Tuesday, July 18, 2006

a boy, a jerk and a soy bean

A curious boy and a speechless Ustazah.

A timid form one boy asked her ustazah
" Ustazah, bersetubuh tu wajib tak".

The ustazah, wishing it just a slip of the tongue, asked him back, "awak tahu tak makna bersetubuh". Wishful thinking!!!! The boy gave the correct answer and his eagerness makes the poor ustazah gave a long, lengthy explanation.

To no avail.

Because the unsatisfied boy repeated his question, " wajib ke tak?" . He definitely wanted a Yes or No answer. At last the ustazah surrendered, gave a very cliche answer, you will know when the time comes.

Heheheh... bet when I was in school xder sapa pun nk tanya soklan cenggitu, kot x mahu la melompat our ustazah. As the poor ustazah confessed to her colleague, inilah soalan mudah yang paling susah nak dijawab.


A Jerk and I

He finally send the document I asked early this year tru a clerk. I don't mind, because I don't want to see his face either.

But today when a colleague told me, the jerk called and asked him to ask`others' to submit all the benda2 tu cepat sket.... Pardon my buruk sangka.... guess dia tujukan kata2 tu to me.

I wish I could head-butt him. I wish I could strangle him. I wish I could burn him down.

Since I have no courage to do neither of the above, the best I could do to show my sakit hati-rasa-nak belasah je-mamat nih is I wont say his name ever again. Never!

From now on I will call him

The Jerk. Coz that's what he is.


zino said...

so apa jawapan nya? hehe

what is over is over.. but what in the the future is there for you to explore..

Kengkawan said...

mana nak tau.... hehhehehe...

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