Monday, May 01, 2006

What i did last weekend

Had Malacca trip on Saturday. I thought I love bus ride.. turned out bapakla penat. So penat then Zana n I buat keje yg x penah dibuat orang... We overslept at public places.

First, we sort of melepak kat Rumah Perlis at Taman Mini Ayer Keroh. The quaint house had a makcik yg tgh goreng kuih ros. she also sold some kerepeks (chips). Even this makcik is friendly but she avoid gossiping..well.. an artist who works there. Best la makcik ni.. We had spicy tapioca kerepeks while sembang2 n tgk makcik tu goreng kuih ros. Sedar2 makcik tu plak tgk kitaorg tdo.. We spend abt 2 hrs kat Tmn Mini tu n kat umah tu je kitaorg pegi.. yg lain2 x smpat.. hehhe

Our nxt stop was Mahkota Parade. From there we plan to visit Stadhyus, museums, A famosa and etc.. But first we asked the local where to get authentic Malacca food. She suggested restoran 35(betulke namanya).. Off we go. True to the words, I found the asam pedas was superb! Next we walked to the nearby bazaar. Lepas dapat a few souvenirs for family n kengkawan we just sat down behind the building. Too tired to move. After some time we walked slowly to our bus.. bukan jauh sgt pun tp rasa mcm bapakla jauh.. after ntah brp kali stopped kat tepi jln, we found an empty bench in the Taman Merdeka and Zana terus tertidur ... Mak aihh tidur sambil duduk.. boleh plak si Zana nih..

Kesimpulannya... we have to go to Malacca again in the near future.. tapi bukanla naik bas lagi eh...

Thanx to Yeen, Lan and Kamal 4 their undivided attention kat children.. hehehe... jgn pangkah kitaorg berdua eh..

Et n Sunday... supposed we go to Seberang Perak last week. But the makcik was busy with her neighbour's wedding feast. I called her on Sunday morning, told by her daughter she's available after Zohor. Call et, dia kata on so call the makcik's house n asked for her address..,

Its been ages since I last balik kg. but I do remember masuk satu simpang ke Kg Gajah from Tlk Intan. we managed to reach Kg Gajah town on time. Had lunch and tanya org tu jln ke masjid n that kg. Lepas byk kali terlepas simpang and berbakul2 soklan kat any passerby we found the house.

Pak Ta reminds me of my wonderful Apak. Rupa, cara cakap dan ntah napa suddenly I realised... I missed my dad badly. Hel talked fondly of my dad too. They were close coz they r cousins.

Back 2 et.. dia kena interview ngan makcik. it just between the 2 of them.. x tau la apa citernyer.... I wished her luck.

on our way back pun sesat lagi... x aci betul org Kg Gajah ni.. tarukla signboard... dah tau ada simpang kot xder signboard mana nak tau tu simpang apa... hangin betul.

et said she wished she could come back to snap few pics. I couldn't agree more. pemandangan sgt la cantik. too bad we left our camera at home.

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