Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Kenapa ada dua?

A friend complained on Kaki Kencing yang mula2 kata task dia dah siap n few days later jumpa dia dan mintak pendapat about d task?

"Yang dia cakap dah siap tu apa yang siap?", d friend asked me.
Ehhhh... mana saya tau...

"Kenapa ada cover yang difotostat daripada buku rujukan dan satu lagi cover yang wajib. Kot ye pun tiru daripada buku rujukan tak payahlah obvious sangat kan?" dia tanya saya pulak dah. Saya cuma ketawa.
Kaki Kencing memang gitulah, saya terdetik dalam hati.

Today another blow came.
It started off when someone voiced put d kids complain, we brushed it off lightly when we know it is Kaki Kencing doing.

"Saya pun konfius, kenapa yang ini ada dua?", seorang yang lain tambah.
Saya dan seorang yang lain almost choked to death.
"What d u mean?" we both asked simultaneously.

She took out d copy for us to see.
It was... ermmm...

I could make d same mistake too, so I refrained myself for making any deragotary (salah spelling ni) any comment.

I was more interested to know why such silly mistake could be out in d open.
In my humble opinion the 2 people who verified d task should be accountable for their action.

I long learn, people like Kaki Kencing has no fear of getting duit haram. Bila tak tahu belajarlah, but he chose to playil victims so dat others had to work for him, FOC.

After some points, all d haram things became his blood.  Dia tetap Lindungan Kaabah. His minion left him, n he was on his own. Thats where d injustice began.

Jadi dia teruskan legasinya. Years ago I might make some noise when seeing something is not up to d standard. Naya masa depan orang kot...

 Tapi lepas 10, 15 tahun, saya tak nampak hasilnya, dats why I looked for d 2 person who verified d task.

Mudah2an di Padang Mashyar nanti bolehlah saya dengar jawapan mereka berdua.

I m plain tired.

Kau meniru?

Masa first test a month ago I gave him ZERO.
Sebab jawapan dia sebijik dengan kawan dia. I called both of them n showed d paper.
Takder marah2 baling kerusi segala. Everything was done di celah2 gelak ketawa.

This time, I noticed his language is exceptionally well. I checked his friends', biasa2 je..

"U got soklan bocor??", saya tanya.
"Takk." dia buat muka tak bersalahs.
" u did well", saya kata n I could see a hint of smile on his cute face.
"I mean grade wise, not that well because u were always absent n u missed d technic, but in term of language, I m impressed", saya cakap n d broad, satisfaction smile spread on his bright face.

"Betul ke ni ticer??" dia tanya..

Nampak... kalau kita condemn cepat je depa percaya, kalau puji-pujian kemain skeptikal..

"U r destined for something bigger", saya cakap dengan muka Pesuruhjaya SPRM. Convincing because I speak from d heart:)

Jadi I lay out d plan for him. I wrote d task n dateline.
Saya suruh dia buat sensorang, sebab dis batch is notorious for jemaah x buat homework. Bab menghasut tu x boleh blah betul...

"I did not ask ur friend, sebab kalau mereka malas, nanti awak pun tak siapkan juga", saya cakap jujur.

Dia mengangguk dengan senyuman masih melekat dibibir.

Saya harap, projek ni akan berjaya.

The girls..

Pagi2 I told em, saya dah marking.

"Ok tak?" mereka tanya.

"Ok", saya jawab pendek.

"Teacher tipuuuu... muka ticer macam x ok je", mereka jawab.

Well... saya tak tau ok tu macam mana. Mereka improved gila2 kalau dibandingkan tahun lepas. Kalau dibandingkan dengan result Ujian, memanglah jauhh sebab Ujian tu format lain dan sedikit mudah.

"Saya sangat puashati. Now u just check my marking, should u find errors do see me", saya cakap, "u can start target how much mark u need from next paper in order to  get ur desired grade", saya beritahu.

Dulu masa kat U, our Law paper lect cakap macam tu. Saya tiru.

Before d sch dismissed d girls came to me n said, mereka pun puashati dan tak ada apa nak komplen.
Instead they asked how to score d next paper..

We discuss for a while before bid goodbye.

Saya yakin mereka akan usaha lebih. I have faith in them.

Flowery hati mokcik tau 😍😍😍

5th and 6th

Still on food.
Yesterday I found some long bean in #18 refrigerator. I took it home.

Sotong masak cili with long bean was not as tasty as I wished for. Or rather, saya kurang berselera.

Today, like before, mommy was on her mission to finish her tadarus as early as possible. We talk about d donation n then I drove home.

Gloomy days, good point to linger under d duvet:)

I grilled d chicken which had marinated last Sunday. It tasted good.

Enough on food.

I forgot my duty today. Luckily, instead of complaining in group d poor soul sent text message. I didnt read! We bumped into one another n he was quite annoyed..

I apologised profusely. I really forgot. Made a mental note to replace his time soon.

On something unrelated, yesterday d girls asked for their marks. Of course I havent as occupied with editing, didnt tell them that tho. Instead I told em I marked other class first.

"Teacher nii... dulukanlah kitaorang...", mereka kata dengan muka serius.

Tak pernah lagi d kids beria nak markah. I guess d girls did all out.

Jadil malam semalam saya tidur pukul 1.30pagi sebab siapkan marking kertas mereka. Pagi ni saya kasi.

Ok.nanti sambung

Monday, May 21, 2018

Kerja gila.

Just finished editing. Started after Isya until now.

Wish to complete my Tarawih, but I guessed my brain just could not function well.

Nite world.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

It is 4th day

After Dhuha prayer I went out for groceries. Stopped at Segi and bought a bird, prawns, mackerels, onions, ginger, potatoes, black pepper sauce, a packet of vermicelli,  mixed vege n popia skin. RM58 ok..
Gila mahal... considering last time mixed vege was around RM2.50 but not it is RM3.50 per pack of 250gm. Phewww..

Bumped into Auntie Saras n she was d first to notice me Nampak sangat saya berjalan tak pandang kiri kanan.

Then, drove off to town to get a copy of newspapers. Ritee... The Star habis sejak pukul 8 pagi lagi so did NST. Grabbed Mingguan Malaysia as fast as I could n walked to d car quickly. It was getting hotter. Pheww...

Once home saya mula memasak inti mini popia sambil marinated d  chicken, cleaned d seafood n keep in freezer. Once done, sambung dengan buat mini popia.

By Zohor, sambil tengok tv, everything was ready. Malangnya saya tertidur n woke up 10 mins before Asar prayer. Duh...

After Asar, d editing commenced. It was far harder than I thought.
By 6.30p.m I had to stop, pack things n went back to #18.

Dah sehari saya tak sembang dengan mak saya. Gila... banyak benda saya nak beritahu... erm...

Once home, d food was ready. Nampak... 🤣🤣🤣
What a spread... ermm...

Acho teased Mom, " Mak makan selera malam ni", to which I replied, "Mestilah.. anak duk jauh dah balik🤣🤣🤣'.

To make him stop teasing I simply used this line, " Jangan banyak bunyikkkk... ko tu dah jadi PEMBANGKANG sekarang'.

Pembangkang is lawak terkini among us. To be honest, yang sokong Pembangkang (Barisan Nasional) tu mak saya. Bila BN kalah mak saya sangat sedih. Sangat2..

Satu-satunya pengubat kesedihan mak ialah bila Dr M naik jadi Perdana Menteri ke-7.

Sekarang ni tambah lagi satu, bila anaknya yang duduk jauh di Slim River balik berbuka bersama..

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Ya Allah... perkenankanlah....

Dari awal I did not want to do it. It is time consuming n my schedule is juz so tight. No way...

If u were in my shoes, hati yang kering macam pokok pisang di musim kemarau pun akan cair bagai eskrem koneto di tengah hari.

Ainin, Ikah, Effa n Zul bersungguh2 sangat. I just told them where I put my lappie n tablet, they did d registration, checking emails n online-studying on their own. 
By checking emails, I mean MY email. 🤣🤣🤣

With events after events I had to organise ( helped by my trusted friends of course) it is almost impossible for me to catch up with online schedule .

Then, the epic two-days holiday was just 'great' in making me behind schedule. Syukur these 4, were always on alert mode. 

On May 16th, instead of enjoying splendid Teacher's Day celebration, they were asked to complete their task. Mereka akur, tanpa merungut.

Dalam kerjaya, ada banyak perkara yang membuatkan saya sangat patah hati. Tapi having them around taught me a lot about d true meaning of "success".

Orang kata, success is not a destiny, but a hell of a long journey. I could not agree more. 

When I started teaching them last year, there were many times I wished to throw them through the window. They were so passive and reluctant to come out from their comfort zone. When Jenny came her first comment was, " I M SO SURPRISED THEY WERE SO WEAK".

In my humble opinion, nothing wrong with their English command, d root problem is their lack of self confidence. Most were (ehem...) selfish n keep things to themselves.

I spent a year playing a bad teacher by asking them to conduct a lot of outdoor programme, mainly to build their self confidence and partly to ensure them to polish their leaderships skill. Of course, teamwork too. I m fully aware I was not in their good book🙄

Having seen how these 4 worked hard to complete their intended task, makes my eyes moist. They helped one another n I could see d tremendous improvement in their task too. 

In d beginning, competing with d contestants from around d nation, I do not think they will have a chance. Nil. Zilch.

But seeing their effort, harapan saya menjadi setinggi Kinabalu. 
I really want them to win.

Perkenankanlah YaAllah..

3rd iftar

It had been raining since midday. Gloomy day, which suit me fine:)

So I decided to have hati masak kicap with extra pepper n vege.
That's all.

I would love to have piping hot lemon tea. Tapi dah seminggu I did go for grocery. Frugal life:)


2nd iftar

It is  d tradition on d first day of iftar. Tapi semalam saya beri laluan kepada petola tu ...

Fishball soup. #12A frugal-iftar-tradition.

Will upload d pic later:)

Laaa napa tak cakappp🤣🤣

It was another one of d observation task. Once d penilai went out, i told d purpose of d observation to d kids.

To see, evaluate n help me with my task. If he satisfied eirh my level of tcg, he wont come again..

Krik krik ..

Or else, he will come until I get better. Last time, he commented dat d kids did not enjoy my lesson, i told them...

"I was half hopping when doing your groupwork you will be ur usual jovial self.", saya cakap sedikit kecewa.

"Cubala berlakon sikit", saya tambah sambil ketawa. D kids laughed.

There was a reply which made me laugh even harder..
"Laa napa tak cakap?"


Friday, May 18, 2018

1st iftar

Since 2010, I opted for frugal Ramadhan.

But this is far from frugal

Pics will b uploaded..

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Untuk kenangan kalau sempat tua

To be honest, i kenot daiges apa perlunya saya melayan kekhinziran d upper echelon yang minta borang, kita submit, mintak lain pada hari kita outstation n bila diberitahu boleh pulak dia sound, "do ur job first".

Kekhinziran apakah semua ini??

Melengkapkan carta kekhinziran-overload bila d mark given langsungla tak relevan dengan yang kita isi.
Wats d poin of submitting d form kalau sudahnya ko main acicatcilot masa taram marks?

Jadi tahun ini bila diminta lagi, saya pun tak ingat saya submit sendiri atau saya kopipes orang punya.
Kenapa nak buang masa bila bukan ada orang baca pun...
Kalau pun saya tak submit, I dont think anyone sedar pun...

Things were forgotten until today. I asked 2,3 people wat was discussed during d meeting yesterday. Selalu saya tanya kat seorang je, tapi kali ini agak curiga.

I was quite curious when someone came and asked me to attend it yesterday. There was something in his way which made my radar ping... come on.

 Bila ko membesar dengan Law n Order, victim cakap sambil tangan masuk poket pun kau dah agak apa kesudahan ceritanya... (seban banyak kali re-run🤣🤣)

Saya tengok jam ( masa tu la), ok rite... something juz not right. Saya angguk dan kata "ye", tapi lepas saya pejam mata dan fikir dari semua angle, I decided to proceed with my task instead of going. D people need me more . I guess...

"Katanya ada orang komplen, tu la semalam tu ajar cara isi borang", my fren cakap.
"Siapa yang komplen?" saya tanya. To be honest, kalau anyone komplen pun it never reach them. If it reached them, mereka akan guna ayat, "rezeki masing2, Allah yang bagi🤣🤣🤣🤣"
Masa dia buat kerja kurang teliti tu Allah ambik cuti sabatikal ke apa keldahnya? 

"Tak taula... ada la kot", kawan tu jawab. Hahahahha
"Dia sendiri yang komplen", saya cakap, siap dengan tarikh peristiwa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fakta. Both my fren cakap mereka pun ingat kejadian tu...

"Last year kan dah diajar cara isi borang. Kita dah ikut dan submit. Tapi dapat markah tak pula sama dengan yang disubmit", saya cakap. Both setuju dan tambah pula minyak ke bara api..🤣🤣🤣

Frankly, world class act is never my forte. Kalau nak teruskan drama kekhinziran itu, juz count me out. 

Kalau nak ulang semula
1. Tuisyen isi borang
2. Dah submit suruh edit sebab ada tuisyen baru
3. Despite orang outstation dan dah submit awal, still kena sound juga
4. Kita submit juga walaupun temgah bernafas dalam lumpur
5. Nenengok... tak gunapun points yang kita kasi
6. Further check, 4,5 orang pun komplen hal yang sama.

Jadi saya pilih untuk tidak masuk campur. For those yang memang hadap, I wish em' all d best. For me, takder apa pun yang nak saya rebut dalam dunia ini. Kalau saya perlu rendahkan taraf ke level kekhinziran itu, in order to get name n fame, mungkin tidak...

Baiklah saya duduk di tepi jadi penonton sambil makan popcorn.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dia sangat bagusssss

Saya dengar tiada perasaan 🤣🤣🤣

Somebody warned Len dat an upper echelon might come n checked on her. But when I went up, they were waiting for me instead. Gr8!

I put on my poker face.
One of them praised me for being very committed n yadayada..
Kekhinziran apakah semua ini bila markah appraisal bapak cikai. Kalau mereka fikir saya percaya dan melompat kijang atas pujian bertanam tebu dipinggir bibir itu, mohon terjun bangunanlah ye katanya...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Saya fikir itu helah supaya saya tidak perasan bahawa saya dianiayai 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Tapi kalau ada yang gigih datang nak hasut dan mencucuk supaya saya memprotes, fikir semulalah ye. 3 tahun dulu pun theotherfriend dah cuba menghasut, tapi saya sudah beritahu, setakat hal2 celah gigi, saya guna Colgate je, takkan nak guna Clorox pulak... hilang akal namanya tu.
Korang faham tak figuratif ni?

So yes.
I will stick to black n white. They better be good or I will make them sorry for d rest of their life. Atau yang betul, saya rasa sangat menyampah dengan Lindungan Kaabah sampai semua benda pun saya malas nak layan.

Mungkin pertemuan Ahad lepas membuatkan saya sangat skeptikal dengan semua geng Lindungan Kaabah.

Once penipu, selamanya menipu.
Once pembuli, selamanya membuli.
Once buat kerja tak berintegriti, sampai kemati, makanlah duit haram tu...

Instead of nak buang masa, kita tengok dari tepi.
Sambil makan popcorn🤣🤣🤣


Dah lama saya fikir. Kenapa ada orang sangat muka tembok. Sudah buat perangai berbagai2 masih gigih nak tu tunjuk lindungan kaabah.

Jadi drama nasional ini sangat mencuit hati...
Data ciput... esokla kalau free saya paste.