Tuesday, January 30, 2007


15 years ago, I never thought I could share the same table with Mr Y and making small talk sounds very errr … impossible. He is a good teacher except for his penchant for cute students.

And I am an Adiba-Noor type. This explains a lot.

As a student, I was rebellious and very vocal too. Guess, there were times I told him my piece of mind. No.. I m not proud of it. Somehow, I wasn’t in his good book as well. The feelings are mutual u know..

Staying in the same district, same field I saw him numerous times, be it in functions, meetings or jalan2 kat pekan. Most of the time I ignored him, and him to me.

Today is different, He came to my workplace with someone I respect and admired since I was in hostel, Mr X. Mr X always nice to us. Of course he had his `pet’ too but not as obvious as him. Hehehhe

I missed Mr X so much. How can I forget all his TLC? Not just to me for to others as well.

Since they came together, it’ll be extremely rude if I just talk to Mr X without acknowledge him. Plain I might be but I wasn’t the same 17 year-old-student anymore.

We talked about few pupils that he remembered and most of them I haven’t seen for the last 15 years. Talked about few pupils that he romantically involved to hehe…

I m sure any of my batch who see me duduk bersembang seskima mungkin will gelak berguling2. Me.. of all people…Well, I’ve never change. I still resented him for doing what he did.

Tapinya, he also a very, very dedicated teacher. I believe if he ‘pangkah’ me in the past, serves me right. I should be more tactful. Not to mention, be respectful to teachers.

One name came out in our conversation today.

I dunno (pura2 x taula)what had transpired between us, but suddenly we were hardly been on speaking terms.

It went on until we finished our SPM.

The very next year we met sebab apa ntah, but there were so many of us and the girls were so excited seeing him and of course other boys as well. After all we were classmates since form one.

Rasanya I did talked to him jugak.. sembang2 apa yang patut.

Later, he invited us to lunch, all of us.. I was so excited and already said yes to him, but to my surprise my frens mcm takut and bisik2 cakap nantila tanya izan dulu.

One of them told me they were scared that I’ll refuse or get mad. Hehe… why should I?

Maybe they don’t know me well.

Sadly (tipu sebenarnya…) that was the last time I see him.

Moral of the story, when u “pangkah” someone, pangkah jer dalam hati…

As usual, bila jumpa sesapa from our school, I will smsed en. En ni pun satu…. His first question was, “Mr X tu dah kawen belum? Anak Mr Y dah berapa dah?”

Aisey.. why soalan-dah-kawen-anak-berapa seems to be Malaysian favourite?

Mr Y did asked the same question. To wic I replied, “alhamdulillah, belum lagi”. Then he added.. “dah ada la calonnya?”

I’ve seen others looked embarrassed, offended when posed such question. Me? I told him the truth, “ada la 2,3 orang, tengokla yang mana satu.”

I don’t really lied u know, there r 2,3 men yang saya memang nak sangat2..
1. Brad Pitt
2. the golfer kat billboard danau golf kat roundabout di bangi tu
3. Hazami (hehehehe)

Doa-doakan la yer..


zino said...

pakngah doakan.. di percepatkan jodoh andak..

Kengkawan said...

kena specific pakngah.. yang dengan no 1 dalam list tu yer... hehhehe..

apasal susah beno nak tinggal komen dlm blog pakngah tu? byk kali try.. aiseyyy

zino said...

kalau dengan yg no. satu tak ada chance le pakngah nak datang tengok.. sure buat kat hollywood hehe..

sekarang ni blog pakngah dah bertukar ke blog baru.. kena ada account google baru mudah masuk.. kalau masih guna akaun blogger je kadang2 susah nak masuk..

so pakngah sekarang ada dua2 akaun guna nama yg sama..

Kengkawan said...

x per kita boleh g hollywood beramai2.. hehehhe mana cermin td? kena cermin muka la..

eh pasal blog tu.. dah succeed dah lps cuba byk kali.. aminnnn