Monday, July 31, 2006

twists in tales.

Nothing happening lately. Yep... my heart goes to Palestineans. What a terrible sight seeing kids suffering. Jahat betul orangorang itu.

No I'm not going to write on them. But then I felt guilty reading Erich Segal's "The class".

The attitude on this kibbutz is catching. Sure, some of the young men want to be doctors or professorsBut when most of them have finished theirs studies they'll come back and share what they've learn with the community.
It's curious that among all the people i've met here, there's not one whose aim in life is to be famous. They just want to live in peace and quiet and take pleasure from the real joys of life. Like hardwork. And kids. And friendships.
page 251

By the way, he just practised his freedom of speech. End of story. But I'm not going to burn this book.

The life of me, I absolutely think that burning things/objects to show out protest is too childish.

Heklehh.. kalau betul2 nak bakar, bakar ajelah petrol pump.. baru la api besar sket... takat bakar skala kecil... apa la sangat...


Citer dlm negara..

Why eh.. every week misti ada orang keciwa dalam Mingguan Malaysia? Last time they just had Dicelah2 Kehidupan column, lately dah ada plak ruangan Puteri tu to cater the needs of insan tertekan...

Mender la diorang ni.. Baru diduga cenggitu dah gelabah. Xder semangat perjuangan langsung... Here are stories of my courageous friends. for security reasons, they are going to be indentified as Miss X , Miss Y and Miss J.

Miss X.
She knows Mr Z tru chatroom. After calling-calling for a long time, they decided to meet. Miss X needed a chaperon and, I have nothing to do at that time. Her mom sees to me that I'll take a gud care of her daughter... Adusss mcm dlm wayang la plak... hehheh.. But I dont mind , I know her mom well.So i drove Rawang, we took train to Midvalley. It was weekend. very crowded place.

Mr Z was late. Despite staying in Shah Alam, he decided to drive. Well, I suspected he somebody had advisedy to impressed his date with a car. X kisahla keta cap apa pun. Even it means he had to tawaf 18 kali nak cari parking. Rules no 1, impressed her, she wont ask abt brp thn lagi installment. Duh!

Miss X phone's keeps beeping, wic means they were so excited to see each other for the first time. In one of his msg, he told Miss X he brought a friend along, therefore Miss X's friend (yes, that's me) wont kacau daun. He planned to take Miss X back to Rawang, without her friend (yes, me again!) because he needs privacy.

Seems like he had everything planned.

I felt nothing, but I m ablosutely don need a pair up. When he finally came, I left Miss X at Mc D and went to a bookstore with Siti and Din, a friend.

Less than 10 mins Miss X called. Said Mr Z wanna go home.

We were like... WHAT!!!..

Hahhahaha... We had a gud laugh, until now.

Miss Y
For a month this Mr R had give her wake up call daily. Suh bangun Subuh la tu..

"akak bukan x tau, itu la ciri2 yang saya nak" there she goes.

Celcom get cash cow from both them. Kejap2 reload prepaid, kejap2 reload prepaid. Then the time come for meeting in person.

Miss Y wants to keep it secret. Fear that she will be rejected. Never think of otherwise.

I wanted this thing to end up quickly, eager to make a new kebaya for her wedding feast.. hahaha

She put her best dress, a new blue baju kurung. We went to Teluk Intan, she drove nervously.

After lunch (on her), she went to the supermarket to see his prince charming, while i went to saloon. ( Nop. I m not beauty conscious. I hit saloon when i want to kill time).

I was on the second phase (mask) when i noticed my mobile beeping. I got 4 miscalls and few sms. Both from her asking me to call her ajak balik.

i obliged. Punched her number, and before I start saying anything she rumbling, "Dah nak balik ker? kejap lagi boleh? 5 minit jer lagi yer"...And she hung up. I dont have a chance to say anything!

She did come to saloon less that 5 minutes later... Siap jerit2 lagi...

Menyesallll... nasib baik ah Yani (the beautician) mmg dah biasa ngan kitaorg... Hahahhaha.. Pas tu smer pun ketawa berguling2..

I know, both of them keciwa jugak coz org yg diharapi selama ini x apa eh... ntahla... x reti nak cakap. hehehhe tapi x plak depa duk bersedih ke hapa... let bygones be bygones.

I suspect both of them dah ada org lain pun, but for a very obvious reasons, they refused to let me into it now.... hehheheheh...

To be fair this is the last story on courageus woman series.

Named is Miss J.

She met this guy three times and singing his praise... Said he is good looking, charming and blabalabla..

On the fourth time, It was accidental. They promised to meet in hotel lobby (before you think its hanky-panky thingy, nope, she staying with her girl friend) but due to communication breakdown, she was shopping at that time. Resulted, the man had to find her in the shopping complex. She gave different location and rushed there, only to be distracted by a bunch of bangles.

Later when she went to the meeting point she was shocked when a man tried to snatch her handbag. She yelled. Smer orang pandang, she stared at the snatch thief. Mamat tu buat bodoh jer mcm x bersalah instead he turned back and flashed her his sweetest smile.

She still furious. Speechless.

Everyone was watching. Then he approached and say hi..

Opppppppppppppppssssssssssss... That's the man yang dipuja sangat2 tu... hahahhaha

Mcm mana boleh x kenal?

Confusing... Unlike Miss X and Miss Y who terminate their contact with their blind date, Miss J still persist. I hope she keeps a photograph of him nanti x la silap lagi...

For the ladies out there yang rasa hidupnya x ceria, sgt keciwa... bla bla bla... Contohi ah my frens nih... Apa sangat la nak disedih2kan... Let's us regarded it as water under the bridge.

Banyak lagi benda lain nak buat.. spt...talipon travel agency nak cari cheapest trip ke Pulau Redang..

But then... that's another story..

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Mcm x menarik jer ari ni... afterall Siti still in d front page. Aduhai para reporters.. sapa pedulik pun brp hantaran Siti. Kalau kasi 5 juta pun org x kisah coz both of them are filthy rich. Lain ah kot kasi 5 hengget jet.. Pas tu ada citer abt komen from Datuk K's ex wife yang x nak komen apa2.

This is weird!

I mean in our small little country ni, kahwin ngan datuk is a BIG thing. X kisahla datuk cap ayam jer pun...

Ada orang baru dating ngan Datuk jer udah kena tarik rambut. Baru main SMS jer udah masuh paper, tu belum kira e-mail layang lagi tu... so bila an artist make daily headline on getting married to a DATUK and the ex-wife langsung x berbunyik there's must be something wrong somewhere. Afterall the future bridegroom's family pun merestui his choice. Apalagi?

Since the ex nak berahsia, so let it be. Jadi x payahla orang ramai yang susah2 hati nak buat spekulasi gitu gini. Bukan smer benda sesuai dikongsi bersama... Ntah apa2 rakyat Mesia ni... xder idea la tu.

Again, i m not Siti's fan. But then, rasa sungguh x adil kot salah Siti sebab kawen ngan Datuk K. Jodohkan dah tertulis.

Sama jugak mcm Mawi putus ngan Diana, ni kan takdir kata Mawi la...

Sama jugak mcm Awie kawen lagi... dah takdir menemukan kita terlewat, kata Awie.

Sama jugak mcm errrr....Encik Y jatuh cinta pada Encik A, bukan kami minta jadi begini, dah takdir... (I'm sure this will be their answers)

Tapi ye la.... smer tu gossip jer, even Ku Seman wrote, 99% gossip tu betul but they're entitled for benefit of d doubt walaupun 1% jer....

Yang ni bukan gossip..

1. HE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

going to represent Perak in national level competition in Pahang, somewhere in August....


2. Beijing Dream
Dunno whether it is confirmed or not. Last Friday Utusan Malaysia reported that athletes adamant having their personal coach accompany them to Asian Youth Athletic in Beijing even KOAM had other plan.

Whatever it is, I prayed that my colleague, Mr Shahrul Hilmi Ayob will go to Beijing with his protege, Saiful Anuar Samsuddin.


This man , I repeat, this poor man trained Saiful since he was form one, 6 or 7 years ago. He `cultivate' this boy with his bare hand, with lack of equipments, poor facilities and no sponsorship. Besides time, he also invest a lot of money to groom the athletes. He hopes nothing in return, just a pleasure seeing his students excelled and makes nation proud.

Come and see our school you will know what I mean.

He is an Ustaz but his passion lies in athletic.

Currently he also coaching our athletic team. 20 years ago, we never dreamt of winning district level competition. As long as we had rep is ok. It changed dramatically. For numerous years (sampai lupa dah brp thn) our school is District Champion in Athletic, SUKMA gold medalist and last June A girl won Silver in ASEAN Youth Championships.

For an ustaz, it is an impressive achievements. Dont you think so?

Given the opportunity to be in Beijing, unlike other goverment servants who love to go shopping when going abroad on working trip, he'll make the best of it by observe other coach techniques. I'm sure he will introduce it to his charges to improve their perfomances.

Tu la masalahnya with government body nih banyak sangat politik. Ramai beno opportunist. Bukan nya nak tengok sukan tu maju tapi ntah... x paham la..susah betul. Kalau tegur karang marahla plak... silap2 kena suh kasi surat tunjuk sebab. (heheheh ni bukan komplen tau... tapi menyuarakan pendapat..)

Should I end my posting with SAYA YANG MENURUT PERINTAH?

Friday, July 28, 2006

heart-rending tales

#1 A shattered dream

3 years ago i heard him mumbled " I'll be up there, in 3 yrs time" . I was puzzled.. Later he confided to me, he planned to be the next Tokoh Pelajar. I m amazed by his openness, proud of his determination and admired his self-confidence.
Over the years I've seen his ups and downs. Knowing his limited ability, he works harder in both curriculum and co-curriculum. He got an impressive result in PMR but not straight A which he longed for. He represent school in various activities but never get through district level.
And yesterday when the Tokoh Pelajar of The Year was declared, I felt his pain. No I have nothing against the winner. Honestly the present Tokoh Pelajar deserved it because of his excellent achievements (besides scored straight A's in PMR, top scorer in his class he also the champ in 2006 District-Level Tennis Championship).
Guess I m a bit emotional. I cant help it... One's should looked at his face, sangat kesian... But then that's life.
I wont mentioned names here.. manala tau ada lak other children stumble on my blog ni karang lain la plak citernyer... but to YOU, remember failing does not make us a failure, and the only time we do become a failure, is when we decide to stop trying anymore.
Tomorrow, he's going to represent our district for state-level competition. Wish you luck son!


# 2 Drug: gloom and doom

A ppretty hectic week! Except berita Hani Mohsin, I did not read the newspaper for the whole week. Apparaaa!!
Hari ini after school, sambil nk tunggu maghrib saya pun duduk membaca surat khabar dari hari Isnin hingga Jumaat. Macam xder kerjaya jer...
One news that annoyed the most was a story on a man who killed his mother and injured his father. It was learnt that he was under drug influence. ( x yah saman.. saya x ngumpat)
Rasa nak marah betul. Yang dah meninggal tu memangla x dapat defend diri dia lagi, so I'm not going to talk bad about the deceased. Tapi nak marah sgt pada drug pusher.. What were they thinking?
Misti dia baca suratkhabar or tgk tv or ada org kasi tau ttg hal ni kat dia. Apa agaknya perasaan dia skang? Boleh ke tidur lena?
For me dadah ni masalah bersama. I know a boy yang kecik2 dah parents dia bwk g Mekah, tiap waktu ikut bapak dia g solat kat mesjid dan tiba2 masuk sekolah menengah dah start amek dadah. Kalau sekolah biasa2 x apa jugak, ni sekolah agama tu... Dalam kes mcm ni boleh ke kita salahkan parents?
Ada lagi sorang tu plak, mmg la baik, x ckp byk, was a school prefect.. n tetiba belum abis sekolah dah kurus kering. And the culprit was his teacher. Dlm ramai2 his colleague tu xder sorang pun yg nak amik apa2 tindakan, sbb x sampai hati kesiankan the wifey. I do not berapa ramai yang terikut, but citer dari mulut ke mulut bunyinya macam ramai... that is what they did best.. CAKAP BELAKANG2!!!
Ckp byk pun x guna because this particular teacher telahpun kembali ke rahmatullah 2 yrs ago kot. I'm not sure...
Somehow, in Felda settlement dadah ni sangatla banyak (menurut citer orangla)... Maybe sbb tu kot ada byk xtvt utk belia and parents jugak.
Zaman dulu2 kalau ada anak org yg kena tangkap sbb dadah, org kg sort of pulaukan dia. Tapi lately nampaknya keadaan ni dah berubah. Ari tu tekejut betul when I saw makciks ramai-ramai g umah our neighbour when his son was released from rehab centre. Mcm beria lak diorang nih...
Ni agaknya the benefits of Felda's continuous parenting courses. Tapi betul jugak kan... its not fair to blame the addict 100%, salah kita pun ada jugak.. Marilah kita sama2 menjalankan tanggungjawab kita sebagai ahli masyarakat, jgn asyik nak salahkan orang tu org ni, dan last2 salahkan kerajaan..
Grow up!!!

# 3. Soleh VS Solehah

This is a story about a man yang bercita-cita nak pergi tabligh for four months in Pakistan, India and so on. The major hindrance is his wife. An ustazah.
Her reasons are among others, children.
They're blessed with four cute little children ages a year -10 yrs old. The first is a special down syndrome boy. She claimed she cant handle the children alone. Of course there is lengthy explanation too.
But the hubby is adamant to get his way.
So does the wifey.
Out of the blue she seek our opinion. Iskkk... masalah negara ni.. I cannot talk from Islamic point of view because I m sure she knows better than me. Mcm salah kaunter jer ustazah nih...heheheheh

Reminds me of one of the ceramah I heard million years of light ago..
"orang pompuan ni bila doa, dia mintak Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, berikanlah aku suami yang soleh. Bila dah kahwin suami kejut nak suh sembanhyang tahajud dia marah pulak"

Sebenarnya apa definisi suami solleh?
Kalau tinggalkan family berbulan2, isteri bersusah payah besarkan anak2 sorang, basuh kain, kemas umah, cuci pinggan, tidurkan anak2 and suami g masjid beribadat tu kira soleh ker? Bukankah tu tanggungjwab suami?
Mcm mana plak buat kerja cuai, x sepenuh hati, ponteng kelas, datang lambat tapi at the end of the month duit gaji amik jugak...
Kalau mcm ni pun dikatakan soleh, saya x nak kawin dengan lelaki soleh. Period.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tetiba rasa insaf sangat....

These are todays headlines .. taken from thestaronline..

Actor Hani Mohsin dies

KUALA LUMPUR: Actor Hani Mohsin Hanafi , 43, collapsed and died at the low-cost carrier terminal in Sepang at 9.30am while waiting to board a flight to Alor Setar on Tuesday.

Mohsin was traveling with his nine-year-old daughter Hani Karmila -- from his previous marriage to Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina -- when he complained of chest pains before collapsing.

Hani Karmila immediately called her mother, who rushed to the airport with husband Datuk Seri Effendi Norwawi.

Mohsin's remains have been brought to hospital for an autopsy.
Mohsin was the host of popular TV game show Roda Impian before his death.

p/s Semoga dicucuri rahmat.


Diabetes study has warning for obese youngsters

By Michael Conlon

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Type 2 diabetes before age 20 leads to a high risk of kidney disease and death by middle age, a significant finding because worldwide obesity is exposing more children to the disease, researchers said on Tuesday.

In the United States so-called adult onset or type 2 diabetes will be more prevalent than juvenile or type 1 diabetes in children within 10 years, the study from the National Institutes of Health said.

The findings reported in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association were based on a study of more than 1,800 U.S. Pima Indians between 1965 and 2002. Some of those in the study developed diabetes before age 20 while others came down with it between the ages of 20 and 55.

The study found that those who developed the disease earlier had end-stage kidney disease in their middle years at a rate that was up to eight times higher than the older group. In addition their death rate was 2 times higher than the older group.

The younger group is harder hit, the report said, because the disease has more time to be destructive. And while youth appears to provide some protection against the vision loss that is a complication of diabetes, it does not stop kidney damage, which can also lead to heart disease.

The findings "may heave a significant economic and public health impact because individuals with youth-onset diabetes mellitus who develop diabetic kidney disease have a high morbidity during their peak productive years and may require increased and sustained health services," the study concluded.
The current increase in obesity in children and adolescents in many parts of the world had led to a higher prevalence of type 2 diabetes in those groups, the study said.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the cells that produce insulin. It is treated by insulin replacement, and can affect both children and adults, though it is commonly called "juvenile."

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body can't make enough insulin or properly use what it has, and it can be treated with diet, exercise, weight loss and insulin replacement. Though called "adult onset" it increasingly affects older children and adolescents and can account for 90 percent of all diabetes cases in some countries.

p/s Now i had more reasons to control my diet... phewww!!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


My sister and I

When I was young it was called Speech Day or Hari Ucapan. I loathe it coz all the speeches make me fell asleep. What were they thinking?

A few years ago it was Hari Anugerah. Someone was sure x tido malam to make it sound more glamorous. It is Hari Anugerah dan Kecemerlangan this year. Kasi la apa nama pun, as Mr Zaini my colleague reminded us, the main purpose is to celebrate our students' achievement. I couldnt agree more!

This morning I had a very brief phone call conversation.

Miss X: Wei, nanti bwk senarai nama utk sijil.
Me : (Dgn rasa x bersalah) Nak bwk g meeting ari ni ke?
Miss X : Tak, nak check jer.
Me : x siap lagi la
Miss X:Yang ko buat mlm td tu?
Me : x buat printer jammed.
Miss X: (hung up the phone)

Peh.. pas tu I grabbed towel, ran to the bathroom and *ding* jump to school (literally)... took me 3 hours to complete my task. Adusss!!!!.. Next time rasanya kena request x nak in a group with my sister. seksa wei..


My frens and I

What a coincident.

On Friday Jie was supposed ( he promised me lor) to accompany me to see the developer. He didn't make it. No phone call, no sms, no him either. I was too proud to call back, so buat x tau jer... Since this is the first time dia buat cam ni so I bet misti dia ada a very strong reason.

On Saturday, I was expecting Et yang kata nak dtg to Slim River with her sister. Sampai tertido2 tunggu, then after Zohor I called her.. She met an accident... Luckily both she and her sister ok but the car definitely badly damaged.

Later, I learnt that Jie's car also broke down on Friday. Timing beltnyer putus.

Kesian betul kan...

Mega sale and I

I m not a shopaholic. I prefer kirim ngan org dari g beli sendirik. Or kalau g ngan sister r frens, i let them choose for me, Most of the time bila pilih sendirik balik umah misti x suka.

On Sunday I found myself g shopping sensorang with my track bottom, sneakers and sweat shirt. Tu secara langsung nak kata I went straight to Sogo after jogging kat Tmn KLCC.

Tot nak g kejap jer tp end up sampai kol 2. Ntah apa2..

I took tren to KLCC and was greeted by drizzling. Cess!!! masa bila lak hujan nih? Terpaksala naik cab balik hotel yang kot jalan kaki took 5 minit jer.. Sungguh x menarik.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

a boy, a jerk and a soy bean

A curious boy and a speechless Ustazah.

A timid form one boy asked her ustazah
" Ustazah, bersetubuh tu wajib tak".

The ustazah, wishing it just a slip of the tongue, asked him back, "awak tahu tak makna bersetubuh". Wishful thinking!!!! The boy gave the correct answer and his eagerness makes the poor ustazah gave a long, lengthy explanation.

To no avail.

Because the unsatisfied boy repeated his question, " wajib ke tak?" . He definitely wanted a Yes or No answer. At last the ustazah surrendered, gave a very cliche answer, you will know when the time comes.

Heheheh... bet when I was in school xder sapa pun nk tanya soklan cenggitu, kot x mahu la melompat our ustazah. As the poor ustazah confessed to her colleague, inilah soalan mudah yang paling susah nak dijawab.


A Jerk and I

He finally send the document I asked early this year tru a clerk. I don't mind, because I don't want to see his face either.

But today when a colleague told me, the jerk called and asked him to ask`others' to submit all the benda2 tu cepat sket.... Pardon my buruk sangka.... guess dia tujukan kata2 tu to me.

I wish I could head-butt him. I wish I could strangle him. I wish I could burn him down.

Since I have no courage to do neither of the above, the best I could do to show my sakit hati-rasa-nak belasah je-mamat nih is I wont say his name ever again. Never!

From now on I will call him

The Jerk. Coz that's what he is.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Schizophrenic mind

How to start eh....

In my uni year I did a lot of research in schizophrenia. Partly because at one time I wanted to do presentation on this topic ( tapi x jadi coz at the last minute I decided to talk on other topic) and mainly because my ex-roommates were schizoprenic. Yes, two of them.

Kakak was my roomate in my 1st year. There were three of us in one room. As, Kakak and me. Kakak is the youngest but she insisted we call her kakak, we did. She was a jolly gud fren, but we had comments from others that she kind of like `talking to herself'. As and me found it funny where others said its weird.

She likes attention from us and we kind of pampered her. In our second year we went or separated way. As stayed in Desa (hostel), Kakak moved in with some of her coursemates and me with my new friends. But we still keep in touch. Having breakfast and lunch once in a while or maybe a brief discussion in Masjid is a must.

That was when I got phone calls from Kakak's new housemates, ngadu about her. In the beginning its hard for me to believe. Until one day I got a phone call from As asking me to `advise' Kakak because she did funny thing, like skipped classes and squatting in As' room and don't want to bath.

Masalahnya when I came she kind of ok, buat lawak mcm biasa, that is why we tot she was just berlakon. But she's not.. She was admitted kat Rumah Sakit Jiwa in Jalan Perak, Penang lepas satu incident.

Waktu melawat dia kat situ, adusss.. x tau la apa perasaan, seram pun ada coz x penah terfikir akan g tempat gitu. Sedih sungguh, x sangka, entahla... I wished I could be a better fren...

Kakak cuti satu semester and when she came back, she called me up. I was excited tapi x lama lepas tu Kakak start buat perangai balik.

At that time rasa betul2 macam dlm wayang. I literally jumped when the telephone rang. Almost everynite ada je yang call kasi tau kakak merayau-rayau ke hapa. She was infamous with her habit. Even tengah malam pun I will ride to campus cari dia and pujuk dia balik bilik. My housemates pun dah tau sangat. Even though our rule was to lock the door at 12.00 a.m tapi if I was late, somebody will wait for me. Nasib baikla..

I m not a budak skima, at times ada gak rasa nak sekeh kepala Kakak tapi bila kenangkan kebaikan dia rasa x sampai hati. tapi ye la... mulut tu membebel jugak..

The last time I met her was when she came to my house waktu azan maghrib. She wanted to borrow some money sebab nak balik kampung. I was curious coz for someone yang nak balik kg, she brought nothing.

After maghrib I took her to the bus station, bought ticket for her and waited until bas jalan.. bapakla lama.. and nak jaga dia pun satu hal... I was glad when she waved gudbye from the moving bus. tot I can sleep well but I was wrong... satu mlm dok pk... selamat ke dia? ada ke orang amek kesempatan? ingat ke dia alamat umah her sister? aduss...

the next morning, pagi2 I went to HEP and talked to the staff, tapi the officer in charge of her case tu x der. Dengan kepala yang x berapa normal (due to lack of sleep and worry) I asked Zahizan for her opinion. She suggested we went to Kakak's Desasiswa and talked to the Desa admin. We did and the staff called her sis house only to be answered by Kakak's herself. She was safe and sound.

That was the last time I heard from kakak. I do not know sapa amek barang dia nor did I know dia grad ke x lepas tu. She just vanished.

My second roommate was an outsider. Nama pun dah lupa. On my third year kot.. Entah napa makcik tuan rumah tu amek outsider masuk umah tu sedangkan before this smer students jer.

She was in her late twenties I guess, rather gud looking. Makcik placed her in our room (Mid, eli, and me). On her first nite dah rasa pelik dah.. tengah2 malam dia ngamuk. Start cakap yang kotor2 , depa la cakap because I was tido mati.. . hehheheh

The next morning dia marah2. pelik tu coz dia x marah pada kitaorg pun rather to someone yang kitaorg x nampak.. mau x takut... since dah ada experience sblm ni.. we called makcik and ckp we don want her in the house..

Makcik was furious la in the beginning and cakap kitaorg mengadakan citer... tapi she did asked her to move out atas desakan kitaorg...

Sedih jugak masa tu, coz she just coming home from work, baru jer beli jam loceng sebab dia kata senang nak bangun pagi.. and tetiba dah kena suruh keluar.. Tapi kitaorang tau dia pindah kat mana coz until besoknya dia x offkan bunyi jam loceng tu. Kitaorg pun tau jugak dia cuma dpt duk kat umah baru tu semalam jer sebab tuan rumah tu pun suh dia keluar. Kesian...

So that's it. both of them looked normal at the outside. one is bright and cheerful, the other is pretty and has kids.. Till now I do not know punca masalah depa nih. From my reading schizophrenia is the no.2 disease in Malaysia. Wic means ada ramai yang menghidapinya. Unlike sakit2 lain ramai keluarga pesakit enggan mengaku ahli keluarga mereka menghidap schizophrenia..Mungkin kerana malu kot.

Alaaa... lupa lak statistik tu... nantila masukkan .. tapi tu la... Schizoprenia is a disease yang harus dirawati spt penyakit lain. Merahsiakan penyakit ni hanya akan memudaratkan pesakit. Dalam kes kakak tu rasanya mungkin kami dapat membantu kalau tau status dia dari awal..

Thn ni sejarah berulang..
there is a boy yang pelik. For 6 months I misunderstood him as stubborn and plain idle. Sangat menaikkan darah, adala 2, 3 I punished him. Last week he did a terrible thing, pull out window's pane and start walking along the corridor. At that time all students were gathering at school's hall...

Luckily the teacher in charge was on round and saw him. He consoled this boy, brought him to surau, and asked him to lie down. He was cooled off then.

Upon learnt this incident I felt guilty being hard on him all this while. Now dia buat apa pun I tried not to scold him. It was hard, bohongla kalau kata x geram langsung. tapi I dont want him to end up like Kakak..

I make mistake once, cukupla sekali tu jer...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekly tales

Mawi mania

Last year Mawi won the best performance, kot, in Juara Lagu. I still remember we kind of joked, kot mawi x dtg pun he still won sbb tu undian SMS.
Tonite he did it again!!!! Lawak la... Yazer n Felix replaced him in Carta Hitz FM tv1. The song Lagu Cinta Lagu Jiwa won The Most Popular song. I didn't say lagu tu x bagus but I rooted for Shannon. At least I think I did sebab jarang sekali pun tengok program ni... So when Mawi's song menang.. heklehhhhh... apa la perasaan org yang sms tu yer... ngabihkan kredit jer.. hheheheh

p/s penulis blog ni memang bukan peminat encik mawi.


Citer kawen.. 1

Nop.. bukan citer siti nak kawen.. my aunt called to inform us his son wedding wic supposed to be in mid august dah dipercepatkan ke end of July. Wic is gud.. errr I dunno.

I planned to take mak to Jakarta in Mid August, during school holiday. But then mak refused sebab nak g wedding ni la, afterall masa kenduri kat umah bride tu mak x leh pegi coz at that time we went to Mecca. So thats it...

Since she so persisted (ye la kan...hehhe) I already had other plan wic did not include her, nor Jakarta either. Now wat to do?

Ontahla Labu..

Citer Kawen 2

Saya sangat berminat mematch-match kan org.. pantang jer org kata xder gfren/boifren.. maka saya akan berusaha bersungguh2 mematchkan mereka.. tapi dalam ramai2 ada satu couple je yang jadi.

their engagement makes me the happiest woman on earth!

that was then. when last two weeks `the girl' told me `the man' hinted he's not ready for commitment, I was despressed. how could him? wat is that supposed to mean? why take a year to make up ur mind?

till now.. saya masih keliru dan..sangat sedih..

abis baju baru tu nanti saya nak pakai bila? haaaa jawab!!!!


Citer kawen 3

Someone `accidently' forward sms from her housemate. Make short she was miserable with her single status when almost all her friends either engaged or happily married.


Macamla kawen tu perlumbaan, sampai dulu dia menang. Hekelehhhh...Why waste all ur life on a pipe-dream.

Sekian saja komen saya..


Citer gembira.

1. Jie won utk individual dlm tournament kat Bangkok recently. Idup Jieeee!!!!! errr... kongsi adiah ble?hheheh

2. A friend will start a new project on August 1st. A better offer I guess. Suka sebab dia x kena g oversea lagi... hehhehe.. ---> dengki tu..

3. Zana and I telah berjaya membooking rumah wic will make us neighbours.. Pelik betul, she was my junior in school and now my colleague and all of sudden nak jd neighbour plak.. hehhehehe



Kepada sesiapa yang berkenaan..

Saya masih lagi menantikan cd da Vinci Code setelah percubaan nak g movie bersama tu gagal.

Di mana janji manismu?

Yang Berharap,


Thursday, July 13, 2006


1. Materazzi Who?
He admitted that he did insult Zidane. Reason was as he put it "the French maestro was super arrogant'. Tapi masalah negaranya Zidane is a living legend. Besides fan, footballer also worshipped him. Remember when the press labelled him as `kuda tua' and the Brazillian footballer (lupa la plak namanya) claimed.. they (read: the press) do not know anything about football"
Yyou see what I mean? Now after couple of days, the head-butt incident still discussed by media all over the world... bet sampai couple of decades people will talk. Materazzi and Italy won, but then, people won't forget not that they forgive if its true that the Italian insulted Zizou with racial slurs. Siap la engkau....
Lebih kurang cenggini ah... macam gaduh ngan Siti Nurhaliza la.... pusing mcm mana pun Siti jugak yang menang... Siti gaduh ngan Datuk pun even mahkamah x putuskan apa2 tapi dimata rakyat, Siti jugak yang menang.. (ini pendapat peribadi, jgn saman saya kak)

2. Datuk Abdul Rahman Abdul Hamid (Encik Kastam)
He was one of Malaysian thousands Datuks until yesterday. His smiley face was on NST front page. For those who missed the paper, better find the article. Worth reading!
He taught me one thing, as one of the committee put it
"He told us that unhappiness with the way the seized cars were being sold prompted him to form the committee with the Treasury. He had discretionary power in this matter but chose to give it up as he felt it would create a lot of unhappiness"

To all the gila kuasa guys out there... hope u learn something!!!!

3.Mawi and Siti
Apsal la hari2 kot xder citer Mawi, mesti ada citer Siti. One may get married soon, the other not so soon. Honestly, I m not their fan, even my sister accused me that I bought any magazine if the cover is siti. I strongly denied it, that was kebetulan.

But this kawen2 thingy sangat la membosankan... Gasak depa la nak kawen ke x... Media pun satu... kuar la citer pasal Herman Tino ke, Dia Fadilla ke sapa ke... balik2 2 org ni jer... sangat bosan..

Friday, July 07, 2006

Picnic fever

Mr Mohan our English lecturer once took us to picnic near the swimming pool. It was awesome! Even though most of the time misti ada org ponteng kelas dia tapi on that day smer orang came on time. We had a gud time and still talked fondly about the swimming pool picnic.

It is my dream nak bwk the children berpicnic jugak.. On Wednesday, everything had been arranged. food, activities, handouts, you name it... memang rasanya sangat bersedia sungguh2. I even had contigency plan, kalau2 hari hujan... sesuatu yang sangat jarang berlaku...
Since the topic was medicinal value of flowers, mana lagi tpt yang paling sesuai kalau x Taman Pertanian Sekolah. The quaint taman boast of variety of plants, herbs and exotic flowers. It is tended lovingly by a bunch of hardworking gardeners.

Now.. kat sini la my nightmare begins.
Mula2 dah jumpa Pakcik tukang kebun tu minta tolong dia kasi penerangan sikit pasal khasiat pokok2 tu.. this particular pakcik cakap, tu bukan part dia but he promised he will arranged it, so there will be someone waiting for us. Gave him my class schedule.
Then... pada masa yang dijanjikan.... senyap2 jer smer gardener hilang.. melilau cari tp haram x jumpa.. adusss!!!! tragis betull...
Thanx god, I managed to force(heheheh) the lab assistant, Ju jadi tourist guide. Tu pun Ju dekat 80 kali cakap dia mengeletar.. hahaha.. x peduli...
Tu la org kata kan... Man proposed God disposed.... Lepas tu... besoknya saya pun demam... tekejut kot...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Now.. i definitely miss u MID

In my uni year, my roomate, Mid was a System Analyst. Tu ker post dia? ntahla.. but I still remember her works involving baiki pc kat kilang. Guess I was outrageously lucky considering jadi her roommate means sharing her pc n her expertise as well.

I am a natural born butterfingers. It goes without saying.. tu pun satu hal.. satu lagi.. atas sebab2 yang x dapat dikenalpasti jugak, saya selalu merosakkan pc ngan sifat curious yang semula jadi. smer benda nak try.. last2 x tau nak betulkan balik.. curiosity kills the cat.. but I m more a tikus membaiki labu..Mid used to show me camner nak fix balik benda2 tu.. tapi tu la... masa tu x tau plak skils2 ni penting.. so buat2 x nampak je la..

last week I was cleaning my notebook, when suddenly terdelete Ms office. Guess xder sapa pun di dunia ni yang tergamak buat kesilapan mcm tu.... pergh!!!.. Saya sangat kelam kabut coz I have to use Powerpoint presentation for job..di bawah ini disenaraikan usaha2 saya untuk membetulkan semula keadaan.

1. Menginstal smer cd yang ada...
duration- 4 jam..
hasil- x berjaya coz tu cd OS.. aparaaa!!! ( tu pun x reti baca ker...)

2. Menalipon Soy bean
duration - 5 mins
advice - recalled balik tru accessories.. bla..bla...
hasil - slps mencuba selama ... errr lama gakla... still x berjaya..

3. Asking my boss
duration - err.. lama gak
advice - dwnload fr internet
hasil - xleh dwnload.. sbb basicly dia leh upgrade jer wic means at least u must have windows 98.. gitu kot.. bukannyer reti sgt pun..

4. Kasi kat my fren yg mmg computer savvy..
duration - dah 4 hari dah..
advice/ comment - template lari (template tu apa) , napa lak ada viewer? kat accessories dah xleh rcall coz u dah delete kat hard disk.. shud find dell MS office cd... could take some time coz i don have the cd..

well... .. in time like this..
Mid.. where are you?... missed u badly...


Public Library.
When I was small, one of my many wishes were to be able to read story books everyday. I love reading sehingga my mom terpaksa menyorokkan buku citer sbb menurut katanya.... when I started reading abis smer keje x buat.. x baikkan...hehhehe

Masa sekolah saya berangan bila kerja nanti nak beli smer buku yang saya suka. Masa tu bila kuar duit biasiswa, I spent half on books.

Masalahnya when I started working, I read satu article dlm the star, lebih kurangla... tips nak jadi kaya by a Japanese lady. Pompuan ni dulu hidup sederhana jer n retrenched.. she started all over.. and tup2 dah kayooo.. ni antara tips yang dia amalkan and norizan adnan is the true follower..

X yah beli buku. buku mahal. jadi pegila library baca buku. jimat x yah beli. kalau suka pinjam. majalah pun x yah beli sbb bukan smer berguna. lagipun boleh baca kat library. selalunya kat library ada banyak majalah. jadi anda dah boleh berjimat. suratkhabar kena beli tiap2 hari sebab anda kena tau perkembangan terkini.

that's the reason why I am a loyal visitor in this Perpustakaan Desa. After 6 years staying here, in term of worldly material, I humbly admit i m not KAYO yet. But then, apa la smer tu jika dibandingkan dapat guna internet secara percuma....

Sekian terima kasih... Hidup Perpustakaan Desa!!!!!