Monday, September 25, 2006

Siri Cerita Teladan 1: Genggam tak tiris

Following the tradition of Puteri Gemilang Project, we had makan2 sponsored by the Mentors on the closing day. Last yr most of the mentors masak2 for their charges except org yg x reti sgt masakla including me.

This year I asked Orchids to organise it themselves since I had a tight scheduled. Those yang took part in any competition this yr they'll get free meal, those who didnt had to pay... Rasa mcm bijak jer idea nih coz I want them to learn that org yg suka mengelat memang rugi. Wuhuuu...

I must say that Dila and Fiqah had done an excellent job. Atau sebenarnya their moms yg had done the excellent job. The food was superb. Tq.

Berbalik pd tajuk citer ni kan... While other groups enjoying their makan2 time, ada plak satu grup tu makan hati. Siap nangis2 lagi.

Citernyer gini. They make mistake when 2 person g order kat kedai for their group. Makanya org kedai tu siapkan la order tu instead for 22 person dah jadi 44. 1st problem, since kecoh tu dah terlambat plak org kedai tu nk antar mknan sbb nk g Sembhyang Jumaat. They asked their mentor to get the food. Her replied was " suami sy x kasi".

Her charges mintak tolong other mentors and their standard replies were, " Each group has their own mentor. Where's yours?" Walaupun the particular mentor ada kat situ, haram dia nak menjwb ke hapa. Last2 the children had to walk and pick the food.

Mslah keduanya. Sapa nak bayar?
Since they just realised their mistakes jam2 itu mana nak cekau duit. After collection they still short of RM50. Imagine budak2 sekolah nk cari duit byk tu in 4 hrs... Huh? The fact that anak toke kedai tu was a silver medalist dlm acara lempar cakera sekolah2 Asean doesnt help too. The mere mention of her name pun dah seriau, ni kan pulak when she came and ask for money.

They requested their mentor to pay first and promised to pay her later. To which she replied " Saya xder duit, saya baru beli rumah". Lepas tu the children begged from other mentor and get scolded, "Where's ur mentor?"

The girls were scared and humiliated. Until they told their ordeal to ustazah. She confided to me and we lent them the money with one condition, tell the mentor they did not halalkan the food she took. (Despite x bayar satu sen, she invited her hubby mkn sekali and later tapau 4 bungkus nasi ayam, kuih masuk keta dia)..

The girls refused tp I convinced them, ni ustazah yg suruh tau.. And the Ustazah nodded her approval.

They see her. They cried. But they didnt took the money because as they told us later, " Kalau saya kasi duit ni, saya ada dua ringgit jer. Susu untuk anak2 saya pun xder".

By the way, the girls x ckp pun diorang x halalkan apa yg dia makan sbb x sampai hati. Masalah negaranya kalau budak umur 14thn yg xder income pun x sampai hati nak pau duit orang, ni kan plak dia yg umur sekali ganda.

Honestly sy pun rasa malu kat the girls sbb paksa diorang g mintak duit kat that particular mentor and suruh plak diorang ckp cenggitu. Apa punya cekgu daaa... But today, when the Ustazah gave me half of the money(dia ajak byr sama2) and she asked me to tell the girls dia halalkan duit tp dia x halalkan what the mentor took, suddenly i was relieved.

At least I m not alone.

My message to her: Awak memang jahat mcm tayar!!!!


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