Tuesday, January 30, 2007


15 years ago, I never thought I could share the same table with Mr Y and making small talk sounds very errr … impossible. He is a good teacher except for his penchant for cute students.

And I am an Adiba-Noor type. This explains a lot.

As a student, I was rebellious and very vocal too. Guess, there were times I told him my piece of mind. No.. I m not proud of it. Somehow, I wasn’t in his good book as well. The feelings are mutual u know..

Staying in the same district, same field I saw him numerous times, be it in functions, meetings or jalan2 kat pekan. Most of the time I ignored him, and him to me.

Today is different, He came to my workplace with someone I respect and admired since I was in hostel, Mr X. Mr X always nice to us. Of course he had his `pet’ too but not as obvious as him. Hehehhe

I missed Mr X so much. How can I forget all his TLC? Not just to me for to others as well.

Since they came together, it’ll be extremely rude if I just talk to Mr X without acknowledge him. Plain I might be but I wasn’t the same 17 year-old-student anymore.

We talked about few pupils that he remembered and most of them I haven’t seen for the last 15 years. Talked about few pupils that he romantically involved to hehe…

I m sure any of my batch who see me duduk bersembang seskima mungkin will gelak berguling2. Me.. of all people…Well, I’ve never change. I still resented him for doing what he did.

Tapinya, he also a very, very dedicated teacher. I believe if he ‘pangkah’ me in the past, serves me right. I should be more tactful. Not to mention, be respectful to teachers.

One name came out in our conversation today.

I dunno (pura2 x taula)what had transpired between us, but suddenly we were hardly been on speaking terms.

It went on until we finished our SPM.

The very next year we met sebab apa ntah, but there were so many of us and the girls were so excited seeing him and of course other boys as well. After all we were classmates since form one.

Rasanya I did talked to him jugak.. sembang2 apa yang patut.

Later, he invited us to lunch, all of us.. I was so excited and already said yes to him, but to my surprise my frens mcm takut and bisik2 cakap nantila tanya izan dulu.

One of them told me they were scared that I’ll refuse or get mad. Hehe… why should I?

Maybe they don’t know me well.

Sadly (tipu sebenarnya…) that was the last time I see him.

Moral of the story, when u “pangkah” someone, pangkah jer dalam hati…

As usual, bila jumpa sesapa from our school, I will smsed en. En ni pun satu…. His first question was, “Mr X tu dah kawen belum? Anak Mr Y dah berapa dah?”

Aisey.. why soalan-dah-kawen-anak-berapa seems to be Malaysian favourite?

Mr Y did asked the same question. To wic I replied, “alhamdulillah, belum lagi”. Then he added.. “dah ada la calonnya?”

I’ve seen others looked embarrassed, offended when posed such question. Me? I told him the truth, “ada la 2,3 orang, tengokla yang mana satu.”

I don’t really lied u know, there r 2,3 men yang saya memang nak sangat2..
1. Brad Pitt
2. the golfer kat billboard danau golf kat roundabout di bangi tu
3. Hazami (hehehehe)

Doa-doakan la yer..

Wish it's not true

Kak sha my immediate boss will transferred to kl..

oh... pening...

ari tu kata umah tu besar sangat (sapa suh beli umah 3 tingkat).. dah pindah pun to a smaller house. Suh beli keta kecik tapi she said her picasso x save minyak. her youngest son is in smka slim river as she put it.. x dpt jumpa iwan, dapat tgk sekolah pun jadi and she can see the school in her journey to and fro daily.

kalau nak cari pengalaman... dia dah pegi banyak workplace dah..

i m sure kak sha dah pk habis masa apply ari tu but what she dont know is.. i've spent lots on books and travelling recently so xder budget nak beli hadiah.. x best betul..

talking about budget, nanti misti kena spend banyak kat phone bill coz now segala benda mak nenek kitaorang refer pada kak sha. Be it in career, social life or health.. u name it...

afterall.. lepas ni kita nak main badminton ngan sapa kak?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Special reports- Pemabu

Fun under the sun!


1. Izan and Lida couldnt make it. Raub and Johor were affected by recent phase 2 flood. Dungun pun banjir jugak. We heard the news that Liza's school were among the flood evacuation centre (betul ke istilah nih).. but i bet if there were no flood, Liza wont come oso. Oppsss...

2. there were only len and i. hehe.. the last time we met was in dec 2005. we had lots to catch up. ended up tido kol 1 sebab sembang... tapinya kesian len hv to wait for 4 hours before i can fetch her.. misti penat giler tu..

3. our 1st choice hotel (Quality) was fully booked. Since len x nak hotel ca ya nun alif and I wanted to stay near sogo so we ended up in selesa inn. for rm80 per nite it is very selesa(comfy). Afterall lots of shopping complexes, bazaar and eateries haven are in within walking distance. sangat puas hati compared to my previous stay in Impiana KL, despite near to KLCC i was blindly robbed rm5 for taxi fared padahal dekat jer tapi nak jalan waktu malam sangat sunyi.. nak drive satu keje lak nak cari parking... jap.. sebenarnya pakcik teksi tu cakap bayar jer berapa suka.. i do not know the rate so kasi jer la... make short that is the main reason why i wanted to stay there. x yah susah2 pikir nak naik apa..

3. After solat subuh, len and i strolled along jalan TAR. macam best jer..

4. Naik Kl tower kena baya seploh hengget. Honestly being a gayat person, i cant understand apa-ke-pekdahnyer.. hehehe tapi seeing that len and et had gud times, automatically i felt happier as long as diorang x suruh berdiri kat tepi2 tower tu sambil tgk bawah.. len sangat suka bergambar, so part of my job was jadi photographer.

5. Then masalah negaranya camna nak balik? Do you know cab's fare from kl tower is rm12? Mak aihh... `There are free shutles tapi sampai main gate jer.. Nasib baik len ngan bijaknya managed to get satu cab yg baru hantar passenger and on his way down. Therefore we paid rm4 jer turun ke petaling street.

6. Been ages since the last time g petaling street. partly i m not gud in bargain, mainly takut sebab penjual kat situ garang2 (dulu la..).. a.k.a chinatown i dont think it suits petaling street anymore. there were bangladeshi and even indonesians as well. We bought bangles.. len bought watches.. ntah berapa lama la boleh tahan eh..

7. Despite Pakngah wrote in his blog dia pangkah eye on malaysia tu, i called him up nak tanya tutup kol brp.. Len excited nak pegi.

8. We reached Tasik Titiwangsa around 8p.m. Punyala panjang queue nak naik ferries wheels. Gilo.. so we ended up duk tepi tasik tgk jetski and pas tu ada fireworks. X puas ati... its visit malaysia year but all the performers were foreigners. fireworks... masyaAllah.. how much they spend on it? I never heard people went to US on 4th july just to see fireworks.. all in all rasanya lebih banyak membebel dlm hati dr enjoying the spectacular view.

9. Acara fevret was makan2..

10. Mcm biasa ada jer la benda yang tertinggal dan cari alasan jer nak beli baru. Len bought several tshirts coz she said lupa bawak and me, no-nightie-but -i-swore-had-packed-it, senang citer beli baru. Tapi cantik giler tambah cantik sebab et yang bayarkan.. mau tiap2 mlm pakai nightie ni je rasanya..

11. Masa g pudu on sunday punyala ramai orang. teket g kuantan pun abis. Luckily there was extra bus. iskkk... pucat len coz she had to drive a 2hour-journey from kuantan to rompi
12. due to x cukup tido sbb asyik jhalan2, shopping, sighseeing and sembang sampai pagi, balik rumah saya pun tidur sepuas2nya... sangat puas ati..

13. Even i've told et and len hundreds times, nak cakap jugak... sangat best la holiday kali ni.. santai betul.. thanx to my 2 wonderful friends.

14. There wont be any AGM until next year coz starting February we will start off our tuition classes. In other word i m saying, I m still the president, uncontested..

Monday, January 22, 2007

Dia ni napa?

One shouldnt read Saturday newspaper on Monday. Stirred very unecessary excitement which annoyed other who already think it as a past tense. Not to mention irritating where-hv-u-been-satu=mesia-dah-taula comments throw back to you.

On my self defense part- saya busy kak!!!.

I bought the paper today after follow up at the hospital. By the way the jap was painful. Afterall before injection, the doc g sembang lak ngan staff nurse, "uikk besar betul jarum dia ni eh..". Dah la since sari dua ni i was feeling uneasy, nervous-wreck and ntah apa2 sebab nak g cucuk. Dia ble lak cakap cenggitu depan kita..

Rasa mcm masa kecik2 dulu plak.. bila ada nurse dtg skolah nak cucuk BCG mula la rasa nak lari jer... masa tu kalau lari cekgu cari sampai jumpa, skrg ni kalau lari sapa pun x peduli, they just concern about ubat tu jer...

I failed to understand the excitement caused by the ubat itself. Since dlm ward ari tu most of them asyik ckp jarumnya besar.. blabla...kesiannyer patient.. blabla..

Imagine how I felt....

Kalau kesian janganla cakap depan patient. Even dia x sebut wic patient will get the treatment tp agaknya diorang lupa kot actually saya ni belum pekak lagi dan walaupun rabun tahap kronik tapi still boleh membaca, And today when the doc (different doctor) mentioned how big the needle is, I was like "Ble x jgn ckp mcm tu? U make me nervous".. rude eh? But I cant help it..

If u asked me how big the needle is, the answer is I dunno. Saya ni mudah percaya, jd bila smer org kata scary, I took off my spectacle or simply closed my eyes during the session. Afterall ada 3 kali jap tu... tension.. tension...

Did i mentioned painful? Even the mere strapping seatbelt was azab gila...

Syukurla dapat beli suratkhabar saturday. hehehhehe... its easy... just go to any vendor ckp ngan diorang "suratkabo ari sabtu ada lagi".. chances are its still available.

waaaaa ada gambo abdul razak and the shocking news... well i wanna write my piece of mind here but somewhere this month i read that brendan pererra saman 2 bloggers coz wrote defamation/false accuse.

saman parking ari tu pun x bayo lagi... ni kan pulak nak bayar saman ribu riban...

therefore i attached here excerpt from THE SUN Jan 20

He said the matter became serious when Altantuya continued with the harassments through SMSes and telephone calls and he decided to seek help when Altantuya threatened to harm his daughter. Based on a lawyer’s advice, Abdul Razak hired a private detective, former policeman P. Balasubramaniam and an assistant. The private investigators were supposed to provide security to him and his family members who were told about the affair with Altantuya. Abdul Razak also sought the aid of a DSP Musa Safri who introduced him to C/Insp Azilah Hadri. He said Musa had told him that Azilah would be able to help him and he met him (Azilah) personally once, while at other times the communication between both of them was through telephone. Abdul Razak said in the affidavit that Azilah was responsible for the death of about six or more people and he would be able to help the political analyst.

Masalah negaranya - budak tadika pun tau kenapa nak sought help from killer kalau niatnyer hanya nak protect his family jer? I m glad the judge ruled out his plea for bail.

Drama betul... lagi best kalau baca sendiri... again ...its easy... just go to any vendor ckp ngan diorang

"suratkabo ari sabtu ada lagi?"..

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Happy new year 1428 - a peep into new year's resolution

Honestly bukan la beriman sangat... tapi masa 1st January ari tu x perasan pun dah tahun baru masihi kot x kerana Mony sms dr Cambodea wishing a happy new year (Tu secara langsung nak cakap saya ada kawan kat Cambodea).. iskk

But then Maal Hijrah is different. Apa makannya lupa bila siang2 lagi dah ada handouts doa awal tahun and akhir tahun dapat sorang satu. After Asar ada Ceramah Maal Hijrah.

Dalam suratkhabar ckp, azam tahun baru yang paling popular ialah nak kurus. Ermmm... Tu azam saya tahun lepas.

Adiba Noor kata dia x kisah gemuk janji sihat, she's damn lucky. Unfortunately bila badan saya naik (=gumuk) automatically saya cepat letih dan kaki pun rasa lenguh semacam. Tu ble tahan lagi, tapi bila masuk bab sakit perut berguling2.. tu saya sungguh tak tahan. Makanya I control my diet mainly for health reason.

Unfortunately, ntah hangin mana datang, saya makan x renti2. Selera gajah betul. Until one day masa kira BMI, i realised i m on the verge of being obese. I tried everything to shed few kilos (except makan ubat kurus la... its a no-no to me) tapi x jalan.

ok... yang ni saya ngaku saya buduh sket... iskk.. saya slalu doa nak kurus walau di mana saya berada.

After coming home from umrah, I lost +4 kilos. Kurus la tu.. . I wasnt happy at all when being kurus means


Pegi klinik byk kali pun x ok. Memula ingatkan due to the whatever pill i consumed (bukan pil kurus yer).. tapi dah lepas2 tu still sakit jugak.. 2,3 minggu yang azab and i constantly took pain killer to ease the pain. Kot x memang x leh kerja la jawabnya.

Jenuh pikir apa yang salah makan dan apa dosa saya(errr.. banyakkk) until I relate my story to Kak Zah. Afterall she's an ustazah you know... Sampai merah2 muka dia gelakkan saya... Nahhhh... she pointed out that Allah had fulfilled my pray.. Oh?

Rasa macam.... iskkk

Tahun ni saya x berazam nak kurus dah. Kak Zah kata Allah maha mendengar dan maha mengetahui ratapan dan isihati hambaNya.

Travel - nak g either vietnam, beijing, london atau dungun.... hehhehe

Financially - Nak masuk sebanyak2nya peraduan especially yang ada hadiah kereta ngan furniture.. nak beli sendirik memang x mampu.

Friendships - I know in our culture, berkawan biar seribu, but i found this wise saying dlm buku "how to stop worry and begins life - dia kata jika seseorang kawan itu tidak membawa apa2 keuntungan dan selalu memberi masalah pada mu, gugurkanlah namanya dari senarai kawan anda, tapi jangan sekali2 membalas dendam. Bagus eh... better than tolong orang pas tu ngungkit2 kat belakang...

Yang lain2 tu... biarlah rahsia kot..

Ehhh ada lagi satu... Saya harap impian kawan saya yang suka minum cappucino RM15 secawan ngan nasi kandar RM18 hengget yang harap sangat "kawan baik" dia jadi orang kaya supaya dia boleh tumpang senang akan tercapai. Aminnnn

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Iklan sket

To all PEMABUS serta yang terdekat dan sejadi dengannya..

PEMABU which was established by BATI (class of 96/99),opened exclusively for BATIs and outside registration is through recommendation only,whom I was the President (suka hatila nak lantik diri sendirik) are going to have our very first proper PEMABU AGM on Jan 26-28.

Unlike other AGM, where members come-dgr ceramah-minum teh-dengar lagi ceramah and vote, our first proper PEMABU AGM will be a very casual affairs. As Dr Ramesh suka cakap, “Casual means casualla… no other meaning than casual”. No need to consult your lexicographer for casual equivalent in the target language.

You don’t have to worry about baju-apa-nak-pakai-handbag-ni-omatching-ke-tak sort of thing. Pakaila baju time student pun (kalau muat lagi la kan…) no hal punya. Kita akan berAGM sambil bersoping-gossip2-soping2-dan-makan2.

Makanya, jika anda BATI class of 96/99 dan masih single, jangan lupa datang AGM tau. Tempatnya downtown KL. Plan asal nak AGM kat Cherating tu null and void la eh coz our ex MPP rep Zahizan cakap takut banjir.

Harap maklum.

Sebuah berita kematian

Orang kata ajal maut di tangan tuhan. Sangat klise kan..

Our beloved friend, Zoolchaply Sahib was only 39. Dalam sihat-sihat, ceria dan Allah jemput dia sehabis minum di gerai bersama kawan2nya pada malam Isnin yang lalu.

Menurut ceritanya, dia cuba nak drive keta tapi x boleh.. dan kawan-kawan hantar dia ke spital TG Malim dan kemudian ke Hospital Slim River. Dia menghembuskan nafas terakhir dalam perjalanan.

Sepanjang malam dia berada diunit forensik ditemani isteri, dua orang anak, adik beradik, kaum keluarga dan kawan2.

Pagi Isnin, Unit Forensik dah jadi dewan perhimpunan sekolah. Para pelajar, guru-guru dan kenalan jauh dan dekat datang berkunjung memberi penghormatan terakhir. Sebelum jenazah allahyarham dibawa masuk untuk post mortem. Kepada yang tak tahu prosedur (termasuk saya la kan) kalau meninggal dunia di tempat awam memang kena buat post mortem.

Sewaktu police photographer datang, time dia amik gambo semua, kami semua menatap sekujur tubuh sahabat/ayah/ suami/ guru/ jiran itu buat kali terakhir. He was clad in faded blue jeans, grey sweater and his face oh my god.. He looks like in deep sleep. Except.... he sleeps eternally.

Selalunya bila orang dah tak ada kita akan terkenang-kenang kebaikan dia. He is definitely a good fren and teacher, that is no doubt.

Dalam sebuah buku yang pernah saya baca, katanya kematian mengajar kita tentang how fragile the life is. We always take things for granted.

Katakan la kalau esok kita dijemput..

Bersediakah kita?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Small reunion (minggu lepas sebenarnya..)

Honestly, kids arent the only one who get excited when the school resume. To be frank the nite before it started I cant sleep. Cant wait to see friends, pak guard, makcik cleaner, flowers plant, fish under the stair (yep! there is a pond there), herbs garden, library and new kids..

Nop, I m not going to talk about it. I was too nervous to enjoy my first working day after a long break. Sebabnya the day after, I had my first follow up kat spital.

Kak Pah and err Aci (mintak maaf x tau nama dia apa) was there. So we reminisce our ward day. Very funny. i tot I was the only one yg nak lari waktu nak masuk operation theater tu.. We talked about everything

the food
the pain
the cut
the jap

the docs..

Well talking about docs, I was konpius tahap tenuk when He read out my Laporan and said, "nothing to worry, bukan kanser, very common". This lead to soklan cepumas which makes my tenuk confused turned tu tahap gajah. Kesudahannya dah jadi sessi fingerpointing la plak....dan saya menjadi penonton. Gila betul.. Dia ni x pk ke apa perasaan patient bila dia diskas2 mcm tu depan kita?

Make short- He ended up ngan kata, "Patology report ni salah. Saya akan suruh mereka buat semula. Bila tarikh expired ubat tu?" Waaaaaaaaaaaa He concerned more about the damn ubat dari patient. Melampau betul..

I guess because of the uncertainty of my disease and the damn ubat (they want me to return it ASAP if 2nd pathology report still the same) my next session willbe on march 1.

Wic means I wont be able to see Kak Pah and Aci no more. Hampehzz.

Oh btw - Ubat yg diorang bising2 sangat tu rupanya usd335.90 je satu tiub (syringe).

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Something to ponder

Et and I shared a very terrific belief. Kalau x ikhlas jangan buat.
Therefore saya x nak bayar saman parking ari ni... Mana aci saya baru letak kejap jer.. agak2 la sket...

Kejam betul!!!