Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hari sabtu yang gitu2

Yesterday was a super duper boring day. Too many plans in my head but none was ok. Therefore I went to the salon-cum-bridal-gallery. For others it one way to pamper oneself. For me it is a gud way to kill time. Gila boring.

Ayu, the beautician was in trouble. She was ironing baju pengantin when someone pay a visit, asking question before she realised it, seluar baju melayu tu dah hangus kena iron. She was numb, tried calling her boss to no avail. Upon seeing her tgh gabra, kesian betul. The fact that the future bride nak amik baju tu ptg tu didnt help also.

Luckily there were 3 pasang baju Melayu in the same colour. Hopefully the future bridegroom wont be too fussy. Ye lah... mana ada orang sengaja nak bakar baju pengantin dikk.. hehehe..

I m glad I wasnt in Ayu's shoes.. kot x .. mau pengsan kot.


One thing I like abt salon nih, kat tingkat bawah dia ada car wash. I left car key, and told the operator to take his own sweet time.

Huh! It wasnt sweet at all when it rained heavily.

My first planned after facial is to hit the road and go to KL to see Siti.

Pas tu hujan, mood pun jd x ok. Pergh!!

Zana call, and later we went to Mr Hamidi's open house at Klan Halt. Betul tuan2 nama kampung dia memang Klan Halt. It is estimated 2km from Slim River town. Memang orang sini suka kasi nama orang putih gamaknya..

Fortunately I took my mom along coz it was bumpy ride. No offence to the host, but iskkk his house is really hujung dunia. I couldnt imagine how he managed to go to school everyday.

Tapi rumah dia sangat cantikla.. and biskut2nya sangat sangat sangat sedap! Yummy! Thank u Sir!


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