Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What happen?

Adus!!! I just dont understand Malaysian. Honestly I dont understand the media practitioner in Malaysia too. What have you done to the society? Everyone was so euphoric about citer kawin-cerai-kisah cinta celebrities.

Live show during the prime time? Adusss.. sangat melampau. Cant believe RTM jump the bandwagon buat kerja2 x berfaedah ni jugak by airing apatah-tajuknya-tapi ada Ina and Mawi la. Pelik!

Lagi pelik it's Merdeka Month. Where is the spirit?


I never fond of Che Det. Especially after he sacked his DPM in 99.

But well he had an amazing track record in serving the country. Denying his freedom of speech is utterly ridiculous. Let him talk, we would like to hear.

Seems like Mawi and Siti are the only two artists in Malaysia.

their news will alternate headliners for the past-i-lost-track-already in Malaysia.

Now where is Erra Fazira,Umi Aida, Norman Hakim, Afdlin and Ella?

Thanx god Lisdawati and Rita Rudaini bercekau while shooting. At least dapatla artis lain mencelah.. wuhuuuuuuuuu!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The other side of the diamond


i had a great time tgk Muslimah Fashion Show this afternoon. Rasanya smer orang pun.

The children never failed to amaze me. Like diamond, there are other sides of them I still do not aware of. Idea perumpamaan diamond ni baru dgr tadi.Betul eh?

Back to the children.

Orchid was doing awesome.( sapa lagi nak pujikan...) Saleha was rock!!! Farahin pun sama. Syafiqah lak was too shy. Wani, well this girl surprised me. ingatkan dia ni species skema2, heheheh love you Wani. Dila still being NurFadilah instead of Joyah Sport, but at least she mustered her courage TO BE ON STAGE!. Fiqah was superb playing the Tasha Aziz, the designer role. Credit should goes to the ever beautiful Project Manager who worked harder than everyone to make the show successful., Fatehah.

Now I understand why parents amek cuti just to see their children perform or receiving prize on Speech Day. Seeing them today, I cant help feeling a tinge of proud having them under my wing. I m sure their parents agreed if I said, their kids are so special and talented.

ni pun surprised gak..

a friend shed a few tears. An argument with hubby dearest on the date to balik kampung.

Ingatkan org bising2 pasal nak balik kg ni time raya jer. Mula2 mmg ada niat nak gelakkan berguling2, tapi bila tgk this lady (nak sebut nama pun x sampai hati) menitiskan ayo mata. Well... x pasal2 rasa sebak jugak.

Knowing her, rasanya it is just storm in a teacup. InsyaAllah..

Tapinya to those single teachers yang bercita2 nak cari pasangan seprofession, sila la pertimbangkan semula. Kita ni dahla banyak cuti.

Cuti raya - seminggu
Raya Cina- seminggu
cuti deepavali - seminggu
Semester break -seminggu ( 2 kali)
inter semester - 2 minggu
cuti kecemasan (bila jerebu) - kurang2 2,3 hari
cuti ujung thn - sebln stgh.

Abis tu kot setiap kali cuti pun bergaduh, Aduss mau runtuh umah dibuatnya.


errr... ntah bila la nk tukar lay out blog nih....

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kan dah cakap....

Siti: I did not wreck Datuk K's marriage

nst 16 Aug 2006 by Hafidah Samat

PETALING JAYA: "I’m not a home wrecker." As her big day approaches, pop princess Siti Nurhaliza Taruddin yesterday once again sought to set the record straight regarding her relationship with husband-to-be, Datuk Khalid Muhammad Jiwa.At an afternoon meeting with a group of media members at the Sri Pentas Penthouse in Bandar Utama yesterday, she denied allegations that she was responsible for the breakup of Khalid’s marriage to Tengku Zawyah Tengku Idzham.

"It hurts when people label me with all kinds of names. But, what can I do except to prepare myself to face them," she said, adding that her initial relationship with Khalid was due to business.

The allegations had been coming thick and fast ever since Siti Nurhaliza announced her wedding plans last month. It got worse when the singer decided not to "retaliate".Siti Nurhaliza, who was smiling radiantly, said she had now plucked up enough courage to face up to the adverse perceptions some people had about her love life, adding that Khalid was her "first true love".

Khalid, who was also present, said it was unfair for people to criticise Siti Nurhaliza, especially when their relationship blossomed after her concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall, last year."I was divorced a couple of years ago, long before Siti Nurhaliza came into the picture. So, it’s unfair for people to blame her for the breakup of my marriage," he said.

Khalid also denied a newspaper report, which claimed that the cost of his wedding to Siti Nurhaliza was at RM12,888,888."Please make sure that the facts are accurate and don’t speculate. The fact is the expenditure is far below the figure reported."I’m not a rich businessman and the speculations have portrayed a different image of me. People would think I’m riak (arrogant) for holding such a lavish wedding ceremony."As far as I’m concerned, the wedding cost has not even exceeded RM1 million. Some of the wedding paraphernalia, from the tiaras to the wedding dresses, are sponsored. Even those who are involved in the wedding are doing it voluntarily without making a profit out of it," he said.

Asked how he had coped with the public attention on their romance, Khalid replied: "Ours is not an ordinary love. We can’t go out and hold hands in public or enjoy the beauty of being together because of our responsibilities to Siti Nurhaliza’s fans and many parties."It took me a while to decide to marry her. I prayed hard to Allah, seeking His guidance before making my decision. Honestly, I’ve no problems with the media but some of the reports have been pretty unfair to both of us," he said.

The couple’s engagement and akad nikah (solemnisation) will be held on Aug 21 at the Federal Territory Mosque in Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur. A week later, they will entertain about 2,200 guests at their reception at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.Boasting both local and international royals, the ceremony will also be attended by dignitaries, celebrity guests and close friends.

p/s: tu la diorang nih... sibuk lagi kutuk siti...hheehehhe...

Bila Larut Malam Thought

Just came back from Taman Budaya, Jab Kesenian, Kebudayaan, Belia dan Sukan, Ipoh. Sangat penat.

Citer gumbira
My colleague, Mr Hashim won 1st place for State Level Short Story Competition and also bagged a consolation prize in Poem. *sukasukasuka*. My sister, Uda also won in essay writing. Cesss tetiba rasa bangga x tentu pasal.. hehehhe.. They won cash. wuhuuu!!!! I was the as a driver, as usual. Takperla.. saya xder bakat macam mereka.

Citer Separa Gumbira
Mr Kassim gave a short and sweet farewell speech today. He will travel(tabligh) to Pakistan for four months. Wish him luck!

Citer Separa-separa(fifty-fifty)
Suddenly the children were quick to response today. Even the slowest one! Sangat luarbiasa. guess it has something to do with my err... let just say i lost my temper yesterday. I m not proud of it, but at least it serve the purpose. But then, when they shy away from me, well... i dont know.. x best sgt kot.

Citer x gumbira
Mangga tepi jalan kat depan umah berbuah. jap... tu sepatutnya berita gumbira. Al masalahnya tetiap hari, (sehari 2,3 kali) g petik and cicah mangga dan skrg perut saya rasa semacam pulak.

Citer sangat x gumbira.
Sehari dua nih, bila pejam mata nampak dia, buka mata , nampak dia gak. Tengok kiri, kanan, smer pun dia ada .. Aduss giler..

Pas tu kena gelak ngan Zana kerana saya beli jam yang mahal (compared ngan jam si zana la) tapi x waterproof. Little that she knows, saya beli jam tu sebab dia pun pakai jam yang sama tapi brand lain la plak kan. When i knew that he used N70 tetiba rasa mcm nak tukar hp jugak.. Nowadays I found myself staring at the Sonyericsson website longer than ever.

Ye la.. walaupun minat ngan orang tu, tp x nak la nampak beria sangat.. Afterall I m an ardent fan of sonyericsson... hehehhe

Dah lama x buat keje x berfaedah mcm ni. Kenkadang bila tgk bebudak main gitar, sekonyong2nya teringat pasa dia. Salah satu ciri istimewa pada dia ialah HE CAN PLAY GUITAR!!!

Rasanya kalau dia buat album nanti, konfem saya akan beli 10 buah buat koleksi.. hehhehehe...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Trivia facts

1. Majlis Perbandaran, Majlis Bandaraya or Majlis Daerah are very true to old sayings, jerat x pernah melupakan pelanduk. Proof? Yus, my bro had been summon to pay RM100 in 14 days or pay a visit to s.alam court by MBSA for his traffic offence in 2002.

2. Due to media hype on PDRM' inefficiency, corruption (or whatever!) now they really work harder to gain public respect. Besides put on badge "SAYA ANTI RASUAH" on their chests all the time they are much polite too. I was stuck in roadblock near my hometown. Upon seeing me and my beloved bike,PDY, one of them said, "mintak maaf cik, saya terpaksa saman cik". Aduss!! saya maafkanlah... hehehhe

3. Datuk Azmi and Normala picture was hung at Post Office all over Malaysia. Go and and check.

4. Despite nasty things people said about Che Det but all Malaysian agreed on the same thing. Heis a wise, bold man. He used to do unpopular things but later people will see that he's right. Now, over the Scenic Bridge episode, many people are affected/believe by what he said albeit they were the same person who hate him since 1999.

5. Malaysian still euphoric abt getting richer. No more Skim Cepat Kaya thingy. t is saham-saham thingy now. the latest is, Swiss Bank Share. invest USD1k and you'll get 10% every month. until ... aiseyy lupa.. lak.. I shud ask Man later.

6. Now its hard to see what is the limitation/bottom line between royal and his subjects. you see. Last time only royalties (read: sultan and his consort) will caused tv stations aired siaran mengaji and funeral. Now, the late Kak Endon (may Allah blessed her) had the special recognition, and coming soon is siti nurhaliza. Who's next?

7. I extemely missed the late MGGpillai wisdom.

since this is my blog, so i attached here one of his piece of mind.

MGG Commentary

28-02-2006 11:38 pm
Can Pak Lah survive his son-in-law?

PAK LAH IS IN DIFFUCULTIES because his son-in-law. Mr Khairy Jamaluddin, does what he likes and any one who questions him can be entangled in libel suits. Mr Husam Musa, a PAS MP, asked a few questions, in an online PAS hewspaper, about his sudden wealth, and ECM Libra has sued both. The company has decided that asking Mr Khairy questions like Mr Husam's is a blight on it. But a defamation suit can take years in the Malaysian courts, particularly if Mr Husam and the PAS Publishing company defends it. The chances are good that it will last after Pak Lah leaves office. Tan Sri Vincent Tan sued me in 1993, I lost all the way to the federal court, but another federal court bench decided the bench headed by the then chief justice, who went to New Zealand on holiday with the lawyer for Vincent Tan, was flawed. I am still waiting for the federal court re-hearing. 12 years after i was sued. Mr Khairy could be in the same boat as Tan Sri Vincent. But Pak Lah is already saddled with the backlash over this.
Pak Lah is enamoured of Mr Khairy, and listens to him more than his advisers. This is not lost on UMNO members. It may be rumours, but the secrecy which cannot be questioned makes sure that many believe what they hear. Mr Khairy does not like others to question his background, neither would he say what it is. He cannot expect to be a Malaysian leader in secret and with his background unknown. The hagiographic details he has given or is written about him is not enough. He has not contested an election, his rise in UMNO is without contest. He would have contested in Negri Sembilan at the last general election, but his strong arm methods did not work there. More important, he is now regarded in UMNO as a 'menyampah', which makes him a liability to Pak Lah. The UMNO head office sees him a liability, and has written him off. He will bring down his father-in-law by his arrogance, his sudden rise to wealth, his secrecy, his penchant to sue. He hopes to bankrupt Mr Husam to disqualify him as Mentri Besar of Kelantan after the next election. But if this case comes to court, he might win but only at the cost of his secrecy. The libel suit is double edged.
Mr Khairy's blames Dato' Seri Khir Toyo for the floods in Shah Alam, and is to prevent him being challenged for the UMNO Youth presidency next year. But within UMNO he is seem as blaming an UMNO leader for mistakes the federal government has made. Why did not the federal government, run by his father-in-law, object to the exclusive housing project near Bukit Cheraka when it was being constructed? It cannot, because it has allowed the ridge above Taman Tun Abdul Razak, which Tun Mahathir when prime minister ordered stopped. The people look upon this attack of Datp' Seri Khir as infighting within UMNO. But the man who could challenge Mr Khairy in the UMNO elections is not Dato' Seri Khir but a deputy minister in the government linked to the deputy prime minister. What Mr Khairy has done is to ensure that the next prime minister is Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak, with his deputy prime minister Dato' Hishamuddin Hussein, who is UMNO Youth leader. UMNO headquarters believe it, and so do many Malaysians up and down the country.
Going after those who ask legitimate questions is not the way to worm one's way into the Malaysian consciousness. Mr Khairy is not born with a silver spoon, but he is worth more than RM500 million, most of which he had after his father-in-law became Prime Minister. He is regarded in UMNO as representing Singapore in selling Malaysian government assets to the island. If ECM Libra proceeds with the defamation suit, it would be asked to explain why asking questions of Mr Khairy, one of its directors, will damage it. But if ECM Libra is to succeed, it must win its defamation suit as quickly as possible. This is not likely, although both the PAS publishing company and Mr Husam are upset at the suit because it would be disastrous for them if they were to lose. But they should fight on, if at least to inform those in UMNO that they cannot bankrupt politicians because they ask inconvenient questions, as Singapore's PAP and its leaders are prone to do.
But even if ECM Libra wins lhe defamation suit, it would have lost. The company came into prominence after Pak Lah became Prime Minister. It has become a company to watch now because it is given government favours because it is linked to his son-in-law. It will not succeed on its own after Pak Lah is no more prime minister. Datuk Seri Najib would have nothing to do with ECM Libra if, as expected, he is the prime minister after Pak Lah. It would be to the next prime minister what Tan Sri Vincent Tan now is to Pak Lah in business opportunities. His father-in-law need not tell him to stay away. It is too late for that. Pak Lah's epoch as prime minister is over though he would linger on. He makes far too many mistakes. He has has his chief aide a son-in-law who has so damaged himself to UMNO rank and file. It does not matter if he is replaced. He has other problems on his plate, chief of which is his predecessor, Tun Mahathir Mohamed, who had warned him earlier not to like the perks of being prime minister over every thing else. He not only loves that, but he also tells trite slogans which mean nothing while he slacks in his jobs as prime minister, finance minister and internal security minister and as UMNO president. All he can now do is to leave gracefully unless he wants to be challenged at the UMNO elections next year.
M.G.G. Pillaipillai@streamyx.com

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Compare and contrast characters.

Tajuk: Help me please

Kes 1 (August 8, 2006)
Code Name: Len
Msg: Is it ok if i come to ktn by bus, u give me a ride to hotel and accompany me to the competition venue the next day?
Response: Pleasure. Y dont we invite others to come along and have a small scale re-union dinner by the seaside?

Kes 2 (August 8, 2006)
Code Name: Zn
Msg: i m so sorry abt Redang. Could we delayed to 25th? I have hospital appointment on 24th. My fault. i shud not book our trip on 24th.
Response: No hal. I'll call the travel agent. Now.

Kes 3 (Last November)
Code Name: J
Msg: Something wrong with my car. The door open sign keep blinking. All doors are centrally locked and I m driving now. Why eh?
Response: Just check bla..bla... u get it? Ok... I'll come over after work today.

Kes 4 (August 9 2006)
Code Name: Kerel
Msg: Wasnt feeling well lately. Wud u please pray for me in front of Multazam. Btw I'd love to have juice (the brand is Rani) from Holy City, yang lain2 x nak.
Response: Saya dah balik dah ni kak. Mana ada juice cap Rani kat Mekah. kosmetik ada la.. tapi saya ada beli gak.. jumpa masa kat Dubai la tapinyer.. Sedap sgt ke kak? saya beli dua tin aje utk akak.tu jer pun yang ada.

Kes 5 (June 5, 2006)
Code Name: et
Msg: Aiyoo, I don hv tudung to wear for my trip. Do u mind find plain cotton tudung from Pasar Atas (West Sumatra)
Response: Its so plain and dull, so I bought another with pink flower.

Kes 6 (August 11, 2006)
Code Name: Lady Boss
Msg: Could u spare me a minute, i wanna talk not as subordinate to her boss but more like sister to the elder. Well I felt kind a `pelik' abt something
Response: Do come in, hv a seat. yeah sort of ckp ngan org tua kan... `pelik'? are u refering to that lady? Yep, i noticed something amiss too...

Kes 7 ( August 8, 2006)
Code Name: Soy
Msg: Leh x book Shahzan on Sun, Aug 20th?
Response: Sorry br kuar plant now on d way nak g kapal. x yah book i kasi no u call jer.


I still remember my roomate during a 2 week-course asked me, "am i normal?". She was referring to her interest in girls whom she adopted as adik angkat. I dont remember my answer nor did our all night long conversation on that matter.

I, myself confused. Having spent my entire secondary school in hostel, i dont see any problem having adik angkat from the same sex. I did have a few. Not my choice, arranged by school. Was one of our mentor-mentee project kot.

But then, how to put it eh... eventhough we're close but both of us are free to make friends with other. See what I mean?

The one who are tad close and being too protective to their adik/kakak angkat until eyed others jealously when they talked to her adik/kakak angkat, we called them apa ntah... LESBIAN KOT.

I dont remember is there any couple during my 7 years in school. But we did hear citer pasal ... u know.. girl loves girl. We talked a lot about it, and despise the immoral behavior.

In my final year in University, a few coursemate complained abt dubiously relationship between Ms H, our fellow coursemate and Ms L, a junior. They forced me (kena paksa tu) to talk to Ms H. Guess sbb dlm ramai2 kenkwn, I m the less beriman, compared ngan others yg dulu budak skolah agama n pakai tudung labuh and me, pakai baju kurung sethn 4 kali jer bila ada presentation. jahat diorang..

They filled me with allegations and verbal proof from other the hostel-mate.

Among others are
1. Ms L hantar Ms H g kelas n fetch balik for every single class!
2. Ms L x kasi depa talked to Ms H
3. Their room constantly locked sdgkan org lain kunci waktu mlm jer.
4. Ms H, now stop hang out ngan kwn2 dah mana2 pun ngan Ms L jer
5. Ada bbrp kwn2 penah terbuka their room and saw them dlm keadaan yg mencurigakan.. ehemmm..hehhe
pas tu Ms L and Ms H start pasal new engsel kat pintu.. and kunci selalu...

The fact that Ms L tu very boyish ( kot dr belakang org x sangka pun dia pompuan? and Ms H very ladylike didnt help also.

Sbg memenuhi permintaan kwn2 (dan minat menjaga tepi kain org yg menebal) i paid them a visit. Tebal jer muka.. Perghhh.. I m not close to Ms H. Ngan Ms L lagila x penah ckp. Then satu ari tetiba jer muncul dpn pintu bilik org.. and talked gibberish...

nop.. i didnt say anything abt their gitu-gituness.. instead i asked abt apa ntah... sort of.. eh langsir baru ker nih? project YKT tu dah submit dah? L, awak minor mass com gak ker? L x kisah ker duk ngan Muslim (L ni anak org kuat church kat kg dia).

Make short. All three of us sgt2 x selesa. Rasanya diorang tau y I was there.

Onething for sure, when i reported back to others I asked them, "apsal Andak nampak diorang mcm ok jer?"

Well.. the reason y I wrote abt these incidents is, lately there is something `weird' happen around me. Hopefully it just me, the nature of Norizan Adnan yg curious and imaginative.

I dont know.

U know what, I m grateful dilahirkan ngan kulit yg gelap, bibir tebal, gumuk and hidung yang kembang. Agaknya x sebab tu la xder pompuan yg pernah `jatuh cinta' ngan Norizan Adnan. Alhamdulillah.

Friday, August 11, 2006

E-mail dan citer santau

Ini email yang saya dapat.

Hati2 bila ke utara (GEMPAK..!!!)

Lagi info pasal santau ni ... dr sumber yg boleh dipercayai (yg tinggal diTapah & Slim), santau ni disebarkan oleh pelajar2 perempuan yg menuntut ilmu sesat kononnya untuk membalas dendam pada lelaki dansyaratnya hendaklah membunuh 100 nyawa. Melalui santau angin.

Mereka ini selalunye dilihat makan berseorangandan mempunyai kuku yg panjang kerana mereka tidak boleh memotong kuku. tolong berhati-hati jika terserempak atau jika mengesyaki sesuatu, berhentilah makan dan segera tinggalkan gerai tersebut. Mereka ini juga khabarnye memasuki restaurant2 barat seperti KFC dll.

Di Tapah sudah ada 1 kes kematian. 4 lelaki yg makan di Simpang Pulai.Seorang telah meninggal dan lg 3 masih lagi di hospital. Di Slim Riverjuga sudah ada 1 kes kematian. Kebanyakkan mangsa akan muntah darah yg mengeluarkan kaca2 halus hingga membawa ajal ... na'uzubillah. Oleh kerana telah banyak kedai2 di utara terutamanya Ipoh sudah ditutup, perempuan ini mula datang dari rumah ke rumah, kononya meminta air... Berhati-hatilah dan jgn buka pintu sekiranya mengesyaki sesuatu.. Dari turutan tempat2 yang terkena santau ini yg bermula dr Grik, Lenggung, Kuala Kangsar, Ipoh, Kampar, Tapah dan yang terbaru di Slim.

berkemungkinan & tidak mustahil jika pengamal2 ilmu sesat ini sedang menuju ke Kuala Lumpur.. Berhati-hati bg yang sering makan di luar .. Bacalah ayat2 suci apa yang patut sebelum menjamah makanan di luar atau pun bungkus makanan dan makan di rumah... Apa2 pun ajal maut di tangan Tuhan..

Friends... FYI....tak lama lagi cuti sekolah akan bermula .. dah tentu ramai yg plannak bercuti dgn family. so i nak remind u all and those yg selalu pegi outstation ... tolong jangan berhenti makan kat mana2 kedai from Tapah toTaiping sebab dah kecoh kat sana esp Simpang Pulai dan Ipoh dah banyak yang kena santau. dan banyak kedai makan yang dah tutup.Sesiapa yg tengok Melodi ari tu tentu perasan Wahid ada bercakap dengan Fara Fauzana yg berbasikal ke utara supaya jangan makan di luar kat Ipoh...since wife Wahid tinggal di Ipoh dia pun tahu hal ni ... ok hati2...
Komen saya

saya org slim river. slalu gak kuar mkn2.

last weekend g ipoh, beli dinner kat pekan razaki, breakfast kat hotel jer. lunch kat tapah. alhamdulillah xder apa..

ari tu Tok Tajol ada `ngamuk' suam2 kuku dalam PerakFM. Walaupun saya sebenarnya sokong `parti yang lagi satu' (clue: kaler ijau), tp betul gak dia kata tu... citer heboh sampai satu mesia, tp xder plak kematian tu dirujuk ke spital. Yg ni saja la propaganda skala kecik sapa2 ntah nak melingkupkan bisness kedai mkn org melayu.

skrg byk kedai dah tutup. peniaga tu nak cari mkn mcm mana? jgnla kita tabur nasi kat piuk org. cuba kaji balik sumber citer ni, misti dari citer atas citer kan. kita ni kan sesama islam. jgnlah kita mudah percaya khabar yang x tentu sahih dan tolong lak sebarkan. subahat namanya tu.

Saya yg duk slim river ni pun x penah dgr citer org mati kena santau. Slim River ni bukan besar sangat. ala2 pekan koboi jer.

Ari tu ustaz pun ada pesan, sbg muslim, santau ke hapa ker sumer tu mainan iblis. Dari kecik lagi kita dah diajar makan baca doa, mintak Allah jauhi kita dari syaitan yang direjam. X cukup lagikah Allah sbg pelindung kita?

Last sekali, nak citer pasal cawan pecah time minum. 4 thn dulu sy ikut my mom g umah kwn dia. Baru makcik tu tuang air.. Tup cwn tu pecah. Pas tu makcik tu amik cawan lain n kitaorg pun minum. Alhamdulillah sampai ari ni masih hidup lagi. Cwn tu pecah bkn sbb ada santau tp dia buatan Indon yang x berkualiti. hehhehe... tu ajer la...

Moral: beli la pinggan cap anak panah, jgn beli cap ayam.

Joyful Mrs Joy

Attention Pls
U might not like wat u read here.
But then this is my blog so I m entitled to voice my opinion albeit u like it r not.

Kes Azlina Jelani atau nama glamornya Lina Joy heboh dibualkan dari kedai kopi hinggala... errr... cofffee house. Dari orang kecil hinggala orang yang rasa dirinya besar. Dari orang merempat (depa dgr org cakap) hinggala orang berpangkat. Dari yang lulusan sekolah pondok hingga yang ada ijazah berjela. Semua pun sibuk nak kasi pendapat.

Satu peel orang muslim secara kolektifnya, suka mengutuk atau mengomplen. Bila dah jadi kes mcm ni, berbondong2la orang membuat kutukan, buat bantahan. Time ni la smer ayat dan hadis keluar...

Perasan x, skrip citernyer sama jer... jatuh cinta, lelaki kafir tu ajak kawin tp kena ikut agama dia. maka pompuan tu pun kawinla and murtad.

mula2 citer aisyah bohari, pas tu nyonya tahir n now lina.

dgr citernya ada ramai lagi...

Selalunya perbualan/ perbincangan/ perdebatan/ memo/ kutukan semua orang ini akan berakhir dengan salah satu perkara berikut:

1. mengusulkan dibawah ketengah (i m not sure ke tengah tu di mana sebenarnya)
2. Memaklumkan kepada semua muslim tentang gerakan kristian/ hindu yang semakin kencang samada melalui ceramah, email, surat, poster atau paling koman, mulut ke mulut sambil kasi tau modus operandi..spt diatas
3. berdemonstrasi, tunjuk perasaan (kalau buat hari kerja kena amik cuti tergempar)
4. kasi memo pada orang atas (politician or siapa saja sudi mendengar)
5. road tour dari NGO, or parti pembangkang

dan yang paling popular....
No 6. Mintak kerajaan bertindak

Dalam pada sibuk-sibuk tu kita lupa, sudahkah kita jalankan tanggungjawab kita sbg muslim? Adakah kita dah tunjukkan contoh yang baik pada bukan muslim dari segi sosial, ekonomi dan tatacara kita berpolitik?

Sudah cukup caring kah kita pada saudara semuslim?

Sudahkah kita melakukan segala yang disuruh dan meninggalkan segala laranganNya?

Mari kita sama2 berfikir dan lakukan sesuatu. Misalnya meluangkan masa sehari dalam sebulan mengunjungi rumah orang miskin, dan menghulurkan bantuan @ mengenalpasti anak2 sekolah yang miskin dan membiayai pelajaran mereka @ mendekati anak2 yang bermasalah di jalanan dan kasi nasihat @ menyumbangkan tenaga dan kepakaran menjalankan aktiviti sukan di masjid (idakla ceramah jer) @ mengenalpasti suami atau bakal suami yang bermasalah dan kasi tarbiah sikit. macammana nak OK kalau kaptenKO?

Sementara kita tunggu kerajaan buat sesuatu (silakan berharap...), mari kita mantapkan iman kita dan orang2 yang terdekat dengan kita... semoga anak-anak, keluarga dan jiran-jiran, kawan seopis, geng jjcm, geng blog, chatterz dan sesiapa saja yang kita kenali hidupnya dalam islam dan matinya sebagai muslim serta dihidupkan kembali sebagai orang yang beriman. InsyaAllah.

Special Siti

Adus byk betul fwd email kutuk siti. this is one of them:

Kalah siaran ari raya..Bukan setakat siaran hari raya kalah...rasanya sultan kawin or harikeputeraan agong pun tak macam ni....eii...kenpalah diagung2kan sangatdia ni?? tak paham la...TV3Live Coverage - Akad Nikah -

_----------------->21/8 - 10.30amLive Coverage - KLCC Reception
--------------- > 28/8 - 9.00pmLive Coverage - Kuala Lipis
---------------------- > 3/9 - 9.00pmNona
------------------------------------------------ > 13/8, 20/8, 27/8,3/9 - 2.00pmMelodi
----------------------------------------------- > 6/8, 13/8, 20/8,27/8, 3/9 - 12.30pm1-hour siti Special
---------------------------------- > 5/8, 12/8, 19/8 -9.00pmWHI
------------------------- > 14/8, 16/8, 18/8,21/8, 23/8, 25/8, 28/8, 30/8, 1/9, 5/9, 6/9, 8/9, - 12.00pmMHI
-------------------------------------------------- > (Mon-Fri) 14/8-1/9- 7.15am1-hour Sampaikan Siti Special

--------------------- > 6/8, 13/8,20/8 -11.45pm8TVQuickie
--------------------------------------------- > 6/8, 13/8, 20/8 -14.45pm8E-News
-------------------------------------------- > 14/8, 15/8, 16/8,17/8, 18/8 - 6.00pm8TV News
------------------------------------------- > 14/8 - 12/8 - 8.00pmTV7Breakfast Show
------------------------------------ > 10/8, 17/8, 24/8 -8.00amSulaman Kasih - CT & DK

-------------------------- > 28/8 - 8.30pmTV9Galaksi
----------------------------------------------- > 18/8, 25/8, 1/9 -8.30pmIkatan Kasih
Apala diorang nih.. tu pun nak marah2. Cuba pikir baik2... Sejak dari tahun 57, sapa jer artis kita yang ada peminat ramai sampai ke indon, brunei n singapore? Cuba ingat baik2. I think this is the first time dalam Sejarah Malaysia and Indon ada cogankata(heheheh) Ganyang Malaysia, selamatkan Siti Nurhaliza.

I dont think Media Prima buat saja2 coverage nih. They mean business beb!

bukan peminat siti.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Khianat, Taufik and a troubling text message

thats the title of tonite's telemovie in RTM2 concurrently aired with one i a million in 8TV. Tajuknya gila x menarik. I accidently watched it while surfing channels during breaks.

unlike the sloppy title, it is not your usual sappy suamiku-jahat-nak-kawen-lagi story.

the script was brilliant, full of suspense until the very end. vanida imran played the role of pathetic wife convincingly. norman hakim was superb too. might be coz both of them betul2 cari makan ngan berlakon, x mcm stgh pelakon yg bila scene sedih jer, nangis berguling2... aduss pening!!!!..

i really love this telemovie. x tau la plak kot dia tiru skrip citer hongkong ke hapa. it was different.

the plot was something like, the wifey wanted to kill his hubby who deliberately causes pain, distress and embarassment to her. She got help from his hubby's secretary who claimed she cant stand his antics as well.

tp smer plan asyik x jadi jer.

plan1. upah samseng bunuh. tp samseng tu balik indon ngan duit upah rm15k.
plan2. nak rammed her hubby with her car. x jadi gak coz tetiba lak polis dtg sbb ada report kete dia keta curi.
plan3. nak racun. pun x jadi coz somehow her hubby tau her plan.

agaknya ada kot plan lain yg x tgk coz tgk pun sambil2 jer.

in the end. none of them died. but she got wat she wanted. freedom and dignity. i shud add money kot sbb i kind of loooooooooove the house they live in.. sangatla cantik.

tp the wifey tu bukanla nak kejar harta pun... dalam citer tu la cakap.

till now, even citer tu dah habis lama dah i kind of wondering, ramai sangat ke wifey in malaysia yang nak bunuh suaminya?

u see, masa zaman sekolah2 dulu (late 80's) ada satu gezek (sbnarnya xder word ni dlm kamus) cerekarama kot yang lebih kurang ginila the wifey,played by asmahani hussin said, "saya akan bunuh abang, saya akan bunuh abang masa abang tidur".

X tgk pun citernyer, tapi gezek tu slalu sgt keluar sampai hafal. What kind of moral they send to schoolchildren? cecececce...moralist la plak...

Tapi tu la kan... Sejarah membuktikan... to kill human is easy. but to disguise your sin is damn hard, unless you are some kind of proffesional killer.

remember a few cases recently
a) kerat mayat masuk dlm tong dram, simen and *toing* tgn terkeluar plak dah...
b)bunuh, kerat and masuk dlm kotak... campak... tp org jmpa gak
c)kerat 18 and...x nak smbung... seram betul

Since I m sure 99.9 percent the wifey are not capable of handling the dirty work.. instead of nak buat keje yang sangat susah, lebih baikla senangkan hati.

Misalnya seperti menghabiskan duit hubby pergi bershopping.

Ayat di atas tu was uttered by a friend yang tgh marahkan her hubby, and we went shopping spree tp i swear, she used her credit card.

He was a sort of unpredictable boy. Some times you think you knew him well but he'll do something which makes you questioned yourself, do i know this boy?

Despite all his mischievious conduct, i genuinely like him.

Whenever I talked to him, he always put his best smile. He's polite too, at least to me. Never had problem with him.

Therefore, today, after Zuhur when one of the children told me he met a fatal accident yesterday, i was shocked and grief-stricken over his death.

The late Taufik Mokhtar is just 18.

I wish I could be a better teacher to him.

Guess the most i can do now is reciting al-fatihah for him. May Allah have mercy on him. Amin


Somewhere after before zuhur i got sms from someone....
rasanya confirm kot putus tunang. mayb cuti sekolah ni.

I know this particular someone will read this posting.

Honestly I dunno how to react.

I m not very gud jadi teman menangis nih. Normally saya menangis bila sakit perut and lapar or apa2 saja penyakit melibatkan perut and sometimes my children.

When Zana had problem with her bf, I kind of bwk dia g jenjln to cheer her up. Tapi yang x bestnyer she told her bf "Kak Izan baik, masa saya sedih dia bwk saya g genting".. Cesss masa tu x tau plak dia akan bercerita. Kalau tau I will take her to somewhere yang beriman sket...Nyesal..nyesal..

When Nora kind of call me nangis2 said, " Akak buat marketing utk saya, saya x nak dah idup camni". I started contact all my friends to find someone yg sesuai.... Even that means memaksa Khairil, my bro menyenaraikan eligible bachelor kat dept dia..

Opppssss.. sorry, dah terbukak rahsia lak...

But that's it. Lu tau kan.. I m a very spontaneous person. In this case I m really dunno what shud i do.

Wic troubled me.

But then, watever it is, i love u all the same...