Thursday, May 04, 2006

Perkara yang merunsingkan fikiran saya

I was taught by my parents jgn amek hak org, jgn bohong and jgn campur hal org. The first two rs mcm boleh buat.

The last rule bothered me.

1. The Most Pelik Panel's Meeting x penah2 ada meeting yg gaduh2 (x la gaduh sgt sebenarnya pun).... this is my 1st time join this panel. Normally when ppl calonkan ur name for any project.. u just setuju jer... afterall kalau x reti nk buat nanti ada je good samaritans willing to help.
guess bkn smer org pkrannya sama.

tapi lagi pelik coz dlm miting tu ada 8 org jer. 2 kena tongue lashing kaw2 by 3 org n yg 3 org lain berkecuali.

Sadly, the dramas much too intimate to be dropped on in this blog without raising concerns. Besides, could see no point talking about those incidents. A mere bygones storm in a teacup. Mentioning them now will only rubs salt to wounds. pelik tp hillarious.

don ask me I was in wic group.

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