Tuesday, July 25, 2006


My sister and I

When I was young it was called Speech Day or Hari Ucapan. I loathe it coz all the speeches make me fell asleep. What were they thinking?

A few years ago it was Hari Anugerah. Someone was sure x tido malam to make it sound more glamorous. It is Hari Anugerah dan Kecemerlangan this year. Kasi la apa nama pun, as Mr Zaini my colleague reminded us, the main purpose is to celebrate our students' achievement. I couldnt agree more!

This morning I had a very brief phone call conversation.

Miss X: Wei, nanti bwk senarai nama utk sijil.
Me : (Dgn rasa x bersalah) Nak bwk g meeting ari ni ke?
Miss X : Tak, nak check jer.
Me : x siap lagi la
Miss X:Yang ko buat mlm td tu?
Me : x buat printer jammed.
Miss X: (hung up the phone)

Peh.. pas tu I grabbed towel, ran to the bathroom and *ding* jump to school (literally)... took me 3 hours to complete my task. Adusss!!!!.. Next time rasanya kena request x nak in a group with my sister. seksa wei..


My frens and I

What a coincident.

On Friday Jie was supposed ( he promised me lor) to accompany me to see the developer. He didn't make it. No phone call, no sms, no him either. I was too proud to call back, so buat x tau jer... Since this is the first time dia buat cam ni so I bet misti dia ada a very strong reason.

On Saturday, I was expecting Et yang kata nak dtg to Slim River with her sister. Sampai tertido2 tunggu, then after Zohor I called her.. She met an accident... Luckily both she and her sister ok but the car definitely badly damaged.

Later, I learnt that Jie's car also broke down on Friday. Timing beltnyer putus.

Kesian betul kan...

Mega sale and I

I m not a shopaholic. I prefer kirim ngan org dari g beli sendirik. Or kalau g ngan sister r frens, i let them choose for me, Most of the time bila pilih sendirik balik umah misti x suka.

On Sunday I found myself g shopping sensorang with my track bottom, sneakers and sweat shirt. Tu secara langsung nak kata I went straight to Sogo after jogging kat Tmn KLCC.

Tot nak g kejap jer tp end up sampai kol 2. Ntah apa2..

I took tren to KLCC and was greeted by drizzling. Cess!!! masa bila lak hujan nih? Terpaksala naik cab balik hotel yang kot jalan kaki took 5 minit jer.. Sungguh x menarik.


zino said...

sister andak cikgu besar ke? hehe

sopping selepas jogging bagus tu sure org ramai ke tepi semua..masyammmm hehe

Kengkawan said...

xder ler dia cekgu kecik jer...

hahahhah... ntah apa2 kan... nak tukar baju tp cleaner tu tgh cuci bilik.. malas betul nk tunggu..

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