Sunday, June 25, 2006

Kawan-kawan Saya

In my blog jie and et constantly mentioned as my best frens. Indeed they are! tapinyer doesn't mean xder kwn lain.. hehehhe this posting is tribute to few of my frens whom I adored/ respected but too embarrassed to admit.. hehhehe (

1. Rossita Ayu Ariffin a.k.a Ayu
Wasn't really close to her in my schooldays. She came from a poor family. Her father was a labour (dia kata,) but in Commerce smer org is labour including Prime Minister. No, not going to talk abt her financial background.there's something abt her wic gathered my utmost respect, until now.
Cenggini, she had a bestfren (biasala zaman skolah WAJIB ada bestfren.. heheh.) But this so-called-bestfriend uikkk sangatla xder insurans mulutnyer. bad tempered lak tu... tu belum kira suka bosses Ayu around.. Manyak cantekk!!! On the other hand Ayu is sweet, calm and ikut jer org tu suruh buat apa..
One day this particular person badmouthed Ayu and sebagai kwn2 yg sgt concerned (sebuk sbnarnya) we=me and my gang went sret to Ayu and asked her to leave this particular person. berapi2la mengapi2kan si Ayu.
Ayu refused and calmly said... whenever someone doing bad to her, dia akan makin dekatkan diri ngan org tu.. kalau jauh lagi marah.. bila dekat dan berbaik2 dendam kita pun akan hilang.. Lupala.. apa reaksi kitaorg masa tu... belakang Ayu we were unanimously voted Ayu, Budak Paling Baik di Sekolah. (ps: Ayu whre r u?)

2. Shahrir TanShilan a.k.a enHe was close to everyone. Malasnyer nak tulis pasal en... tp kena tulis jugak coz he was considered kwn baik once upon a time. As Mar, my junior once cakap, `Nak sgt ada kwn baik mcm akak n Abg en'. Again he was close to everyone...

habis sekolah we used to g fren's wedding sama2. then when satu hari pada 2 thn yg lalu we g lunch together and dia mentioned abt Ida. then and there I knew she was the one. I was happy for en and at the same time gelabahla jugak.. abis tu nak g kawin dia ngan sapa?..(note- g ngan jie heheh)...

and.. that was the last time I see en.. nyampah betul eh... weh... org lain kawin gak.. tp x la lupa kengkwan...apparaa!!!!

3. Ling Ling
I dont think she remembers me. Was my coursemate. Oneday I ponteng kuliah. and she took time explained apa yg tertinggal.. baiknya eh?

4. Mid
My roomate masa kat Penang. Very helpful and generous. She had sweet voice too.. Suka dengar dia ngaji after Subuh. Was sc com grad.. so sometimes she did my com assgment.. sukasukasuka.. Thats not all ada byk sungguh kenangan manis ngan Mid. One thing xleh lupa was how she forced me to sahur.
Gave plethora of reasons y I don want sahur to her. among others r, x suka mkn sejuk2 and x suka bgn awal. So she woke up early to prepare hot dishes and she called me (ye, dia talipon saya dari bawah sbb umah tu 2 tingkat and she had her private line and she insisted x payah byr sewa tipon.. guna jer la).. most of the time x dgr bunyik tipon tu and she had to come up, hurriedly knocked the door and yelled.. BANGUNLAAAA..hehehe.. and me.. ngan muka tose bgn gosok gigi and makan..bertuah betul..
last jmpa was yr 2000..uishhh lama tul eh... apa khabar la mid skrg\..

5. Soy bean ( bukan nama sebenar)
Was a friend's of a friend. My friend met him and pas tu senyapjer... ntah apa2 kan.. kot yer pun x minat nak teruskan hubungan ckp ah terus terang.. ingat kalau senyap2 tu org tau ke apa dia pk? haaa jawab!!!
my role was a polis pencen.. to get to know him on behalf on my friend. pendekkan cerita became fast friend. we used to chat until ungodly hours. rasanya 70% dr chatting tu gaduh. x paham betul.. I don't considered myself as org yg suka bergaduh (heheh) tapi atas sebab2 yg x dpt dipastikan, kitaorg bergaduh jugak... thanks god he is at the other side of peninsula. kalau dekat2 mahu hari2 runtuh rumah dibuatnya...
He was nicknamed soy bean coz the first time he called me up.. mak aihhh suaranya sedap macam air soya (its a compliment because I love soy bean!). Meeting him in person okla.. as long as bukan just the two of us...
the only time we were left together (looong time ago..) I ended up cried my eyes out over his nasty remarks...sbnarnya x la nasty sgt, tapi kecik ati jugak... see... atas sebab yg masih lagi x dpt dipastikan ada jer benda yg nak digaduhkan... even rasanya masa mula2 jumpa tu dah ckp dah... ari ni kita jgn gaduh tau..
sangat pelik!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

15 useless facts from my recent trip

1) the sight of numerous huge planes still amazes me **hehehhe***
2) Qatarian were very rude! we were scolded (yes!! like toddler) for taking pic in the airport... padahal there is no signboard kata x leh pun... huk alohhh
3) Malaysian are light sleeper. mostly will wake up when the air hostess serves food.
4) the Madinah Nasi Bukhari (errr uncle ghaffar yang kata tu nasi bukhari)was SUPERLICIOUS with super-portion yang even I shared ngan uda.. still x larat nak habiskan..
5) discovered a tiny shop with ada-ke-perkataan-yang-lebih-sesuai-dari- SANGAT LAZAT- juice.. So LAZAT I ended up g kedai tu everyday. guess the shopkeeper naik rungsing so on my second last day he gave me free kurma.. bapakla banyak..*sukasuka*
6) most of our trip (ziarah) had been shorten due to the heat.but then the local said tu kira x panas sangat..
7) discovered Gua Hira' is actually very small and uncomfortable. MasyaAllah!!!
8) was told it was not safe wandering around alone in Holy City but found out there were sangatla ramai malaysian and tetiba rasa macam selamat jer. I literaly melompat2 ke kedai yg a bit jauh gak dr hotel beli juice sorang2...
9) I got all ala-ala jakun la seeing all those jewelery yang sepah2 je x der sapa pun nak curik.. kalau kat mesia...dah selamat dah tu!
10) discovered all those nuts yang biasa makcik2 tu beli bila balik haji tu sbnarnya x la murah sangat... some of it kat malaysia lagi murah
11) malaysian is shopholic... should see their shopping bag.. sampai senget2 lagi tu still nak beli lagi... Malaysia Boleh
12) x tdo for 14 hours makes me dizzy and suddenly smer benda jadi blurr... simple thing like phone no pun x ble nak ingat.
13) people will do anything to show their gratitude... myself I did something yg x penah terpikir nak buat kat malaysia... tolong hotel staff tu basuh pinggan.. I was abt nak lap pinggan tu sekali when one of them ckp.. KAK SUDAHLA TU, KAMI X PERNAH LAP PINGGAN KAK!!
14) till now still teringat2 the two helpful hotel staff tu coz x smpat nak bid gudbye n even terhutang budi tapi till now nama diorang pun I do not know... very the drama..
15)watching movies or listening to apa-apa-sajala-asalkan-ada-bunyi can really soothe ur flightphobia