Tuesday, October 31, 2006

do u know?

before raya:
1.lap habuk2 kat furniture, vase, pictures, electrical appliances and the list goes on.
2. re arrange flowers
3. re-arrange furniture
4. keep all the fragile thingy (u know... vase, crystals, mementos, picture frame and anything wic will attracted bebudak) in the store
5. arrange books neatly
6. ventilate rooms
7. change bedsheet, take out extra pillow and blanket, put on pillow case
8. take out pinggan mangkuk dlm lemari yang pakai setahun 2,3 kali jer tu
9. stock up refrigerator
10.. mop the floor (ni mak ler yg suka buat)

after raya
1. lap balik segala mak nenek tu coz most probably ada lebih banayk cap jari dari habuk.
2. re-arrange flowers (again!) coz somehow budak2 suka betul menarik artificial flowers sampai tunggang langgang.. iskkk!!
3. re-arrange furniture - ari tu to accommodate sedara mara, now back to normal
4. take out all the benda2 yang dah simpan dlm stor.
5. re-arrange book (huh?)
6. tidied rooms
7. change the bedsheets, jemur bantal and tilam, cuci sarung bantal cadar sometimes langsir pun kena cuci sekali
8. simpan balik pinggan mangkuk dalam lemari
9. clean the refrigerator
10. mop the floor... iskk.. iskk


ooo my uncle came at exactly 11.45a.m. today while i was busy kemas umah and susun pinggan mangkuk dlm almari.

I'm glad he came, unfortunately I was working against the clock. Mommy wasnt home. Nor did my bros.

I wish he would call beforehand. Normally he did. Might be hari ni, ntah.. lupa kot.


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