Monday, March 20, 2006

Et and soaked gen2

pelik ah kl nih... hujan kejap jer terus banjir.. kesian et... keta her hubby lak tu.. nasib la si halim tu sangat sabar orgnyer... kalau org lain misti dah hangin giler babas.. tp he just said..`kat kat situ dah ada signboard kata kawasan banjir'.. eh ada ker? ooo poor gen2

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

i bought Mastika yesterday partly coz my nieces asked me to and mainly because i was damned tired waiting for uda bargaining over her `steal'. Uda is queen of bargain. it might takes hours but i assured you the end result is priceless.
mastika still on black metal and the sociall ill among malays. aduss!!! kat ipoh lak tu. konpius, konpius.. what happen to malay men? i mean they are the culprit... at least that's what i understood from the articles. apparaaa!!!! buat malu kaum jer..