Thursday, July 13, 2006


1. Materazzi Who?
He admitted that he did insult Zidane. Reason was as he put it "the French maestro was super arrogant'. Tapi masalah negaranya Zidane is a living legend. Besides fan, footballer also worshipped him. Remember when the press labelled him as `kuda tua' and the Brazillian footballer (lupa la plak namanya) claimed.. they (read: the press) do not know anything about football"
Yyou see what I mean? Now after couple of days, the head-butt incident still discussed by media all over the world... bet sampai couple of decades people will talk. Materazzi and Italy won, but then, people won't forget not that they forgive if its true that the Italian insulted Zizou with racial slurs. Siap la engkau....
Lebih kurang cenggini ah... macam gaduh ngan Siti Nurhaliza la.... pusing mcm mana pun Siti jugak yang menang... Siti gaduh ngan Datuk pun even mahkamah x putuskan apa2 tapi dimata rakyat, Siti jugak yang menang.. (ini pendapat peribadi, jgn saman saya kak)

2. Datuk Abdul Rahman Abdul Hamid (Encik Kastam)
He was one of Malaysian thousands Datuks until yesterday. His smiley face was on NST front page. For those who missed the paper, better find the article. Worth reading!
He taught me one thing, as one of the committee put it
"He told us that unhappiness with the way the seized cars were being sold prompted him to form the committee with the Treasury. He had discretionary power in this matter but chose to give it up as he felt it would create a lot of unhappiness"

To all the gila kuasa guys out there... hope u learn something!!!!

3.Mawi and Siti
Apsal la hari2 kot xder citer Mawi, mesti ada citer Siti. One may get married soon, the other not so soon. Honestly, I m not their fan, even my sister accused me that I bought any magazine if the cover is siti. I strongly denied it, that was kebetulan.

But this kawen2 thingy sangat la membosankan... Gasak depa la nak kawen ke x... Media pun satu... kuar la citer pasal Herman Tino ke, Dia Fadilla ke sapa ke... balik2 2 org ni jer... sangat bosan..


zino said...

katakan lah keluar cerita pasal andak dalam paper.. ingat2 sale bertambah tak hari tu hehe..

org tengah top.. apa benda dia buat atau tak buat .. atau baru cadang nak buat semuanya merupakan bahan berita yg ada nilai..

biar je lah..

Kengkawan said...

andak x beli paper langsung kalau ada gambar mawi. kira pangkah habis la tu.. heheheh..

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