Monday, July 31, 2006

twists in tales.

Nothing happening lately. Yep... my heart goes to Palestineans. What a terrible sight seeing kids suffering. Jahat betul orangorang itu.

No I'm not going to write on them. But then I felt guilty reading Erich Segal's "The class".

The attitude on this kibbutz is catching. Sure, some of the young men want to be doctors or professorsBut when most of them have finished theirs studies they'll come back and share what they've learn with the community.
It's curious that among all the people i've met here, there's not one whose aim in life is to be famous. They just want to live in peace and quiet and take pleasure from the real joys of life. Like hardwork. And kids. And friendships.
page 251

By the way, he just practised his freedom of speech. End of story. But I'm not going to burn this book.

The life of me, I absolutely think that burning things/objects to show out protest is too childish.

Heklehh.. kalau betul2 nak bakar, bakar ajelah petrol pump.. baru la api besar sket... takat bakar skala kecil... apa la sangat...


Citer dlm negara..

Why eh.. every week misti ada orang keciwa dalam Mingguan Malaysia? Last time they just had Dicelah2 Kehidupan column, lately dah ada plak ruangan Puteri tu to cater the needs of insan tertekan...

Mender la diorang ni.. Baru diduga cenggitu dah gelabah. Xder semangat perjuangan langsung... Here are stories of my courageous friends. for security reasons, they are going to be indentified as Miss X , Miss Y and Miss J.

Miss X.
She knows Mr Z tru chatroom. After calling-calling for a long time, they decided to meet. Miss X needed a chaperon and, I have nothing to do at that time. Her mom sees to me that I'll take a gud care of her daughter... Adusss mcm dlm wayang la plak... hehheh.. But I dont mind , I know her mom well.So i drove Rawang, we took train to Midvalley. It was weekend. very crowded place.

Mr Z was late. Despite staying in Shah Alam, he decided to drive. Well, I suspected he somebody had advisedy to impressed his date with a car. X kisahla keta cap apa pun. Even it means he had to tawaf 18 kali nak cari parking. Rules no 1, impressed her, she wont ask abt brp thn lagi installment. Duh!

Miss X phone's keeps beeping, wic means they were so excited to see each other for the first time. In one of his msg, he told Miss X he brought a friend along, therefore Miss X's friend (yes, that's me) wont kacau daun. He planned to take Miss X back to Rawang, without her friend (yes, me again!) because he needs privacy.

Seems like he had everything planned.

I felt nothing, but I m ablosutely don need a pair up. When he finally came, I left Miss X at Mc D and went to a bookstore with Siti and Din, a friend.

Less than 10 mins Miss X called. Said Mr Z wanna go home.

We were like... WHAT!!!..

Hahhahaha... We had a gud laugh, until now.

Miss Y
For a month this Mr R had give her wake up call daily. Suh bangun Subuh la tu..

"akak bukan x tau, itu la ciri2 yang saya nak" there she goes.

Celcom get cash cow from both them. Kejap2 reload prepaid, kejap2 reload prepaid. Then the time come for meeting in person.

Miss Y wants to keep it secret. Fear that she will be rejected. Never think of otherwise.

I wanted this thing to end up quickly, eager to make a new kebaya for her wedding feast.. hahaha

She put her best dress, a new blue baju kurung. We went to Teluk Intan, she drove nervously.

After lunch (on her), she went to the supermarket to see his prince charming, while i went to saloon. ( Nop. I m not beauty conscious. I hit saloon when i want to kill time).

I was on the second phase (mask) when i noticed my mobile beeping. I got 4 miscalls and few sms. Both from her asking me to call her ajak balik.

i obliged. Punched her number, and before I start saying anything she rumbling, "Dah nak balik ker? kejap lagi boleh? 5 minit jer lagi yer"...And she hung up. I dont have a chance to say anything!

She did come to saloon less that 5 minutes later... Siap jerit2 lagi...

Menyesallll... nasib baik ah Yani (the beautician) mmg dah biasa ngan kitaorg... Hahahhaha.. Pas tu smer pun ketawa berguling2..

I know, both of them keciwa jugak coz org yg diharapi selama ini x apa eh... ntahla... x reti nak cakap. hehehhe tapi x plak depa duk bersedih ke hapa... let bygones be bygones.

I suspect both of them dah ada org lain pun, but for a very obvious reasons, they refused to let me into it now.... hehheheheh...

To be fair this is the last story on courageus woman series.

Named is Miss J.

She met this guy three times and singing his praise... Said he is good looking, charming and blabalabla..

On the fourth time, It was accidental. They promised to meet in hotel lobby (before you think its hanky-panky thingy, nope, she staying with her girl friend) but due to communication breakdown, she was shopping at that time. Resulted, the man had to find her in the shopping complex. She gave different location and rushed there, only to be distracted by a bunch of bangles.

Later when she went to the meeting point she was shocked when a man tried to snatch her handbag. She yelled. Smer orang pandang, she stared at the snatch thief. Mamat tu buat bodoh jer mcm x bersalah instead he turned back and flashed her his sweetest smile.

She still furious. Speechless.

Everyone was watching. Then he approached and say hi..

Opppppppppppppppssssssssssss... That's the man yang dipuja sangat2 tu... hahahhaha

Mcm mana boleh x kenal?

Confusing... Unlike Miss X and Miss Y who terminate their contact with their blind date, Miss J still persist. I hope she keeps a photograph of him nanti x la silap lagi...

For the ladies out there yang rasa hidupnya x ceria, sgt keciwa... bla bla bla... Contohi ah my frens nih... Apa sangat la nak disedih2kan... Let's us regarded it as water under the bridge.

Banyak lagi benda lain nak buat.. spt...talipon travel agency nak cari cheapest trip ke Pulau Redang..

But then... that's another story..


zino said...

andak tak ada kisah macam kawan andak tu ke? hehe

Kengkawan said...

biarlah rahsia... sita ah kata.. hehehhe

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