Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kepala angin ker?

Banyak kali she told others that I am a kepala angin. Yep i don deny I m a short fused tp she constantly makes me furious.

Wont reveal the details, too tedious to share. Besides cant find no use ngungkit2 when I swore I only seek His blessing when I did something to her before.

Told her I want to go home at 7.15p.m coz my aunt came to my house.

7.15p.m. (Her - sms) I already at____(the place I promised to fetch her)
7.18p.m. (Me - sms) Weh mana ni? x nmpak pun?
7.20p.m. (Her) Kat situ la. Mehla masuk dulu, belum sembahyang lagi..
Me- Oookk.
7.35p.m. (Her friend who happens to know me) meh la masuk dulu. She's praying
Me- Sorry gotta hurry. My aunt came and dia nk balik Teluk Intan.
Friend : Ok I'll let her know..


First- Semayang per benda kol 7.15p.m.

2nd - It's only 30 mins drive to my home, wic means kot ye pun nk smbhyang waktu afdal, still got time if bertolak kol 7.15p.m

3rd - She knows my aunt hv to travel quite jauh and she wont wait that long. Afterall its not everyday she visit us.

4th - Dah manyak kali sangat she did that.. Tp paling xleh lupa when I was late fr my Masters Class. Was riding bike coz bro use my car. Was scared giler nk balik coz jln sunyi and scary. Called her and wat she said was... xperla... tak kisah... No helping, no nothing!!!

I was taught, buat apa pun kena ikhlas. I know I really x ikhlas 2nite.

So that's y I left her.

Selepas difikirkan 15 kali, I'm glad I did.


zino said...

sabar sabar...tu je nak pesan..

Kengkawan said...

sgt hangin last nite..
tq pakngah

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