Monday, April 17, 2006

citer x best.
adala satu bank ni. x padan ngan bank perdagangan tp servis sgtler lembab taraf unta. rasa mcm nk bakar jer... ada byk nk ckp sebenarnya tp kalau marah2 pun bukan dpt award so the best, closed account. sekian terima kasih

citer best!
been 2 yrs havent outstationed with et. Last time was.. errrr forgot already... was it last year? we went to genting masa tu. Yesterday she called, forced (ala2 kena paksa tu) to be ready in one and a half hour and we headed up to cameron highlands.
To be honest, i hate to go up there. The beaten snake road (literal translation- ular kena palu ) never failed to make me sick in the past. But then, its not everyday i can spend some quality time with my best fren of 20 years. We stopped a few times before reaching Brinchang because i u know why la kan... Cess!.. In the end we managed to reach the place (apa tah namanya) safely. Visited a few tourist attraction places, bought carrots (mcm la kat tpt lain xder) and had tea at strawberry park. Et had strawberry tart wic she claimed sedap giler and i chose strawberry cheesecake. Cheesecake tu rasa mcm cheesecake jer la tapi dia taruk sikit strawberry sauce and a strawberry. Bolehla...
Been trying to upload a few pics.. tp x leh plak.. apsal eh?

Citer best gilerJie coming home from his working trip to Perth last week. He send few pics.. again... nak upload tp x mo plak. No.. thats not the best part yet.
Today i asked him ada x ole2 for me and et.. jeng.. jeng.. jeng.. He said ada tp x tau bila nk kasi.. Wuhuuu... kalau tau... dr minggu lepas lagi dah g jumpa Jie...
U might be wondering, apsal after a week br nak tanya.. Well.. ni smer pasal i bought nothing for him masa g trip ke West Sumatra itu ari.... tapi that's another story.


nik said...

thanks coz remember my birthday

Kengkawan said...


was it really u?