Thursday, October 19, 2006

What Goes Round Will Comes Round ( or was it the other way around?)

Dunno, I m the biggest fan of reality show. Masa dulu2 la. This year mana ada masa tengok tv (dah tua kot malas nak nk tgh tv)

In a way watching the contestants fighting towards their goal is full of educative value. There are 2 incidents that I remember most.

First was from America Next Top Model. Forgotler wic season. But then it was when Yaya ngumpat2 others when they late for their modelling assignment coz accompanying sapa tah to buy shoes. Basically only one girl need to buy shoes but somehow yg lain2 tergedik2 sama.

She said many harsh and unkind things. Gilo.. Then lepas tu came her turn. Dalam series yang berikutnya she was late sbb g shopping. Masalah negara nombor satunya, they were in Japan, the country wic punctuality is very famous for. Nombor 2, dia sorang2 jer and nombor 3, since she was alone and in foreign country she almost lost!

Second, from The Apprentice Season 2. A lady degraded her opponents who sell chocolates in identical chilli red tube. If I m not mistaken, she called them whore. X lama pas tu dia plak tanggalkan her skirt as a gimmick to raise more money.

See.. when we bad-mouthed other, whatever we said will come back to us.

I learned my lesson yesterday.

Weh... pas ni x nak dah ngumpat Jerk. Sangat menyesal.

Yang insaf


zino said...

pasal tu Allah melarang kita megumpat.. tambah2 bulan pose ni..

selamat hari raya .. berapa hari coti? kemana nanti tu beraya? jemput datang rumah pakngah..

Kengkawan said...

hehehehehhe ye betulll..

Coti seminggu. InsyaAllah..

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