saya tak boleh nak really nama.
Encik - lelaki yang lebih tua, nama saya tak tau
Puan - perempuan tua atau muda yang saya tak ingat nama
adik - sesiapa saja yang lebih muda tapi nama payah beno nak diingati.

Jadi, he is adik to me.
Adik Ketua Balai Polis.

We bumped quite often, waktu saya berlari kunci gate keluar rumah atau waktu saya berlari buka gate nak masuk rumah. Funny, walaupun Pekan Slim River ini bersaiz tapak selipar, kami tidak pernah terserempak di tempat lain, melainkan di pintu gate.

Kadang2 saya tegur, ranging from, " sihat dik?" to " Awak puasa ri ni?"
I know. Told you,  mokcik n small talk memang gred F kata ko.

Hari ni seperti hari2 dalam 2 minggu ni, bila sampai depan pagar terus saya keluarkan henfon dan semak pesanan ringkas.  Ada 2 events nak dibuat dan satu event dalam perbincangan,  tu yang mokcik bajet bizi macam Kak Mah.
Opppss...Kak Mah ada PA n driver segala. Mokcik yillek...

Dengan hati yang berat mokcik melangkah ke pintu gate. Then jiran depan balik. Kereta mokcik memang tak beragak menghalang laluan.

Terus mokcik berlari2 gajah.  Tak laju tapi gegaran memang 10 skala richter kata ko..

"rileksla..." buat pertama kali jiran depan tegur. To be frank saya tak pasti itukah skripnya atau bukan. Kepala mokcik serabut dengan masalah negara.

I went in n took d pail. Hari panas pokok mati. Kepala mokcik bertambah serabut.

Tetiba jiran depan kasi salam.
Dia panggil mokcik cikgu
Mokcik bahasakan akak la kan...
Lainlah kot mokcik ni Permaisuri Agung, sumpahhhh makcik paksa semua panggil mokcik Tuanku Permaisuri Agung, mouthful? Who cares 😂

Tapi Cikgu tu hanya pangkat di dunia saja...
(Tuanku Permaisuri Agung tu kategori lain, yg tu kita ada dif set of rules hahhaha)

Mokcik tak suka dialpakan dengan tipu daya dunia yang menggoda katanya...
Akak would be fine

He asked about Zela's husband.
I asked him about his plan to further studies.

Tu je ceritanya pun...
We bid goodbye sebab dia ada hal sikit, katanya...
''oh rahsia ye? Ok bye.. " makcik cakap n terus dia balik. Mokcik pun terus sambung kerja siram pokok.

Whatizit with him? Kami sama2 baru balik kerja. Mokcik tak sempat pun tukar baju, let alone nak keluar semula pakai kurta, skinny jeans n a pair of leather sandals.

It is an unplanned outing I think.
People wont waste time open d gate, drive in,  change office attire n in a split second reverse d car, locked d gate n drive out.

It might not be a long trip though,  because he did not switch on d lamp.

Oh Goshhh...
I think I watched CSI too much.
Saya fikir, cuti sekolah nanti saya nak mintak kerja part time kat Balai Polis


6.44 - 6.44

Goshhh tak pernah lagi saya bangun selewat ini, tahun ini. Terus saya melompat ke bilik air n by 7a.m, I was on the way to pick d newspaper for d library.

Dulu Fid n Fiza helped me out. Now its time I repaid d kindness by helping Neah.

Toke surat khabar, gigih nak berbual pagi ni.. Oh... I m so late, it reminds me, to apologize esok. Iskkk

I was one minute.
A miss is a good as a mile

Asked TheOtherFriend about d tali tape gulung2 which I requested yesterday. Dia kata dia dah kasi pd Uda.
Mood swing kot, I almost burst to tears. Dah semalam I called twice x picked up, until I had to call Fena n asked her to pass d message, ni tali tape gulung2 tu pun dia kasi pada orang lain.
How I wished....
Xper... Kita menangis kat bucu katil sajalah..

I gave d golliwog boxes to Madiah I m quite tight today.  Without d tali tape gulung2 tu, Madiah could not complete d task either.

Few times I told myself not to cry. Things will b okay. 😭

Then, I ran to d Workshop. Luckily Mr Sazili was there. He lent me d said told.

Berlari I took d boxes, armed with d tali tape gulung2 tu, started measure d 50metres- long golliwog.  Luckily Fatin and Tasha were around, so they helped me out.
Later, 2 Annur came n helped before d lesson kicked off.

Trust me. I have learnt d hard truth that in time like ThIs, you are all alone. No one will come and ask, "May I help you?".
Yang ada hanyalah, "ye ke? Apsal tak beritahu? saya tak tahu apa2 pun."

Yeah right...
I wrote about how I gave d schedules n all,  tapi still bawak cerita dia tak diberitahu.
How I asked their help n they agreed, tapi hari kejadian tak datang n boleh pulak tanya, " Kenapa buat hari Ahad?"

Let just say, after years, tahap kesabaran saya memang NIL.
I would choose hardwork rather than layan drama.

Finally d measure settled n I sent them to Ipoh.

Yeah, last minute because we had to touch up d golliwogs. One of d schools sent on Saturday evening.

I did not say anything, because I m sure she had work Hard to meet the target. It is definitely not easy to persuade d Girls to start any project.

Kesudian beliau mengambil bahagian dan bersusah payah sangat mokcik hargai. Semoga rezekinya murah dan hidupnya lapang di dunia dan akhirat.

Someone told me,
" in life, jangan rumah saja lapang, hati pun kena lapang juga". I could not agree more.

Those yang membantu, walau ada yang terkurang, mokcik terima dengan hati yang lapang. Penuh kasih sayang dan doa mengharapkan Allah lapangkan juga kubur mereka nanti.

Jadi hari ni, saya sampai di rumah pukul 6.44 petang.
At least hati saya lapang.

Knowing ada 2,3 orang yang sanggup bersusah payah bersama, whatelse I should feel?

Night peeps.
Please pick up d phone or return call. People at my age will never call you  merely to say "I love you"
Berlapang dada please....

Monday, February 13, 2017

Kita cari pulang...

Last month, I asked Jiha if she really wants to take up d challenge. she said yes. I told her saya pun nak sangat balas budi baik d officer-in-charge, so I m willing to work hard n ensure Jiha will succeed.
Win win situation!

Masa tu saya ingatkan dia tentang cabaran yang bakal KAMI BERDUA TEMPUHI. Jiha dah biasa juggling time, I dont think time management is a problem. Both her parents are very supportive.  Her close friends are very supportive too. Afterall they were given d same opportunity but they declined due to few health and family reasons.

SO her studies, friends and family wont be an issue.

I m sure there is no bad blood among them. To be honest, I met each one of them n asked them personally,  mokcik takut tak adil dan budak2 ni sentap hingga ke hujung nyawa.

The real obstacles r geng Lindungan Kaabah. Its funny how people demotivated others to justify their misconduct. Double funny when they kata-mengata behind our back thinking that everyone is on their side n passed hurtful comments.
Tak tercapai ke akal mereka bahawa dinding pun boleh berkata2?

They hv been doing it for years. Konsisten.
Mereka tak pilih kasih, sesiapa saja mereka kutuk.  Geng mereka pun, mereka kata juga di belakang.

Kenapa Allah tak bisukan mereka buat selamanya?
Sekadar bertañya.

Say NO to peer pressure

Semalam Eja uploaded gambo dia masak.  Dia kata dia bawa bekal makanan sihat ke sekolah. Wehhhh... Terus mokcik terjebak.

Hari ni mokcik bangun pukul 4.15a.m dan terus bersilat di dapur. I Grilled lemon chicken and cabbage with soy sauce.
Masaknya sekejap je pun.

Sempatlah lepas tu saya cuci kain, lipat kain dan juga sapu sampah.

After assembly saya terus makan. Yang tak menahan, Yong pun bawa bekal juga hari ni. Dia masak nasi lemak. Hahaha...

Jadi kami makan berdua sambil sembang.

Yong: Kan best kalau kita boleh buat air nescafe ke..
Me; Ko nak ke? Nanti kita bawak kettle..
Yong: Aku pun ada kettle Kak.
Me: Laaa xderla... Tapi air bawak sendiri2 tau...
Yong: Lor.... (marah) aku taulah..
 Me: Karang ko tu bawak ayo koko yang manis tu. Mana laratnya nak minum. Manis bebeno...
Yong: aku pun x larat juga air tu...
Me: tu maksud kita... Preference tak sama..
Yong: Sedap kan kalau cicah biskut..
Me; Biskut takder kat rumah..
Yong: x payah, kita ambik Hazeda punya...

But nope, saya dah servey, biskut Hazeda pun manis2 belaka. Biskut potong kaki😂😂

I think I will stick tu minum air cicah biskut je. Nasi yang saya bawak tadi tu make me So full. Saya tak larat habiskan.  Nak bagi orang memang saya gayatla..

Anyway, I really like experimenting di dapur. Cuma bab kena habiskan masakan sendiri tu....

There goes my diet

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday surprise

D invite was sent out yesterday. As usual, if it comes from someone who always help me out in d past, rain or shine, I will come.
It is a Charity event organised by Majlis Belia Daerah Muallim.
I like them all, jadi mokcik datang mainly sebab memenuhi jemputan, partly to discuss future events with Dayah.
Fruitful morning!!!
Ni gambo...

Once d event ended, I drove off to Subang. Today is d last day. I parked outside n mounted up d hill. Pheww...
Since I was alone, I made a new friend. Kot x jgn harap saya nak berbual. Shuk n I gigih beratur n mintak signature Gavin Green
Ni gambo.

Then we took free pic from Canon booth. Chances r we will never meet again. So I puť d pic here, in case our path will cross again, he is Shuk, a golfer from Sect 7, S.A.

After d prize giving I went straight home. I know Jie is busy, so I only met him briefly on my way out, to thank his generosity.
We parted amicably, he did not offer to send me to d parking site yang bapakkkkkk la jauh tu. That is to show how busy he was.

"LAPARRR" saya sent message bila dah sampai highway. D thing is I was so stArving. It was 4p.m.
"Tadi taknak cakap. Lainkali janganlah malu2 hehehe", Jie balas.
Yg ni pun saya tulis kat sini. Untuk peringatan di masa depan. Saya bukan malu, tapi rasa sgt improper nak ganggu orang tengah busy. He might treat me lunch at Terrace, but d idea of makan celah orang kayo dengan t-shirt biru ni, is not appealing. Dahla mahall. Haishhhh..

Zela called while I was on the way. She was one of my besties in Uni. I havent meet her for 15 years?
Jadi saya rushed, so that she can stop by. They rode superbike. Like Wow!!
Luckily,  polis depan rumah came home with his superbike. Maka teruslah suami Zela pergi rumah depan dan bersembang bagai nak rak, despite tu la first time derang jumpa. Terus saya dan Zela bersembang tak berhenti2 Tau2 dah masuk waktu Maghrib.
The thing with besties, despite long pauses,  we can always catch up from where we stop.
I sincerely hope Zela will drop by again.

We bid goodbye after Maghrib prayer. Zela n husband had jemaah prayer. It is very Zela to choose someone for his faith rather than anything else.

Today is full of surprises.

First, I was told that d MBD boss insisted Dayah invited me. I m flattered. That might be million of external reasons, but still, I m flattered.

Second, it is amazing how u can survive when u attended a big event alone. Not easy but I m in d process of training myself to adapt n socialize during event. Reason being, ermmmm I will tell when d time comes. Doa2kanlah...

Third, Zela of all people... Normally I m quite reluctant to have guest at #12A.  I prefer to meet at neutral ground. But It's Zela ok.

We never close during undergrads.
When we did Dip Ed, she became my housemate, but we never went to class together, yet we r besties. Once we started teaching, we sent letters, long letters n emails.
Then, we lost contact. Suddenly,  she was at my doorstep. Goshhh!!!

I think bila kita bersahabat tanpa syarat, tidak taking one another for granted, tidak gigih nak over-shadow kawan, persahabatan akan kekal hingga ke hujung nyawa.