Wednesday, May 10, 2006


When Istarted blogging nih, besides et, Pakngah was the first person I talked to. His advised me, ' rajin2lah menulis'.

I never close with any of my uncles. If they came to my house (selalunya time raya je la pun n kenduri) I hardly talk to them. Words failed me. But Pakngah is different. We're not relation. He was my cyberfren since 1999. I still can vividly remember our first email. Till now we still keep in touch. He is the pakcik I never had... Dia sangatla ramah so I don have to talk, I just listen...hehheheh..jgn marah Pakngah

When I told others abt Pakngah, (especially guys) their typical questions were
1. What he wants fr u?
2. Does his wife knows?
3. Old man? What do u want from him?
4. Married man? Y?

Konpius den... I guess they read sappy story too much... Guess they never had true friendships in their entire life.

When in reality, besides me, Pakngah and his family always had gathering with his cyberfrens. So apa masalahnya? ( haaa jawab!!!!)

We first met two yrs ago kot. Was shopping with sisters when he happened took baby naik commuter. He told me he was in front of Kamdar at that time. Masalah negaranya ada banyakla plak Kamdar kat situ. After tawaf few times maka I finally found em'. Rasa nak tercabut lutut... tapi in the end when he said, ' kalau Fizah ada misti org ingat Pakngah ada dua anak pompuan'. *suka! suka* Fizah is his only 12 yr old daughter. x kisahla kalau Pakngah saja nak amik ati pun... tapi suka gak bila disamakan ngan Fizah when in fact I m dua kali ganda tuanya...

Pas tu I visited Pakngah at his office last yr. Partly coz kebetulan I was around, mainly sbb Pakngah told sundry and all dia dpt office baru. He works in DBKL. So bila sampai tu I called him asking betul x his office tu kat depannya ada Bank Islam. When he said yes, maka dgn konpidennyer I proceed to the receptionist asking 2 see Pakngah.. errrr... that was when I realised, i do not know Pakngah's full name.

See..I always know Pakngah as Pakngah the DBKL engineer. Department mana pun x tau. Luckily, thanx to the TECHNOLOGY, within few seconds the problem was solved. Fuh!!!!...

Opsss... its not over yet....

Upon knowing the name of dept, the helpful receptionist guy with his sweeter than honey ready smile gave me a piece of paper and told me, department nih bukan kat sini dik, bangunan lagi satu...

I managed to get to Pakngah's office half an hour later. Again.. rasa nak tercabut lutut... mana nak tau kat depan the other building tu pun ada Bank Islam.. tarukla bank lain...

Mcm sama jer kejadiannya.. event both incident sangat tiring, akan tetapi ia tidak langsung memudarkan semangat meneruskan persaudaraan with Pakngah (ayat buku tuu!!!).. Hidup DBKL!!!

Citer lain plak

1. Sunny Sunday at Sentul
Never been to Sentul for all my life. X terpk pun nk g sana. Last Sunday went there for a day course with Uda. Kira mcm terpaksala..

Punyala meraban2 ntah kemana. Called the office a few times, each answered by ustaz himself. Aduss!!! he gave directions yang sangatla mengelirukan. Ada Kfc sebelahnya ada maybank, lepas tu ada Esso.

Weh!!! ada berlambak2 KFC, Maybank n Esso kat situ.., Last2 asked for address.. tapi ustaz ni pun tak tau... At that time i was furious.. tapi my first lesson from Kak Sha was, whatever happens, remember that it might be His ways to test our patience.

Guess she's right. After took deep breath, we managed to find the building. takla susah sangat rupanya... The course was brilliant and helpful too. Glad I attend it.

2. My Oyen sneakers
Badly need new sneakers. Went to Sogo... found sneakers yang in my humble opinion sangatla cantik.. Orange!!! Bought a pair of orange sandal too... Rasa mcm best sgt2!!!!

These were responses from family n frens
a) Uda : Suka? Belila xper (sambil kerut2 kening)
b)Et : Orange? MasyaAllah.. kaler pink xder? Ko ada baju oyen ke? Abis tu x matching la plak ngan tudung yang et br beli utk ko nih sbb dia ada bunga pink.. (note: et is pink follower and we usually beli tshirt sama)
c) Kak Zah: Oren? hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah
d) Kak Sal : O? (mulut ternganga luas)
e) Jie : Ok tu, pakailah ngan seluar merah n baju kuning... heheh
f) Children : Misti cantik...

I still remember Dove Shampoo Ad once upon a time.. lebih kurang cengginila pompuan tu ckp...kanak2 ni hatinya baik, apa mereka cakap selalunya betollll!!... i couldnt agree more.

3. Forthnightly Meeting
We had another staff meeting 2day. Biasa je... nothing new. Kak Sha is an efficient boss who never bosses us around. Even she gave a day notice and ungodly hour (to us la kan...) to start off the meeting, no one complains.

In the end, she gave evryone a pair of bright red ladybirds choc.... Waaa... so sweet.. tapi x aci.. Nora amek lebih...*sigh! sigh*

4. Aiya!!! why owezz cry2?
Konpius... last week cried, week b4 cried, yesterday cried, 2day oso cried kaa?

what izit dis time? babysitter, colleague? poison letter?

or ur hubby dearest again?

very susah la like dis... sana cried, sini cried...

wish could help... but how? when others advised her, she will report to hubby dearest... pas tu mamat tu went to boss and complained that ppl sebuk jaga tepi kain org... ler...

now? no fren to go to.. what to do? u asked 4 it mah..

p/s ni ngumpat ker? et kata ngumpat only if kita sebut nama... x sebut pun... kira x ngumpat la eh..

5. Yas
Yesterday on my way to kedai xerox i saw Yas. He was one of my favorites since 4 yrs ago.. .

He changed from a very shy, soft spoken and polite boy into err... a total stranger last year. He ran away from home with silly reasons wic until now never make sense to me. Fortunately his father quickly saved him. It was a month away fr his PMR.

Bumped into him early this yr. Tried to talked to him, like before. It was hard..

Seeing him yesterday and knowing the fact that he quit school was harder.. Asked him to see me in the afternoon, but he never come. Search high n low for his no but to no avail..

Sebenarnya bukanla sedih sangat tapi bila tingat Yas, I cried my eyes out...

I was thinking Ada ke org nak amik dia keje? boleh ke dia survive? Siapa nanti kawan2 dia wen all his bestfrens (Amy n Rul) still in school...Nanti dia kena buli x ngan org kat luar sana?

In time like this... i wish i could turn back time... Pusing balik masa he was form one.... When he was still a naive and sweet 13 yrs boy. Very curious abt his surrounding... The time when he still ran to me when he had problems be it in lesson or frens... The time when he always hang around with Amy and Rul during recess, sharing their food together... The time when we laughed foolishly over some pranks from other classmates... See... i wish he will never change...

Top of all... I wish i could be a better teacher to Yas.

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zino said...


ada cerita pasal pakngah rupanya dalam ni.. baiknya pakngah andak tu hehe..

yg penting persahabatan perlu di asaskan atas sifat saling percaya mempercayai, hormat menghormati dan kejujuran.. tanpa mengira kedudukan , darjat dan pangkat..

inshaAllah dia akan kekal berpanjangan.. welcome to blogging club..