Friday, February 02, 2007


I wrote about him last year. I am not going to write about him again..

Anyway I was looking for all my ex-students, including him since the first day school session. His friends gave a very standard answer, "ada..ada.. tadi ada.."

Until today.. they can never lie to their old teacher anymore.

"Where is Yas?"

"I dont know.. he's quit" Amy dropped the bombshell.

"Did u see him? Who are his friends now?"

" Err.... saya dah x kawan dengan dia lagi.."

" ohh... its ok.. if u see him, pls send my warmest regards to him eh..."

*amy angguk2 kepala sambil sengih2*

See... i didnt write about him. What is the use now? That's the path he had chosen.

He chose to be free. Let him be.

Tapi.... err... xder apa-apalah...

coz i promised not to write about Yas anymore. But then, I will never forgive the-his-so-call-friend who changed him from a shy, soft spoken, polite, diligent boy to what he is today.

Did I told u when Yas was in Form 1 2003, he was voted Akhlak Cemerlang by his form teacher?


zino said...

andak tak tulis apa apa pun hehe

Kengkawan said...

hehheeh tq