Tuesday, February 06, 2007

unnoticed by all but myself

a normal day.

woke up at _____ (fill in the blank heheh) done my prayer. planned to make nasi goreng ikan masin pas tu kensel coz mommy cepat2 masak (for a very obvious reason, anak dia bab masakmemasak ni kurang berketrampilan sikit). Did one thing I'm good at - basuh kain.

Err.. Its hot and dry now, so I went out to water the plant. Pitiful plants. Continued with basuh kain and at the same time swept the floor.

About to finish hanging the last basket of clothes when my bro clients (mcm ye ye je..) came. Stopped. had breakfast. 3 pieces of banana fritters, a biscuit and a cup of black coffee... dalam pada nak berdiet tu kan..

Et called, informing me that she applied for transfer. Told her I my dream to win ABPBH come to an end

The clients left, continued hanging clothes. Ironed today's baju kurung. A gift from a fren few years ago.

Rummaged around the bedroom but still failed to find UPSR workbook (I swore I had buy it). Did lesson plan. Prepared few worksheets for today's lesson.

Tapau nasi goreng and ikan masin. Enough for 3 persons (makan kena share sebab our motto gemuk biar sama2)..

Was late.. melompat2 g bilik air. Pakai baju, almost tripped on laptop wires.. seploh kali keluar masuk bilik coz once I got in the car ada aja tertinggal. First books, then file, then socks, then notes... tension 28x

Stopped at kedai fotostat.

A very normal day, I might say.

Greet students and colleague on my way to the office.

Congratulate Kak Sal on being Opah. Her daughter-in-law delivered a beautiful baby girl last Thursday. Catched latest news with Kak Zah on Mr Kassim recently deceased mother's funeral. Nora showed her new gorgeous black shoes off. Zana teased me about my oversize sandal (I borrowed it from surau), Sathiya need to know about scheme of work. Kak Laili wanted to know the OPSME progress. Not to forget Kak Norma whose father is in the ICU.

A very perfectly normal routine.

Went up to class. Shikin, Yat and Hafizudin melompat2 towards me ( ye la...kemana lagi tumpahnya kuah) and yelled... "Happy birthday"

And later whole class sang a happy birthday song.. pitching pun lari tapi xperla... hehhehe

Yeah.. today is my birthday. For a the very first time in my life, I dont care if others remember it or not. The fact that I can live another year, granted another chance to enjoy another day means so much to me.

By the way, I've decided to be happy as happy can be.

I am.

After the near death experience, nothing, i mean nothing could make me regret living my life. Not even farawahida who out of the blue won Anugerah Bintang Baru popular whom shattered my dream to win bling bling from Habib Jewels. I voted for Ina Naim. Wasnt everyone?

Well... no regrets.. I'll try again next year.. wuhuu

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zino said...

happy belated birthday..pakngah terlupa nak wish semalam..

semuga cepat di pertemukan jodoh..

dah tukar no talipon ke?