Tuesday, May 16, 2006

On Teacher's Day

5 things i like abt 2006 Teacher's Day

1. Voted The Most Popular Teacher ... again... *sukasukasuka*...
2. Sang Kami Guru Malaysia song twice.. normally once a year jer... tp sbb atas permintaan ramaikan... cececece
3. Able to play games.... Slalu students tengok students jer main.. hehehhe
4. Lots of prezzie
5. Bermaafan... ala2 raya la plak... see... its sort of tradition... camner rasa nak marah pun ngan colleagues and students tapi on Teacher's Day automatically it is forgotten.. we sang, ate and played like nothing happened...


A packet of cocoa crunch

Until now, adiah yg paling x dpt lupa was from Ai Lin and Lai San. I was a subtitute teacher in Convent Greenlane, Penang in 1999. They were Year Four students.

I got many expensive presents from other students. Smer pun suka tapi i cant forget the way these two girls berdiri besides their desks and commented.. kaya lorrr.. i did not get them at that time... udahla tu depa ni asyik diskass in Hokkien plak .. mana nak paham...

Later when others went out for recess the two of them approached me... I still remember their words verbatim.. until now.... sangat menyentuh hati..

Ai Lin brought a packet of cocoa crunch for me... i guess that was meant for her lunch... Tak sampai hati nak ambik but then nak tolak lagi x sampai hati especially when she said dia x kaya mcam org lain... Sedih betulll...

That was the most delicious cocoa crunch i ever had in life!!!



zino said...

tahniah cikgu..
kenapa cikgu ni paling fofuler ya hehe

Kengkawan said...

alamak lambat baca la pakngah... kenapa yer? sebab budak2 tu dah kena beli kot.. hehhehe