Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Abaikan jer...except written in bold

I m confused!!

Last week when I called Dr M, he was in Ginting. He sounded so happy, i believe its something to do with the place itself even he said defiantly, "mana ada, attend congress saja.. smer hal keje, pegi mana pun x ada".

Yesterday I called him again to fix d appointment. He asked me to come 2day, between 9.30-10a.m. He insisted to give him a call once i reach the hospital.. (ye.. norizan mmg xder kerja lain asyik menalipon jer)

Since I will have a day course (2-5p.m) in Tapah so I have to wear something formal, something light and something sombre in colour. My expensive (for my standard la kan.... pada orang lain murah je kot), black, silk baju kurung is a perfect choice. Afterall its oredi a remembrance for something dreadful so i dont mind adding one more similar incident to that dress.

The truth is i am expecting something horrible will happen.

Called him bila sampai, he said he'll be there in 10 mins. I took more than 10 mins to kemas2 my car (ppl know that my hobby is menyepahkan semua barang dlm kereta). I dunno y i did that.. dont ask me.. it just therapy kot nak ilangkan nervous..

Then i went to the clinic, waited another 10 mins before i proceed to the counter and asked for Dr M. The receptionist sengih2 and cepat2 called another nurse and they checked his room n the answer is, "Dia belum datangla la.."

Seminit pas tu he was heading to his room and the nurse called me. Next he was attending to me and opened the pink file with my name clearly written on the cover and some terrible instructions written by Dr Ramesh followed the stupidstupidstupid incident during the scan last year.

No.. I cant see the instructions today, thats from my memory u know.. and today I was so nervous sampai tangan pun sejuk mcm nak kena hukuman mati pun ada.. Ermmm..

Padahal bukan apa sgt pun... he told me all the relevant things. Since masa kasi penerangan tu he drew the organ/anatomy guess i could get A if sitting for the exam. Very clear and informative. Sgt lama la plak x pasal2 nurse tu kena tunggu lama.. thats d procedure ya tuan2.. kena ada nurse chaperone... thanx god 4 that.. kot x ada la orang mati tergolek sbb takut..

Did i told u the mere mention of his name petrified me? Sangat takut.. Ni smer gossip2 yg sy dgr masa kat dlm ward dulu la... isk isk.. katanya dia nih kepala hangin n kalau marah orang, sia2 je kaw2 kaw dia kasi.. katanya la kan...

And 2 months ago my experienced validate the gossip2.. Rasa mcm nak masuk bwh meja je masa tu when he started bising2 because of the damn ubat. Even berulang kali he said "not your fault" tp dgr dia bising2 tu rasa tertekan betul...

Thats what i expect he will do today.. tapi x pulak..

Instead it was me yang rasa nak sikukan his face when he was so excited nak tunjukkan how big the needle is despite i told him i dont wanna see. I was quite rude, even this is not the first time doctors were so euphoric with the needle size. I'll post the picture next month - my final treatment, but not now.

keseluruhannya.. it was a happy occassion. Dr M even taruk bius first so i didnt feel the pain. the first time jugak tu.. dr lain x bius pun..Cayala... *Sukasukasuka*.. Agaknya mood dia ok kot ari ni... x marah2 pun, calm je dia..even ada other doctors seeking his opinion, elok jer dia ckp.. x mcm.... the way ppl talked abt him behind his back..
Now i wonder... mcm dia baca jer my previous entry... ke ko yg ckp kat dia et? (ni namanya bating around d bush ye murid2) hahaha

Another first jugak.. he didnt mention anything abt kahwin directly..i m tired of being told by doctors r medical assistant that penyakit ni akan cured lps kawin (apa punya advice daa), he didnt say that. u see its really frustrated to be told that because kahwin is not something u can plan like ur diet, workout or taking supplement.. Its out of your control..

Instead he just said its very common in the first world country becoz tahap umur berkahwin makin tinggi (tu ayat dia) and until now there is no prevention. Ah... thats new to me... thats soothing too... I was told Dr M ni single lagi... agaknya sbb tu dia x ckp suh kawin kot... heheheh

Tp i decided to put him in my gud book jugak because..(ni dah lepas injection and i was about to leave the room) and i asked him matter-of-factly

Me : Doctor.. since td u mention fat also contributeto this disease. So i kena hit on diet la eh?
Dr M: Betul fat ada menyumbang... tp u nak diet apa lagi? u sudah ok...

Hah... part of me rasa nak suruh dia ulang 18 kali so that i can record and kasi kawan2 dengar.. tapi x pasal2 karang dia hangin lak.. dah elok2 org tu tgh mood ok..

I mean these are words from someone as credible as Dr M, a head of dept, a specialist and someone who knows me luar dan dalam. When i said dalam its means very deep coz he once see what inside my body looks like. hehe

Therefore, Zana I hope u read this... and pls told all and sundry... Walaupun sy tulis en3 ni pjg tp isi pentingnya yg bold tu je..

p/s Rasa mcm nak kena beli baju saiz baru la ni..


Now... the sengih2 from the receptionist remain a mystery. But I was told by someone in the know that i made quite a scene the last time i went to the clinic.

the one that i yelled at the poor nurse, the one that i called dr M who was on EL, the one that he arranged for other doc to see me and said he will give instruction via phone, the one that i left, the one that the nurse called my phone to know my whereabout coz the replacement doc is waiting.

Yes... that one..

And today, dgn muka tebal mcm tayar sy sincerely mintak maaf (profusely) and they were like...., wat hepen?..

tricky rite? i mean its not gud revealing all those thing when it has something 2 do with their boss. so i just said i had a bad day ...

thats it, a bad day wic supposed x melibatkan orang lain but i put it onto them.. agaknya now they started inventing stories abt the kepala-hangin patient ni..

ermmm... err.. my next check-up will be in July.. hopefully by then they forgot altogether abt it.. i wish...

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