Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Citer adik beradik

Did I told u I have 4 younger bros? First is Acho, Yeop second, Abang or Pijo to his friend is third and Adik/ Arif is the youngest. People used to ask apsal adik tapi gelaran dia mcm yang tua dalam keluarga.

Guess ni la masalah problemnyer bila adik beradik ada 12. Dah abis dah pangkat2 disapu dek kakak2 dia yg lahir dulu.

Since he was in school, Pijo never failed in making us errr petrified kot with his ambition. He wanna be drebar lori. I mean.. apa ke he nyer nak jadi drebar lori.. jadila drebar kapal terbang ke, ketapi ker, jgn la lori. But that's it... Balik2 itu jugak cita2 dia. Dah habis segala motivasi diberi, drebar lori gak pujaan hati dia.

After SPM he did mechanical course on fixing car engine (gitu kot nama dia)... Then g S.Alam kerja kilang. At that time we were convinced he foget his dream to be drebar lori.

Masya Allah we were wrong! At the age of 21, he quits his job, balik kampung and beli lembu. Lembu? Mcm x caya jer.. Then dia jugak dah mencapai cita2nya nak jadik drebar lori when he bought one.

At the age of 23, he is the proud owner of 2 lorries. He bought the second one yesterday.

Seeing his business expand, I must say I am green with envy.

I m 10 years older, with degree, diploma and segala macam sijil kepujian, but after 6 years working, sadly to say there's nothing I can shout of about my achievement. Kot ada pun jadi Guru Popular every year since the anugerah started... Huh?

You see, I m not very gud with words. But then, now I m kakak drebar lori. Honestly, I m proud. X kisahla lori cap ayam pun...


By the way, just now Baby called. She is my youngest sister who works in MINT. Part of her job g outstation.

At one time sy sangat kecik hati bila Acho cakap, something abt, Baby keje best, g sana sini.. he ended up, Baby kan pegawai.

Masalahnya Andak pun pegawai jugak Acho, tapi my job mmg xder outstaion, duduk aje la kat situ sampai cuti. Sungguh x aci.

Berbalik pd citer, Baby will be in Langkawi for a week beginning Nov 27th. Asked me to accompany her and cam biasa i might be taking a few of my anak2 sedara along. No, dont get me wrong. I m not using government money. She'll fly from KLIA and I will be driving on my expense.

Macam biasa jugak, I have to call my bro in law for permission and buat budget.



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