Saturday, August 12, 2006

Compare and contrast characters.

Tajuk: Help me please

Kes 1 (August 8, 2006)
Code Name: Len
Msg: Is it ok if i come to ktn by bus, u give me a ride to hotel and accompany me to the competition venue the next day?
Response: Pleasure. Y dont we invite others to come along and have a small scale re-union dinner by the seaside?

Kes 2 (August 8, 2006)
Code Name: Zn
Msg: i m so sorry abt Redang. Could we delayed to 25th? I have hospital appointment on 24th. My fault. i shud not book our trip on 24th.
Response: No hal. I'll call the travel agent. Now.

Kes 3 (Last November)
Code Name: J
Msg: Something wrong with my car. The door open sign keep blinking. All doors are centrally locked and I m driving now. Why eh?
Response: Just check bla..bla... u get it? Ok... I'll come over after work today.

Kes 4 (August 9 2006)
Code Name: Kerel
Msg: Wasnt feeling well lately. Wud u please pray for me in front of Multazam. Btw I'd love to have juice (the brand is Rani) from Holy City, yang lain2 x nak.
Response: Saya dah balik dah ni kak. Mana ada juice cap Rani kat Mekah. kosmetik ada la.. tapi saya ada beli gak.. jumpa masa kat Dubai la tapinyer.. Sedap sgt ke kak? saya beli dua tin aje utk akak.tu jer pun yang ada.

Kes 5 (June 5, 2006)
Code Name: et
Msg: Aiyoo, I don hv tudung to wear for my trip. Do u mind find plain cotton tudung from Pasar Atas (West Sumatra)
Response: Its so plain and dull, so I bought another with pink flower.

Kes 6 (August 11, 2006)
Code Name: Lady Boss
Msg: Could u spare me a minute, i wanna talk not as subordinate to her boss but more like sister to the elder. Well I felt kind a `pelik' abt something
Response: Do come in, hv a seat. yeah sort of ckp ngan org tua kan... `pelik'? are u refering to that lady? Yep, i noticed something amiss too...

Kes 7 ( August 8, 2006)
Code Name: Soy
Msg: Leh x book Shahzan on Sun, Aug 20th?
Response: Sorry br kuar plant now on d way nak g kapal. x yah book i kasi no u call jer.


I still remember my roomate during a 2 week-course asked me, "am i normal?". She was referring to her interest in girls whom she adopted as adik angkat. I dont remember my answer nor did our all night long conversation on that matter.

I, myself confused. Having spent my entire secondary school in hostel, i dont see any problem having adik angkat from the same sex. I did have a few. Not my choice, arranged by school. Was one of our mentor-mentee project kot.

But then, how to put it eh... eventhough we're close but both of us are free to make friends with other. See what I mean?

The one who are tad close and being too protective to their adik/kakak angkat until eyed others jealously when they talked to her adik/kakak angkat, we called them apa ntah... LESBIAN KOT.

I dont remember is there any couple during my 7 years in school. But we did hear citer pasal ... u know.. girl loves girl. We talked a lot about it, and despise the immoral behavior.

In my final year in University, a few coursemate complained abt dubiously relationship between Ms H, our fellow coursemate and Ms L, a junior. They forced me (kena paksa tu) to talk to Ms H. Guess sbb dlm ramai2 kenkwn, I m the less beriman, compared ngan others yg dulu budak skolah agama n pakai tudung labuh and me, pakai baju kurung sethn 4 kali jer bila ada presentation. jahat diorang..

They filled me with allegations and verbal proof from other the hostel-mate.

Among others are
1. Ms L hantar Ms H g kelas n fetch balik for every single class!
2. Ms L x kasi depa talked to Ms H
3. Their room constantly locked sdgkan org lain kunci waktu mlm jer.
4. Ms H, now stop hang out ngan kwn2 dah mana2 pun ngan Ms L jer
5. Ada bbrp kwn2 penah terbuka their room and saw them dlm keadaan yg mencurigakan.. ehemmm..hehhe
pas tu Ms L and Ms H start pasal new engsel kat pintu.. and kunci selalu...

The fact that Ms L tu very boyish ( kot dr belakang org x sangka pun dia pompuan? and Ms H very ladylike didnt help also.

Sbg memenuhi permintaan kwn2 (dan minat menjaga tepi kain org yg menebal) i paid them a visit. Tebal jer muka.. Perghhh.. I m not close to Ms H. Ngan Ms L lagila x penah ckp. Then satu ari tetiba jer muncul dpn pintu bilik org.. and talked gibberish...

nop.. i didnt say anything abt their gitu-gituness.. instead i asked abt apa ntah... sort of.. eh langsir baru ker nih? project YKT tu dah submit dah? L, awak minor mass com gak ker? L x kisah ker duk ngan Muslim (L ni anak org kuat church kat kg dia).

Make short. All three of us sgt2 x selesa. Rasanya diorang tau y I was there.

Onething for sure, when i reported back to others I asked them, "apsal Andak nampak diorang mcm ok jer?"

Well.. the reason y I wrote abt these incidents is, lately there is something `weird' happen around me. Hopefully it just me, the nature of Norizan Adnan yg curious and imaginative.

I dont know.

U know what, I m grateful dilahirkan ngan kulit yg gelap, bibir tebal, gumuk and hidung yang kembang. Agaknya x sebab tu la xder pompuan yg pernah `jatuh cinta' ngan Norizan Adnan. Alhamdulillah.


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