Friday, November 03, 2006

Guessing games

Last week we had staff briefing. She ended with, if she wont be around next year, or this is the last time we met, pls forgive her and halal everything. It raised a big ? But she refused to reveal anything. Said that she just tru the phase when kids grow up and money wasnt priority anymore.

But then all her students are still studying. I know her hubby kayo, but then since none of her children duk umah I cant see her staying at home alone (most of the time) playing a devoted housewife. No, not her.

My guess was, it had something to do with business venture. I told her after meeting that should she need a PR, do not hesitate to call me. She just smiled, wic make me think I was rite.

This morning I accompanied mom to Tabung Haji. Mommy had a short chat with sapa-ntah-whom- dtg-daftar haji. Suddenly it occured to me... How could I be so blind?

Then, during majlis Hari Raya today, she sponsored cakes for all classes (ye la keta dia besar ble la bwk byk2.. hehehe) and pulut kuning for all teachers.

Yes! people wont sedekah pulut kuning for saja2. In the Malay society pulut kuning only serves during special occasions such as wedding, engagement, khatam quran,byr nazar, cukur jambul, naik boyan (spelling ni invented by Bavani), berkhatan and g mekah.

My guess is the latter.

For she's a person who never flashed her ibadah ( i should add her wealth as well). She had made her pilgrimage looong time ago. Performed umrah almost every year, yet she keeps mum on it all the time. This year we found out she did umrah when uda bumped into her after their solat exactly in front of multazam.

If i m not mistaken few years back she mentioned that she wished to perform her 2nd Haj during cuti sekolah. Ye la, org gomen ble ambik cuti haji 40 hari, sekali jer sepanjang servis (ni baru tau sbb ada masuk dlm soklan PTK).

Kak, kalau salah kita mintak maaf tau. Tapi kalau betul, ada satu jer permintaan kita...

Bawak la kita sekali.


zino said...

muga muga permintaan tu di pekenan kan.. hehe

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