Friday, October 20, 2006

A Friend in Need

Apsal smer orang sari dua ni asyik2 citer raya? Paling berbisa when Lan asked me to go to JB, as he put it, "to get the feel of balik kampung". Macam nak bakar jer dia..

BTW, Bavani, the one and only Indian student in my school were absent since yesterday. Which means I missed a chance to wish her Happy Deepavali. I can't find Seelan too today. Again, Seelan is the one and only Indian teacher in our school.

Weh, I was quite surprised with students' presentations. Nad had a talk show. The topic was Love. Kot ye pun jgn la masukkan cekgu dia sekali sbg peserta. Unfortunately, she did. When she asked me who do you love most.,I was like...

That was tough!

Dunno why I told em' besides my family members the two persons I love most are my best frens, Jie and Et. Or was it Et and Jie? I dunno why, later that nite I called both of them up and told em'. Was very childish.. Yurk!!!

But how I can not?

The nite before I talked to Et and she asked me if I need raya packet? told her I need the money too. The next day she send 140 pcs raya packets with some money meant for my 14 anak2 sedara. Well... I was speechless!!!

As for Jie, He always makes me feel good about myself. Always had time for me. Except ye lah kan... he didn't buy china silk tu x kira la kan... but then itu pun dia kasi penerangan panjang lebar y he didnt b sampai I have to stop him. Honestly, china silk tu bukan la penting pun kan... tapi kalau ada mcm best la jugak eh...hehehehhe

Sangat membafflingkan talking about best frens when raya mood is in the air. Can't help it coz I think I missed em' much lately.

Anyways, today we end up our school day with bermaafan sessions. Somehow children had their way to touch our heart. Zaman duduk asrama time sekolah dulu I was one of the kepala yg suka gelakkan orang yg suka nangis bila mintak maaf especially during farewell party.

You see, i dont see what's the point of nangis2 when we will see each other few months later.

But today, when the children start menangis, I had teary eyes too. I m deeply touched!!! Guess, being a teacher had mellowed me.


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