Monday, March 26, 2007

2 citer berbeza

Ari : Today
Time : 2-5ptg
Venue : Seminar Hall

I recognized her straight away. Most probably her to me. They way she looked at me, lingered at my table when she distributed handouts, books and apa2 sajala... i know she remembers me.

We were housemate some 13 0r 14 years ago. I was poor and young. Too young to understand wats going on except i heard she banged the door.

We were shocked. At least I was extremely shock!!

No it doesnt stop there. Little by little we drifted apart. There were 5 of us. And suddenly the 2 friends stop talking to me when she's around.

I can understand if its really a masalah negara sangat, but no. It was bangang-punya-hal. She was a clerk but cant do the account. So Kak A helped her, ajar mana yg patut. Pas tu when she cant tallied the account dia naik hangin.. and hempas barang2 rumah.. tarik muka lagi..

And Kak A being the eldest, asked her wats bother her.. and dia ngamuk. X mo ckp ngan Kak A and the back biting started. Suddenly she stopped talking to me as well, i cant see the other reason except i was Kak A roommate..

Takat x nk ckp ok lagi... I cant stand the innuendos. I cant stand the way, she gelak2 and later pointed 2 me and gelak lagi, and she scowl whenever i wanted to join her.. Sekali 2 ok lagi... kalau dah hari2... Pangkah je dia..

Ye la kan.. sbb ni blog norizan adnan of course la dia je yg betull.. but then having spent 7 years in school hostel (masa tu br je abis sekolah) i cant stand her way. Never, i mean i never met somebody like her in my entire life (at that moment la kan)..

I forgot apa kesudahannya... but seeing her today i failed to see any reason why i should talk to her. No benefit either.

She had ample time to make ammend to Kak A in the past but she didnt. Instead of that x pasal2 roomamate Kak A yang x tau apa2 ni pun dia heret sekali dlm drama dia.

I dont think she is fit to be someone i call friend.

Because u see.. there is a saying, "seseorang muslim itu dinilai daripada dengan siapa dia berkawan dan sahabat adalah cerminan diri kamu".

Now... there is also a hadith.."x ckp 3 hari masuk neraka"..
well... can i say i don hv anything to say to her?

Unfortunately, I m not gud in playing "talam-two-face"role. When I said awak-jahat-mcm-tayar.. u r forever tayar to me..

Ari : Rabu Last week
Time : 1.oo - 1.40p.m
Venue : Tabung Haji

When i entered no one there except a man manned the counter and a pak guard. I noticed pak guard tu cepat2 bangun n g tunggu kat pintu. As usual.. sy buat2 x nampak jer... malas betul nk bersosial..

i took my time sbb cant stand the heat outside (tengah hari tuuu). After considerable time i finished checking and triple checking my passbook, then i went out.

Goshh!!!! "pakcik!!.. pakcik kat sini ke sekarang?"

And that particular pakcik guard komplen that dr td dia berdiri kat situ semata2 nak tgk whether i still recognised him or not.. to wic i replied.."apa makannya x ingat?"

Pas tu mcm kitaorg tukar2 citer perkembangan terbaru (even until now i dunno his name - he is pakcik guard tabung haji to me and maybe for him i m pompuan yang naik EX5 dtg ke Tabung haji tiap bulan bawak 4,5 passbook adik beradik dia sekali.. )

Pak guard ni mmg baik betul.. X penah jumpa la yg best mcm dia.. x caya tanyala mana2 Tabung Haji customer kat Slim River. Nak sebut pun takut x cukup column..

Make short i was so happy seeing him healthy and lead a happy life.. coz he derseved it.


Ruzaidah said...

Waaa... pangkah orangtul. Ganas giler.

Bestkan bila orang ingat kat kita. Tapi definitely lagi best kalau orang yang ingat kita tuh orang kaya. keh keh keh

Kengkawan said...