Saturday, November 11, 2006

CSI - Apa kata mereka

The last time I watched/followed News keenly was on Tianenmen Square Riot. Early 90's tu.. Masa skolah lagi.. After that datangla mcm2 kes pun. Rasa mcm dah tahu kesudahannya.. Anwar Ibrahim case in 99 pun quite interesting. A friend of mine, did her M.A thesis on that masa tu... something to do with TV news on Anwar's Case. X tahu plak apa kesudahan her thesis coz dah lost contact.

These are what Malaysians say..

Pak Lah, Prime Minister
"Nobody is above the law, that is important to remember

Mongolia's honourary consul
Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi
"I am confident there will be no cover-up. Those involved in the murder must be punished

Lim Kit Siang
"An independent investigation is very urgent so that there will be no room for the emergence of a culture of immunity for any wrong. It does not speak well for the government,"

S. Arutchelvan,
coordinator with the rights group Voice of the Malaysian People (SUARAM)
"How can they obtain the explosives so easily?

Hatta Ramli
An independent inquiry into the misuse of explosives is urgently needed

The lawyer
who had a brief meeting declared to reporters
"Even after today's meeting, I am even more confident" that he is NOT involved. I am very confident, 100% confident; he is Not involved; He gave 100% cooperation, gave his passport, laptop gave a full statement"

Begitu la adanya....


zino said...

tak sabar nak tau cerita sebenar.. bila nak bicara nya ya..

kemana rancangan cuti sekolah ni?

Kengkawan said...

bicaranya belum lagi.. tapi GAG order dah keluar.. hebat betul lawyer2 skang... at least tu la laporan dlm suratkhabar..

cuti skolah ni x tau lagi pakngah... apa2 hal kena tunggu lepas operation. 1st time so x tau apa nak expect.

Pakngah? misti tunggu alang abis spm eh?

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