Friday, March 30, 2007

Kerel is backkk!!!!!!!!!

Abaikan kalau anda bukan Khairil Rahimy..
Weh u r back eh? Sensenang kita lwn pool lg eh.. kali ni kot kalah jgn nk salahkan toke CC plak eh.. hehehehhe

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Luqman Harith

Congrats to Feeza and hubby on the arriving of their bundle of joy. Sorry la.. kita mmg over-excited sket. x menyempat nk dtg melawat.

He 's soooo cute. x banyak ragam..Tidur jer dia.... tabah betul, Umi dia ngan Cik Izan sembang x renti2 pun dia still tdo lagi..

Bkn reti pun nk sembang ngan org baru bersalin, so i did buat homework on things to ask.. (skima ke x skima.... hehehe).... perghhh... tapi Feeza mcm paham2 jer kekurangan sahabat dia nih... x yah tanya2.. dia citer jer smer... *sukasukasuka*

Honestly, seeing Harith today I cant help but felt soo happy for the mommy, Feeza.

Now I m waiting for another someone (nama dia Ayu)... semoga bertemu dengan bahagia yang dicari. Cewahhhhh ni sebenarnya ucapan tengku zawiyah pada datuk k masa nk kawin ari tu..

rasa mcm indah betul kata2 tu kan?...

tapi sy sudah berhenti mencari.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Surat utk kawan baik saya.

Ko ok eh? kita pun ok gak. Dah smpai umah lum nih? Ari ujan, make sure u park safely.

Weh... i dont understand apa salahnya jadi blue-eyed girl except istilah ni x wujud dlm collins cobuild dictionary. the true form is blue-eyed boy.. very gender biased kan.. olh krn ur colleague tlh mengender-neutralkan istilah ini.. so let us face the fact.. apa masalahnya?

ok hapa kalau jadi pet. the fact that the boss tu a chinese lady lg ok wat? lain ah kot ur boss tu malay (kak jie ke contohnya) tu baru la lain citernyer... masuk bab racist la tu... pls name brp org chinese yg ramai gak staff chinese tp pet dia malay? ko g wat survey sket...

u said u sgt sedeyy coz the way ppl sebut tu mcm la u x buat keje tp still promoted. arghh.. ni satu masalahnya... i dont think she's the one and only decision maker dlm bab2 promotion nih.. besides bila lak ko x wat keje? kot ko ni malas sgt dah lama kena terminate tau bkn dpt promotion.

I didnt say it becoz u r my bestfren tp u r very gud in anything ur doing. tapi heran gak... pet mender kalau ko kena marah kaw2? hehehe hilang akal ke diorang nih?

talking abt colleague nih.. well.. penah dgr x citer kaldai ngan tuan dia. x taula cekgu mana yg citer masa kita skolah dulu-dulu.. tp lbh kurang cenggini..

adala mamat tu jln ngan keldai dia. halfway ada org ckp.. apala bodohnya mamat tu, dah ada keldai dia jalan kaki lak patut dia naik ah kaldai tu. So dia pun naik ah keldai tu, then jumpa org lain n org komplen, apala kejamnyer mamat tu kesian kat kaldai tu dah la penat, patut dia dukung keldai tu.. The did exactly that and next, a few ppl saw him and gelakkan.. apala buduh mamat nih, ada ke dukung keldai tu... then he back 2 square one. Bodoh eh?

make short.. kot nk dgr sgt ckp smer org go on la..

weh.. i sound like a teacher eh? tp not really kan? kita pun ada nk pangkah orang gak.. orang yg selalu tu la.. td kak zah ckp dia x nk ckp ngan kak zah. kita dh 7 thn keje ni ah first time jumpa org cenggini... bangang ke x bangang?

masalahnya bila ckp pasal org tu kita emo lebih sket.. hehe..

ujan ah plak sini... and i still didnt visit the website u suggest td.. gtg eh.. dah jgn sedeyy... kalau asyik thinking negative jer... bapak ah bosan..

to be fair.. of course u hv ur shortcomings (who didnt?) but currying favour with boss is definitely not ur forte. if i myself, kaki pangkah nih can befriended with your for 21 years, dont u think it means something?

ok nite.. slamat bermuhasabah.. cewahhhh

c u nxt week in bkt beruntung kan?


p/s sogo sale x? mac pallet tu kuar bln april kan? jgn lupa g beli awal2..

Abaikan jer...except written in bold

I m confused!!

Last week when I called Dr M, he was in Ginting. He sounded so happy, i believe its something to do with the place itself even he said defiantly, "mana ada, attend congress saja.. smer hal keje, pegi mana pun x ada".

Yesterday I called him again to fix d appointment. He asked me to come 2day, between 9.30-10a.m. He insisted to give him a call once i reach the hospital.. (ye.. norizan mmg xder kerja lain asyik menalipon jer)

Since I will have a day course (2-5p.m) in Tapah so I have to wear something formal, something light and something sombre in colour. My expensive (for my standard la kan.... pada orang lain murah je kot), black, silk baju kurung is a perfect choice. Afterall its oredi a remembrance for something dreadful so i dont mind adding one more similar incident to that dress.

The truth is i am expecting something horrible will happen.

Called him bila sampai, he said he'll be there in 10 mins. I took more than 10 mins to kemas2 my car (ppl know that my hobby is menyepahkan semua barang dlm kereta). I dunno y i did that.. dont ask me.. it just therapy kot nak ilangkan nervous..

Then i went to the clinic, waited another 10 mins before i proceed to the counter and asked for Dr M. The receptionist sengih2 and cepat2 called another nurse and they checked his room n the answer is, "Dia belum datangla la.."

Seminit pas tu he was heading to his room and the nurse called me. Next he was attending to me and opened the pink file with my name clearly written on the cover and some terrible instructions written by Dr Ramesh followed the stupidstupidstupid incident during the scan last year.

No.. I cant see the instructions today, thats from my memory u know.. and today I was so nervous sampai tangan pun sejuk mcm nak kena hukuman mati pun ada.. Ermmm..

Padahal bukan apa sgt pun... he told me all the relevant things. Since masa kasi penerangan tu he drew the organ/anatomy guess i could get A if sitting for the exam. Very clear and informative. Sgt lama la plak x pasal2 nurse tu kena tunggu lama.. thats d procedure ya tuan2.. kena ada nurse chaperone... thanx god 4 that.. kot x ada la orang mati tergolek sbb takut..

Did i told u the mere mention of his name petrified me? Sangat takut.. Ni smer gossip2 yg sy dgr masa kat dlm ward dulu la... isk isk.. katanya dia nih kepala hangin n kalau marah orang, sia2 je kaw2 kaw dia kasi.. katanya la kan...

And 2 months ago my experienced validate the gossip2.. Rasa mcm nak masuk bwh meja je masa tu when he started bising2 because of the damn ubat. Even berulang kali he said "not your fault" tp dgr dia bising2 tu rasa tertekan betul...

Thats what i expect he will do today.. tapi x pulak..

Instead it was me yang rasa nak sikukan his face when he was so excited nak tunjukkan how big the needle is despite i told him i dont wanna see. I was quite rude, even this is not the first time doctors were so euphoric with the needle size. I'll post the picture next month - my final treatment, but not now.

keseluruhannya.. it was a happy occassion. Dr M even taruk bius first so i didnt feel the pain. the first time jugak tu.. dr lain x bius pun..Cayala... *Sukasukasuka*.. Agaknya mood dia ok kot ari ni... x marah2 pun, calm je dia..even ada other doctors seeking his opinion, elok jer dia ckp.. x mcm.... the way ppl talked abt him behind his back..
Now i wonder... mcm dia baca jer my previous entry... ke ko yg ckp kat dia et? (ni namanya bating around d bush ye murid2) hahaha

Another first jugak.. he didnt mention anything abt kahwin directly..i m tired of being told by doctors r medical assistant that penyakit ni akan cured lps kawin (apa punya advice daa), he didnt say that. u see its really frustrated to be told that because kahwin is not something u can plan like ur diet, workout or taking supplement.. Its out of your control..

Instead he just said its very common in the first world country becoz tahap umur berkahwin makin tinggi (tu ayat dia) and until now there is no prevention. Ah... thats new to me... thats soothing too... I was told Dr M ni single lagi... agaknya sbb tu dia x ckp suh kawin kot... heheheh

Tp i decided to put him in my gud book jugak because..(ni dah lepas injection and i was about to leave the room) and i asked him matter-of-factly

Me : Doctor.. since td u mention fat also contributeto this disease. So i kena hit on diet la eh?
Dr M: Betul fat ada menyumbang... tp u nak diet apa lagi? u sudah ok...

Hah... part of me rasa nak suruh dia ulang 18 kali so that i can record and kasi kawan2 dengar.. tapi x pasal2 karang dia hangin lak.. dah elok2 org tu tgh mood ok..

I mean these are words from someone as credible as Dr M, a head of dept, a specialist and someone who knows me luar dan dalam. When i said dalam its means very deep coz he once see what inside my body looks like. hehe

Therefore, Zana I hope u read this... and pls told all and sundry... Walaupun sy tulis en3 ni pjg tp isi pentingnya yg bold tu je..

p/s Rasa mcm nak kena beli baju saiz baru la ni..


Now... the sengih2 from the receptionist remain a mystery. But I was told by someone in the know that i made quite a scene the last time i went to the clinic.

the one that i yelled at the poor nurse, the one that i called dr M who was on EL, the one that he arranged for other doc to see me and said he will give instruction via phone, the one that i left, the one that the nurse called my phone to know my whereabout coz the replacement doc is waiting.

Yes... that one..

And today, dgn muka tebal mcm tayar sy sincerely mintak maaf (profusely) and they were like...., wat hepen?..

tricky rite? i mean its not gud revealing all those thing when it has something 2 do with their boss. so i just said i had a bad day ...

thats it, a bad day wic supposed x melibatkan orang lain but i put it onto them.. agaknya now they started inventing stories abt the kepala-hangin patient ni..

ermmm... err.. my next check-up will be in July.. hopefully by then they forgot altogether abt it.. i wish...

Monday, March 26, 2007

2 citer berbeza

Ari : Today
Time : 2-5ptg
Venue : Seminar Hall

I recognized her straight away. Most probably her to me. They way she looked at me, lingered at my table when she distributed handouts, books and apa2 sajala... i know she remembers me.

We were housemate some 13 0r 14 years ago. I was poor and young. Too young to understand wats going on except i heard she banged the door.

We were shocked. At least I was extremely shock!!

No it doesnt stop there. Little by little we drifted apart. There were 5 of us. And suddenly the 2 friends stop talking to me when she's around.

I can understand if its really a masalah negara sangat, but no. It was bangang-punya-hal. She was a clerk but cant do the account. So Kak A helped her, ajar mana yg patut. Pas tu when she cant tallied the account dia naik hangin.. and hempas barang2 rumah.. tarik muka lagi..

And Kak A being the eldest, asked her wats bother her.. and dia ngamuk. X mo ckp ngan Kak A and the back biting started. Suddenly she stopped talking to me as well, i cant see the other reason except i was Kak A roommate..

Takat x nk ckp ok lagi... I cant stand the innuendos. I cant stand the way, she gelak2 and later pointed 2 me and gelak lagi, and she scowl whenever i wanted to join her.. Sekali 2 ok lagi... kalau dah hari2... Pangkah je dia..

Ye la kan.. sbb ni blog norizan adnan of course la dia je yg betull.. but then having spent 7 years in school hostel (masa tu br je abis sekolah) i cant stand her way. Never, i mean i never met somebody like her in my entire life (at that moment la kan)..

I forgot apa kesudahannya... but seeing her today i failed to see any reason why i should talk to her. No benefit either.

She had ample time to make ammend to Kak A in the past but she didnt. Instead of that x pasal2 roomamate Kak A yang x tau apa2 ni pun dia heret sekali dlm drama dia.

I dont think she is fit to be someone i call friend.

Because u see.. there is a saying, "seseorang muslim itu dinilai daripada dengan siapa dia berkawan dan sahabat adalah cerminan diri kamu".

Now... there is also a hadith.."x ckp 3 hari masuk neraka"..
well... can i say i don hv anything to say to her?

Unfortunately, I m not gud in playing "talam-two-face"role. When I said awak-jahat-mcm-tayar.. u r forever tayar to me..

Ari : Rabu Last week
Time : 1.oo - 1.40p.m
Venue : Tabung Haji

When i entered no one there except a man manned the counter and a pak guard. I noticed pak guard tu cepat2 bangun n g tunggu kat pintu. As usual.. sy buat2 x nampak jer... malas betul nk bersosial..

i took my time sbb cant stand the heat outside (tengah hari tuuu). After considerable time i finished checking and triple checking my passbook, then i went out.

Goshh!!!! "pakcik!!.. pakcik kat sini ke sekarang?"

And that particular pakcik guard komplen that dr td dia berdiri kat situ semata2 nak tgk whether i still recognised him or not.. to wic i replied.."apa makannya x ingat?"

Pas tu mcm kitaorg tukar2 citer perkembangan terbaru (even until now i dunno his name - he is pakcik guard tabung haji to me and maybe for him i m pompuan yang naik EX5 dtg ke Tabung haji tiap bulan bawak 4,5 passbook adik beradik dia sekali.. )

Pak guard ni mmg baik betul.. X penah jumpa la yg best mcm dia.. x caya tanyala mana2 Tabung Haji customer kat Slim River. Nak sebut pun takut x cukup column..

Make short i was so happy seeing him healthy and lead a happy life.. coz he derseved it.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The launching

was better than i expected - that not sound too enthusiastic rite..

at least i m proud of nina n d gang presentation. the taaruf went well too.. had so much fun. we (kids n i) picked bee as our logo and we buzz as motto.
1495, echoic of bees and other insects. Meaning "a busy rumor" is attested from 1605. Aviation sense of "fly low and close" is 1941. Sense of "pleasant sense of intoxication" first recorded 1935. The game of counting off, with 7 or multiples of it replaced by buzz is attested from 1864. Buzzword first attested 1946. Buzz off (1914) originally meant "to ring off on the telephone." Buzzer "apparatus for making loud buzzing noises" is from 1870.
^ tu dr etymology dictionary-

apart from that... ble la tahan.


Since yesterday there was something pelik2 berlaku. Since ari ni jumaat so x leh ngumpat la.(ari lain pun x ble jugak sebenarnya...)

tp ari ni konpius.. i was in class wen nina said somebody wanted 2 see me. told nina i'll be downstairs after 2.50p.m. i was almost forgot abt it, until its time for me to perform my zuhur prayer. bumped into nina and asked did she convey my messages earlier.

nina : i m confused. Ms KLM said Ms JKL wanted to see u, then i passed your message to Ms KLM and she said, not she know nothing about it.
me : it's not april yet right?
nina : y?
me : not april fool prank huh? should i go?
nina : hahahah.. dont.. she would probably say the same thing 2 u.

April Fool is attested from 1687. April-gowk (from O.N. gaukr "a cuckoo") is a northern variant. April Fool's Day customs of sending people on false errands seem to have come to Eng. from France late 17c.; originally All Fool's Day (1712). In Cumberland, Westmorland and northern parts of Lancashire and Yorkshire, however, May 1 was the day for hoaxing, and the fool was a May gosling. That custom was first attested 1791.

For the record, I was eating with Ms KLM in the canteen half an hour before and Ms JKL also chaired the group meetings with me an hour earlier.

Apa ke pelik beno dunia nih.. and i did wat i always did wen i'm confused - buat bodo jer...

If somebody want me to know something she'll let me know by telling me, becoz i wont know wat u r thinking ladies. nor did wen u r talking behind my back..


Had a brief meeting with Farhan 2day. Rasanya biasa jer tp bila nampak peluh menitik kat dahi dia (despite duk bawah kipas).. i was like... awk ni takut ngan saya ke?

and the poor boy sengih and timidly said no.

and i told him... pls dont coz u make me tertekan...

i did.

the fact that their ex-teacher (nama dia kak sha) leave some money to me, and since after a month she left but still no substitute therefore i have to do something with the class. Its not the workload that bothers me.

I worry that they dont like me, dont think that i m fit to replace Kak sha (even temporarily), not gud enuff or make short, i m not welcome.

thats y the brief meeting took place. and later we kind of had MoU. and I'll be seeing em' once a week.

In time like this, i remember someone whom his most favourite phrase is " cuba jangan treat i mcm student u kat sekolah".... till now i dunno wat he means. I dont think he knows how i treat my students oso..

and in time like this... i'll do wat i alwez did when i remember this particular someone..

cried myself 2 sleep.

becoz sometimes.....

arghhhhh.....words failed me.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

ajaran sesat

Kot yer pun kids ni nk buat perangai jgnla time i was sedeyyy tahap gajah.

it was the most miserable week in my life( rujuk previous en3). i was reading newspapers in the library sambil nangis (nothing to do with the news) when the kids came, clad in their telekung.

diorang kena halau ngan ustazah coz x kemas telekung, bising dlm surau, lambat dtg solat and etc etc... jap.. sblm ada parents yg nak bakar blog ni or nk hantar letter of complaint to school. (padahal pakngah ngan et jer yg baca pun), let me clear the air first.

weeks before, during the assembly Sathiya complained abt kids behaviour during solat. no hard feelings, it only spurred the poor ustazah on to work harder. afterall.... she seems impervious by the criticism.
was an uphill struggle. kids ni x mo gak berubah. thats y ustazah so hangin.

seeing them sembahyang jemaah dlm library made me so frustrated with myself. its my duty as a sister to guide them, but look wat have i done? nothing!!!

i told them wat i feel, and urged them to work with me to do something about it. and i burst into tears (sesuatu yg x pernah berlaku la kan and x mungkin berulang lagi insyaAllah).

from then on i started stays in surau and did whatever i can to help the kids. i m not alone, zana is my right hand together with the MKT too.

honestly i m a bit jahil too. er... banyak jugak jahilnya..

thanx 2 everyone the situation improved tremendously. the poor ustazah tu la yg ckp... she said she was give up then and felt extremely relieved now.

The downside is...

td ada 3 kids lepas abis solat zohor berjemaah, dia bgn nk sembahyang mula.

Me : napa eh diorang ni? *kerut2kening*
Ustazah : Hahaha cuba zan tanya

Me : Kak (thats endearment ok) sy nak marah, tp sy konpius gak.. dont u know how 2 pray jemaah?
Kids : Tau.. kitaorang nk sembahyang semula la ni..
Me : Y? tadi kan dah sembahyang? Fr wic class r u?
Kids : We're Teratai* kan u told us... kalau masuk lambat, sembahyang ikut imam dulu lepas tu sembahyang semula..
Me : What?? Weiiii. sy ckp salah ker? *rollingondfloor*.sorrysorrysorry sy mmg x pndai pls talk 2 ustazah.. (ustazah pun tgh ketawa terkekeh2)

btw Teratai is the last class, supposedly i give a clearer instruction.. my fault.

Did i told u I love my job? Tapi jgnla jadi ustazah-konfem x lepas..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Citer lain ah pulak

Was trying 2 upload few pix when the connection halted. Malas dah nk try... konfem xder smgt d way... that's Phi (pronounce-Fi) our helpful tourist guide. I like him. Zana pun kata dia nmpak mcm penyayang... rasanya yer kot.... nanti2 la citer..

Now I would like 2 tell u a story -The Drama of d Year.

She lives in XYX but had treatment in XoX town. The main reason is, there was no hospital in XYX before, i mean when she started complaining abt the pain some 7 years ago.

During d operation the docs in XoX hospital were on leave so Dr SRS from XYX took over. He did the usual, interview, scanning.. bla bla..

And the operation day came, Dr SRS name was printed on the white tag on her right wrist. She was unconscious during d operation, but the next day Dr SRS paid her a visit (tu namanya ward round) and explained all the details.

after operation she was given an injection treatment, on 22nd every month for 6 months. since her house is quite far, she was given 2 syringes in a go and are advised to see the doc in the nearest hospital. wic is XYX la kan..

in Dec she was treated by Dr SRS himself, whom denied he did the operation despite she swore it was his name on her wrist tag. Dr SRS bersungguh2 menafikan n told her, it was Dr JKL himself because somehow.... lupa la dia ckp apa... tapi yg ingat dia kata.. it was tough.

ok.. fine.. x ngaku sudah... at the same time she submitt insurance claim form to the XoX hospital. She applied for the cheapest laporan perubatan - not fr head of dept ke hapa.

it happened that they had a rule, only the big boss (dr JKL) will do it. and he's bz. its delayed.

until her next routine check up. He was there, holding d medical report fr patologist and the one for insurance. and d finger pointing started. Because d report didnt matched their first assumption and the medicine is damn expensive. And she had 2 boxes at home. And the main issue was.. who signed the release. (rasa mcm kes razak baginda plak.. except she has no duit juta2 la kan...). He denied he operated her... again... later he at then end of finger pointing session he admitted...yeah i remember u.. u were d only one becoz after that my father passed away".

He said he was very sure abt his first assumption/findings and will asked 2nd report fr pathologist, therefore he cant release LP for my insurance claim. wic is ok with her. as long as not exceeded the grace period. and he wanted d medicine back, well its expensive, and promised he will call.

He never call but she got the LP few days later, everything was like he told her. she got her compensation/money and dah selamat dihabiskan pun.. she continues with the medication.

then came the next routine check up. she was treated by diff doctor (dd). And dd asked her lots of questions wic confused her. She wanted some answer fr Dr JKL, but she was terrified coz he was yelling (ke mmg suara dia gitu) to his subordinates.

dd asked her to stop d medicine at once! wen told she had like 2 boxes at home, dd asked her to keep it. Oh? its like usd335 each on goverment money la bodo'. No.. she didnt tell dd anything outta respect of Dr JKL position. We shud respect d boss.

after much thought, her best fren advised her to call drJKL. she did. He said d 2nd report was similar 2 d first report.

but my Insurance LP? asked she.

i only had ur best interest at heart- comes his reply.

He wanted her to come for thorough examination. He suggested a date, she told him "sy xder kat Malaysia". He said.. do come bila free. she picked the next day. he agreed.

She drove like 120km back and forth just for the check-up. Was told he's on leave. She was furious, snapped to the poor nurses and they advised her 2 call him.

She did and almost broke to tears. He said he'll arranged 4 other doc to see her and he'll give instruction via phone and asked her to hold on.

She regretted the bad things she said and was abt to texting him 2 say sorry when he called back, saying the arrangement has been made. She said sorry for being inconsiderate since he's on emergency leave and prefer 2 come another day. he okayed it and dgn suara yg mcm sedeyy ckp.. ye la.. i m on emergency leave ma.... she melted (tolong ahhh jgn buat sora cenggitu dah)..

All d way home she cried, partly sbb tgh sengkek (jauhh tuuu) mainly coz d nite before she got berita buruk and now was treated badly too. like d whole world was against her..sedeyyy. Afterall its been a long long time since she lost her temper. She was ashamed of herself. Seems like she not worths of living..

and d next few days she cried almost all the time. she was a diff person, kata kwn2nya la and almost kena pangkah..coz she alway cried and refused to mingle. hehehhe until a friend knocked some senses into her.

she tried 2 forget the incident but she cant coz tomorrow is the 22nd!

she called him this morning. he is in genting, attending a congress and will be free next week and said he has to examine her before giving advice.

and she is nervous-wrecked before tomorrow is 22nd. she cant sleep tonite because she cant stop thinking.. wat will happen...

the truth is in her adulthood life, this is the first time she had no cramps, no pain, no vomiting dlm masa 4 bln berturut2.

she is happy being healthy.

thats the reason y she didnt make fuss abt d drama. secretly she thanked Dr JKL for saving her life.

but then if only she could ask something to Dr JKL, please do not raised ur voice when u see her. she knows u were talking to someone else, not her, but she's scared.

she might look brave and chirpy at the outta layer but it will gone once u yell.. u scared her to death. lagi pun, after d operation wic done by u, she found out she's over-sensitive lately.. even tgk rika sumarto jerit kat bawang putih pun dia dah rasa tertekan dan siap mengeletar lg.

is that 2 much 2 ask?


Phi (blue cap) cuba nak takut2kan Uda, Kak Reha n Kak Lah

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rubber time and a pleasant surprise

Phi, our tourist guide told us that in Vietnam rubber time is equivalent 2 janji melayu (perlu ke nk elaborate?).. thats becoz kat vietnam byk rubber..

Nop.. not going 2 talk abt Phi.. not yet.. hehheh

2day ada kejadian memalukan betull... sheesh!!!!!!!!!!

I was late for PSS course. I mean the course starts off at 2p.m. masuk Zohor kol 1.30p.m. My home is like 1 hour journey to the venue.. ingat senang?? (yg ni alasan je sebenarnya.... org lain elok jer dtg on time..hehhe)

Gud news - i broke my record - instead of one hour i make it in 30 mins jer... Bravooo (hopefully mr speedtrapman tgh mkn la masa tu)

Bad news - very embarrassing moment

u see.. cam biasa bila dh lmbat n ceramah dah start-i was aiming the back chairs, when one of d penceramah himself called me, "ijan meh duk depan". Ijan? only few ppl called me that n he was a closed friend.

tapi itu dah lama, some 13 yrs ago kot... some ppl have a very long memory *sighsigh*

then sy ngan muka tayar pun pegila kat kerusi depan.. despite he pointed to a front row chair, huh thanx god ada kerusi kosong next to a chinese guy at the 2nd row. maka sy pun dgn abis konfiden duk beside him, eventho smer org duk sesama gender... pedulik apa.. kita kan equal.. multi-racial lagi(again.. ni pun alasan jer).

the lady penceramah tu pun siap2 berhenti ckp... even after i sat she still kind of said "stop staring at her, pls look at me... amboi... mentang2 la...look here pls"... rasanya dia gurau jer. tp at time rasa mcm nk bakar diri jer.. konfem besok misti dtg awal..

the last time sy diduga ngan dugaan sebegini (bunyi mcm x bersalah jer.. ) was during my diploma days.

It was the 1st lecture. So i put on my best, red baju kurung (sbb ingatkan wajib pakai-rupanya x pun)

My frens dah copkan kerusi, but I was a lil bit late (ok fine it was `really' late coz when i entered d packed hall, lecturer dah start dah). Mcm biasala 1st lecture mmg org ramai berjemaah dtg, i cant even move to my frens despite depa lambai2 tgn..

Pas tu I saw ada 2 org mamat tu. both chairs beside them kosong (yg lain smer penuh). Mamat no#1 was my senior masa degree. Mamat no#2 x kenal tpt he signalled suh duk kat dia. Since mak saya pesan dont talk 2 stranger so I asked politely (sumpah!!!) to hv d chair beside Mamat#1..

"ada orang" katanya la...

imagine org pandang2 n sure depa tau wat hepen afterall lama tu saya tercangak2....Tayarjer rasa muka... so i went to the next mamat and sat beside him n pura2 buat muka x bersalah.

tp x puas ati, smpai sudah kerusi kat mamat#1 tu xder org duk.. saja jer dia.. mmg pangkah betulla.. (i did balas dendam 2 him since he is my coursemate too but its another story)

moral of d story - jgn pakai baju merah.

while writing this.. got sms fr 017xxxxxxx.
since i lost my hp. now pakai my mom's so no ni was not in mom's address book.

tp rasanya mcm i dialed d number..

guess wat??? its Khairil Rahimy. We met tru chatroom sbb satu mlm sy gian nk main pool and he was there, then kita org betting, he lost tp dia kata tu bukan salah dia tapi salah toke CC tu sbb tutup kedai.. (alasan!!!!!!!!!!)Dia keje kapal, now port kat port klang. Lemme see.. dulu2 everytime singgah port he will call me, now dah x pun.. hmmm

then he broke d news - he-is-a-father-to-be..

well.. masalah negaranya... kahwinnya bila? i mean this fella baru je putus tunang last yr, pas tu i was kind of jadi his confidante n siap carikan gf lagi (ok..ok... sy mmg xder kerjaya..)

maka sambil-gelak-konon2-x-bersalah he told me all... hahahha no.. dia bukan kawin kawin gitu-gitu (jgn marah aaa kerel, akak kan CEO...)

br jer ari tu jumpa marine engineer kat vietnam wic kind of reminds me of kerel. same size, same kaler, same post (belasah la... janji sama engineer padahal kerel lectric) and peel for sama- suka berckp..

sometimes life is so unpredictable. watever it is i m so happy for him. as long as he didnt repeat, "kak sy mmg ternanti2kan kad jemputan akak". because u see.. i hv to repeat my very standard answer..

Kad jemputan hari sukan? boleh?

Monday, March 19, 2007


Tetiba rasa mcm sedeyyy...

maybe i shud go to nando's more often.. (x kena mengena)..a

Sunday, March 18, 2007


i m sleepy now.

went to kl 2 see et this morning and cam biasala kan... hd a gud time mkn sambil bercerita mcm dah 18 thn x jmpa.. supposedly i have a class this morning but i've informed the kids and they're more than happy to hear it (few of them x malu2 bersorak riang...)

had a new gorgeous tshirt (on et la plak). actually its kind of azab to find tshirt that can fit both of us. et is S and i m an xl size. lots of tshirt wic we like, but then it was either xder size or xl dia pun pendek jer... then we found this one..

its only that 4 hours later i found out harga dia rm56. i tot murah jer.. if only i knew sahih x beli.. bapakla mahal..

we ate at garden seafood tg malim. mcm habis best jer mkn kat situ.. turned out the food soo bland.. make short the food is not for me la..even org lain elok jer mkn..

et asked me apa kena mengena my previous post..

huhuuu.. tu la masalahnya bila buat keje tgh sleepy..

Gini... Masa dlm flight ari tu i read poems by Nguyen (a vietnamese poet). The poems sgt menyentuh hati sampai sy siap2 salin tu (sesuatu yg dh bertahun x berlaku)..

I just realised poems tu dah misplaced when i tried to write posting. Sbb x puas ati (dgn diri sendiri) so i just belasah jer taruk a poem yg pada satu waktu yang sangat2 lama dahulu was my favourite jugak.

The title of the posting (She doesnt matter!!) was invented by one of our gang during the trip. Since vietnamese mana paham ckp melayu kan... abis la smer orang kena spiking.

Most of the time kitaorang ngajuk salesgirls kat ban thanth market tu ckp.. very chip madam, no madam no, high koliti, 1 met (metre) 2 dollars, 2 dollars maximum!!(sbnarnya paling murah dia kasi tu 2 dollar jer wic means its minimum not maximum)

then masa weighing bag time nk balik tu... we were told max weight was 20kg but even one of the gang exceed the limit, the person-in-charge x kisah pun.

we were like .... wa... x kena bayarker? she smiled warmly and mouthed NO..

then one of d gang (mmg konfem beg dia berat!!!) happily ckp kuat2.. "u know.. she doesnt matter!!!.

whatttt!!!!! we were like laughing rolling on the floor..

pas tu the phrase she doesnt matter kind of lawak of the year la..

make short- the posting sepatutnya abt vietnam, just that\... entahla...


see.. tu secara x langsung to say that i spent my holiday in Vietnam.

last year during my holiday in West Sumatra, I met a new fren (x mo tulis nama dia) in front of Istana Bung Hatta. Eventhough we spent some 30mins together (tu secara terpaksa) but until now we still keep in touch.

No ni bkn citer movie ker hapa yg boy-meets-girl pas tu gitu-gitu. He is an interesting person with impeccable English command and strong religious background. We are fast friends.

So sblm pergi i kind of hoping akan jumpa someone mcm best jugak in Vietnam like him. U know.. the one yg jumpa 30mins tp jd kwn for life.. tp x jmpa pun... sgt sedih...

but then zana n i did make a new fren actually.

there's a lady yg kejar kitaorang semata2 nak pulangkan balance and kasi kain sbb kitaorg memecut 100m sbb 1. pasar tu dah nak tutup. 2. kitaorang kena ada dlm van kol 7 and masa tu dah 10 min lewat.

the next day bila zana n i lalu kat depan lady tu, she called us.."come my friend, i want to give u ring..u are my friend, ysterday u run"

itaorg pun singgah kedai dia partly sbb zana nak beli lagi kain mainly sbb excited nak dpt ring (cincin)..

pas tu her staff dtg bwk dua biji kelapa.. pas tu she invited us, "ring my frens. thse coconut i give special for u. u r my frens. Ring!.. ring!"

its not everytime a newly-found fren offered u ring. So we ring and i tell u.. sedap giler..
sbb free kot..

but then masa tu ada sorang sri lankan marine engineer tu spoke highly of that lady. He said whenever he came to vietnam misti dia singgah kedai lady tu...

well i think the engineer tu sgt menarik hidupnya... and dia pun mcm beria2 nak bercerita. It just that i was too busy nak memecut lari ke van, jd nya even few times he hinted nk dtg malaysia in 2 weeks time tp x terpk lak nak kasi email add ke hapa..

iskk x perla.. at least i've made a new fren oso la... the ring lady. enuff la tu....

adusss... sgt ngantuk nih..
nite evryone

Friday, March 16, 2007

She doesnt matter!!!!

I really want to post Nguyen's poem. sangat menarik dan menyentuh hati.. but i dunno where I left it (salin dalam suratkabo n now ntah mana ntah suratkabo tu).

well.. this is one of my favorites

Oh, when I was in love with you
then I was clear and brave
And miles around the wonder grew
How well did I behave

And now the fancy passes by
and nothing will remain
and miles around they'll say
that I
am quite myself again

A.E Houseman

Monday, March 12, 2007

Projek baguss punya

Yesterday was funn!!!

punyala nk kuar ngan et sampaikann i dismissed kids an hour earlier. then br realised.. chesss .. patut ah depa sesengih je angkat beg.. xder sorang pun nk kasi tau sy dah silap tgk jam.. bertuah betull..

ok.. et n i can biasala.. very spontaneous ppl. we went to golf club semata2 nk jumpa pakcik yg ada jaguar n jd guest of honor tournament tu. we were excited sgt dpt tgk jag dia tp smpai sudah cuma nmpak polis2 yg escort dia jer... byg dia lgsung x nmpak ..x kisahla..

Jie ngan suka ati entertained segala mak datuk questions fr us. He promised to tke us to green bila x bz sgt (tgh ada tournament tu wat d u expect).

Then masa nk balik Jie bekalkan kitaorg ngan suratkabo.. tot to answer all our questions tp sbnarnya kat situ ada gambo dia.. 2 keping lagi dahla kaler.. and we were like..."elehhhh!" dlm hati abis dengkila... mcm biasa..

On our way to Slim River (sbb keta et park kat situ) we stopped at Sg Buluh and eat. Its on et 2day. tapi selalunya pun mmg et yang belanja... dr sekolah smpai skrg sy asyik mkn free. sbb tu et makin kurus n sy lak.. makin... (fill in the blank)

Cam biasa bila kuar ngan et, mmg xder plan2 punyala.. Satu hari bila dh tua, rasanya sy xkan nyesal apa2 sbb sy dah pegi byk tmpat and ada kwn baik yg best mcm et. Kun Fit a.k.a Baby kata kitaorang gila sbb g mana2 mcmla tpt tu sblh umah. But heyyy!!!...

Kita ni idup sekali jer, kerja teruk2 ni la masa nak rewards diri sendiri. yg betulnya bkn smer org blessed with kwn baik yg sekepala. hehe.. Sebut pasal kwn baik...

Jie we looooove u so much.

Even tho br jer 4,5 thn kwn ngan jie tp rsnya mcm dah kenal lama sgt. Mmg bestla, i mean of course la Jie ni "gitu" sikit tp as long as we know the limit and respect each other.. no problemo. The things that we love most abt him. Dia jujur, funny, ikhlas and selalu ada masa utk kengkwan. Even tho dia bz but still he find time... opps silap.. mcm ni.. unlike others yg seploh kali mintak kita paham betapa bznya dia.. Jie always make us understand him. Mcm org katala.. dont ask me to understand ur predicament, make me understand.

And et is planning to take us to live band (sebenarnya et yg suka sgt nk tgk live band - jie konfem suka kalau dia tau).

I've never seen live band b4. Live band joget lambak tu adala.. tu pun sbb org kawin tu depan umah. Ari tu et ajak g karaoke..

Et ni pun biar betul.. dulu2 x nak ajak.. ni sejak sy jadi Hajjah ni.. iskkk... (No I m not Hajjah tu Sathiya punya lawak.. he asked should I call u Hajjah? uikss)

Sebenarnya kuar ngan et even just bergolek kat spa pun sonok jugak. Because its the talkandtalkandtalkandtalk thingy wic makes our outing giler best. We did once .. g spa tu la kan..

And today I woke up quite late. sgt letih and gabra. Nasib Uda tolong photostatkan the materials. It's my first projek amal for this year despite my plan nk buat at least 3.

I've been planning for this event since early this year, but could find time with my tight schedule (i worked 24/7 nowadays). Date ni pun finalised at the 11th hour.

I m glad when its over coz I'm damned tired. had a gud time with kids tho. Thanx to Ja, Mira and Mira 2 for their time.

And now I'm at home, packing things coz after Asar I'll be playing the supir role. Godwilling tomorrow I'll spend my holiday in a place where d food is bland. So Mak, despite dia byk kali ckp sy anak dia yang paling degil, dah sediakan jeruk cili coz dekat 18 kali I told her sy nk bwk cili sbb takut nnti x larat mkn kot x pedas.. sbb tu dia buat jugak kot.

Its time to take nap. Happy holiday to all.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kerana sport rim dan siaran ulangan

Uda: .....sta... td
Me: Star apa?
Uda:Nak kapak la ko ni (euphemism for pekak-badak hehe)

The truth is, Uda ckp pun bisik2 mana nak dengar sgt. Then when Acho gone (attended pre-wedding feast gotongroyong) she confided to me the morning drama.

She was in the kitchen preparing breakfast when she heard the racketing noise. Sounds like accident wic makes mom and her rushed out to investigate.

Acho was hangin-tahap-gaban to Joe who listened to his ranting silently. "Pergi tukar sport rim ni sekarang jugak".. maka Joe start kereta n terus g kedai.

Mom cried, she tried to console her eldest son but Acho snapped to her too. "kan orang dah ckp jgn hidupkan road-tax kereta dah. Biar dia, nak beli minyak ke nak apa, pandai2la dia sendiri".

It was me who renewed his car road tax partly coz takut nanti lebih tarikh kena g puspakom lak.Mainly coz mommy byk kali ckp dia malu coz Joe tumpang kereta orang, when we have 2 cars at home, and 2 lorries and 5 motorbikes (sia2 jer ada byk transport nak tumpang kereta org jugak)

I've told him its really up 2 him to stick the road tax r not as long as that car ada road tax. Masa tu dia x mrh pun...jam2 tu gak dia tampal.

Even Acho is our adik but he kind of the man of the house. Dia ckp apapun kitaorg dgr coz we know he always had our best interest at heart. Normally jarang jer dia tinggi suara unless benda tu betul2 serius.

Tapi apa salahnya tukar sport rim?

Rupa2nya (bila tgh marah barula dia ckp mcm2) ari tu Joe n d gang belasah orang sbb apa ntah.. sort of org tu potong kereta dia ke gitu la (kengkonon habis taiko la tu). Mamat tu g buat police report, fortunately the father knows Acho and depa tarik balik report tu.

"Kot x dua-dua masuk dalam tau (sapa lagi sorang x tau la). Ni dah taruk sport rim ni nak belagakla, nak jalan sana sini la.. pas tu buat perangai. Orang dah lama duk kat kampung x pernah bergaduh, dia baru balik kampung dah cari pasal. Baru ada duit sikit dah x ingat la tu (actually Acho Acho spend byk kat his business jugak dulu)".

OOO gitu rupanya... pas tu Uda and I gelak berguling2...

Nop, kitaorg gelak bkn sbb kitaorg suka sgt ada adik kaki belasah. But then, Kot x kerana sport rim x tau lak Joe penah belasah orang and the main reason Acho x nk renew his road tax... becoz the boys suka sangat simpan rahsia. Unlike we girls kot boleh smer benda nak citer...

Like jigsaw puzzles now evrything comes into places. Afterall now we know why kids yg paling taiko kat pun xder pun dia nk buat pasal ngan kitaorang (both of us in d same field)

Afterall we r glad Acho had knocked a little sense to our lil bro. Hopefully pas ni dia x buat dah. Amin..


Few years ago, either diorang ni rabun beramai2 atau hilang akal secara berjemaah tapi mmg i had lots of "yang itu" proposals.

Mula2 x peduli sgt, turned down and buat2 bodo je tp when my uncle asked me to validate the news... fuhhh konpius tahap tenuk tu.

Then I bought a ring (i dont like ring tp rasa mcm terpaksa n thats the first jewellery i bought), put it on my sweet finger(hehhe) and every time kids curiously asked, "cincin yg tu ke ?".. I put my you-know smile. Tu bukan tipu sgt namanya kan... sbb I didnt say anything.

Tapi masalahnya cincin tu hilang when d first time i met nik zainal, an old fren. Then I bought another one, pas tu hilang jugak... then i dont bother...

Then 3 days ago a colleague asked me, "pakwe akak doktor yer?"

Then 2 days ago a kid asked, "cikgu dah kahwin ke belum?" . to wic i replied, "dont u like me if im single?".. "tak.. tp saya ada abang" katanya la kan...

Then this morning, after tuition, Nana a year 6 kid, asked the same question. and I gave her the same hah-amikk-kau-answer. But her replied makes me... ermmm "saya suka cikgu, cikgu cantik kenapa cikgu x kahwin lagi?"

Did I hear she said cantik? Mulia betul hati budak2 ni *grin ear2ear*... but no i m not cantik at all. Yg tu mmg konpem.

Then when later, a girl from my other tuition class wanted to kenen me with her Pak Su, and the other pun nak kenalkan ngan sapa-ntah.. I was konpius. rasanya sy x pernah lak ckp i hv problems being single, in fact i love it to bits.

Hmm ni sgt luarbiasa nih... i dont believe in coincident. When 3 days in a row diajukan ngan soklan yg hampir sama... Makes me wonder.. apsal last yr xder sapa pun tanya cenggini. Ke ada citer2 yg orang lain tau tp sy x tau?

Doktor? doktor mana?

The only doctor yang sy kenal betul (as in tau tarikh lahir, hobi, education, bla bla bla) is Dr Mahathir. Tu pun sbb I borrowed a book on him fr the library.

Doktor lain x kenal.

Friday, March 09, 2007

again.. thnx to Pakngah anak beranak.

i have a flair for menjahanamkan gadgets. cumanya i used to be damn lucky sbb ada org sekeliling yg mmg tabah dan gigih dan sedia berkhidmat.

his time around, tetiba x leh buat posting. asyik2 dia tulis error jer.

pakngah bukan orang sekeliling. dia duk kat bandar tun razak dan sy duk kat uganda. tapi sbb dia la satu2nya pokcik sy kat dunia cyber nih, therefore i called him last nite(after numerous futile attempts). then pakngah n his son tlg la tru mail. pas tu mcm ok. tp x ok gak.

cess pas tu br perasan, sbnarnya x ikut nasihat pakngah betul2 smlm. so ari ni try lagi. senang jer rupanya.... ceeeewahhh!!..

pakngah nk mkn apa td? hehe


Yesterday was pelik-tahap-tenuk.

Aje yg begik si Ms X,. Kalau sorang je komplen maybe la org tu salah, tapi dah 5/9 org dtg ckp she's wrong, masih lagi nk menjawab.

Pernah x korang kutuk orang tu, dan bila orang tu dtg korang terus gak kutuk dia? x pernahkan.. yesterday was my 1st time also.

This morning i called zana, asked her to channel our energy kat benda2 yg berpekdah dr sebut nama Ms x. We agreed to a projek-amal-tp-rahsia and ari ni jugak kitaorg set up comittee dan insyaAllah kalau jadi (doa2kanlah) projek ni akan berterusan sampaila kitaorg dah x ada di dunia ni lagi. *sukasukasuka*
Bit bz abt this one.

Then b4 balik Zana kasi tau, " saya tau akak x nk ngumpat ari ni tp kan td kan, dia ckpkan.. bla.. bla.. bla.. pas tu dia nangis".. i was like.."hilang akal ke hapa?"

mcm kak siti nasihatkan sy semlm, "alangkah bagusnya kalau kita menangis sbb dosa2 kita"
(tu nasihat utk diri sendiri jugak).

Jie suh ckp last week dia training golf ngan iskk apa lak nama mamat tu eh, PGA player la katanya.

now that man n his wife ada tournament kat singapore.

yg ni Jie x suh ckp, tp sy rasa dia ada geffren skrg.. tp dia nak rahsiakan from me kot..

sejak bila lak ngan kengkwan pun nak berahsia ni? Sgt x puas ati.


ello world!!