Monday, January 22, 2007

Dia ni napa?

One shouldnt read Saturday newspaper on Monday. Stirred very unecessary excitement which annoyed other who already think it as a past tense. Not to mention irritating where-hv-u-been-satu=mesia-dah-taula comments throw back to you.

On my self defense part- saya busy kak!!!.

I bought the paper today after follow up at the hospital. By the way the jap was painful. Afterall before injection, the doc g sembang lak ngan staff nurse, "uikk besar betul jarum dia ni eh..". Dah la since sari dua ni i was feeling uneasy, nervous-wreck and ntah apa2 sebab nak g cucuk. Dia ble lak cakap cenggitu depan kita..

Rasa mcm masa kecik2 dulu plak.. bila ada nurse dtg skolah nak cucuk BCG mula la rasa nak lari jer... masa tu kalau lari cekgu cari sampai jumpa, skrg ni kalau lari sapa pun x peduli, they just concern about ubat tu jer...

I failed to understand the excitement caused by the ubat itself. Since dlm ward ari tu most of them asyik ckp jarumnya besar.. blabla...kesiannyer patient.. blabla..

Imagine how I felt....

Kalau kesian janganla cakap depan patient. Even dia x sebut wic patient will get the treatment tp agaknya diorang lupa kot actually saya ni belum pekak lagi dan walaupun rabun tahap kronik tapi still boleh membaca, And today when the doc (different doctor) mentioned how big the needle is, I was like "Ble x jgn ckp mcm tu? U make me nervous".. rude eh? But I cant help it..

If u asked me how big the needle is, the answer is I dunno. Saya ni mudah percaya, jd bila smer org kata scary, I took off my spectacle or simply closed my eyes during the session. Afterall ada 3 kali jap tu... tension.. tension...

Did i mentioned painful? Even the mere strapping seatbelt was azab gila...

Syukurla dapat beli suratkhabar saturday. hehehhehe... its easy... just go to any vendor ckp ngan diorang "suratkabo ari sabtu ada lagi".. chances are its still available.

waaaaa ada gambo abdul razak and the shocking news... well i wanna write my piece of mind here but somewhere this month i read that brendan pererra saman 2 bloggers coz wrote defamation/false accuse.

saman parking ari tu pun x bayo lagi... ni kan pulak nak bayar saman ribu riban...

therefore i attached here excerpt from THE SUN Jan 20

He said the matter became serious when Altantuya continued with the harassments through SMSes and telephone calls and he decided to seek help when Altantuya threatened to harm his daughter. Based on a lawyer’s advice, Abdul Razak hired a private detective, former policeman P. Balasubramaniam and an assistant. The private investigators were supposed to provide security to him and his family members who were told about the affair with Altantuya. Abdul Razak also sought the aid of a DSP Musa Safri who introduced him to C/Insp Azilah Hadri. He said Musa had told him that Azilah would be able to help him and he met him (Azilah) personally once, while at other times the communication between both of them was through telephone. Abdul Razak said in the affidavit that Azilah was responsible for the death of about six or more people and he would be able to help the political analyst.

Masalah negaranya - budak tadika pun tau kenapa nak sought help from killer kalau niatnyer hanya nak protect his family jer? I m glad the judge ruled out his plea for bail.

Drama betul... lagi best kalau baca sendiri... again ...its easy... just go to any vendor ckp ngan diorang

"suratkabo ari sabtu ada lagi?"..


zino said...

affidavit tu telah menimbulkan berbagai soalan baru.. karpal singh dah minta polis buka fail siasat dari affidavit tu..

agaknya dia nak tau siapa 6 orang tu..?

zino said...
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