Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What happen?

Adus!!! I just dont understand Malaysian. Honestly I dont understand the media practitioner in Malaysia too. What have you done to the society? Everyone was so euphoric about citer kawin-cerai-kisah cinta celebrities.

Live show during the prime time? Adusss.. sangat melampau. Cant believe RTM jump the bandwagon buat kerja2 x berfaedah ni jugak by airing apatah-tajuknya-tapi ada Ina and Mawi la. Pelik!

Lagi pelik it's Merdeka Month. Where is the spirit?


I never fond of Che Det. Especially after he sacked his DPM in 99.

But well he had an amazing track record in serving the country. Denying his freedom of speech is utterly ridiculous. Let him talk, we would like to hear.

Seems like Mawi and Siti are the only two artists in Malaysia.

their news will alternate headliners for the past-i-lost-track-already in Malaysia.

Now where is Erra Fazira,Umi Aida, Norman Hakim, Afdlin and Ella?

Thanx god Lisdawati and Rita Rudaini bercekau while shooting. At least dapatla artis lain mencelah.. wuhuuuuuuuuu!!!


zino said...

bersemangat nampak lepas cuti ni hehe

baik TV3 atau RTM maklamat utama dia org populariti dan RM je.. watak watak tu kebetulakan je..

nampak macam dia guna freedom to talk utk mengajar pak lah macam mana nak mentadbir.. atau pak lah jangan ubah apa yg dia buat dulu..

Kengkawan said...

alamak... lain parti la kita pakngah.. hehehhe

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