Thursday, March 22, 2007

ajaran sesat

Kot yer pun kids ni nk buat perangai jgnla time i was sedeyyy tahap gajah.

it was the most miserable week in my life( rujuk previous en3). i was reading newspapers in the library sambil nangis (nothing to do with the news) when the kids came, clad in their telekung.

diorang kena halau ngan ustazah coz x kemas telekung, bising dlm surau, lambat dtg solat and etc etc... jap.. sblm ada parents yg nak bakar blog ni or nk hantar letter of complaint to school. (padahal pakngah ngan et jer yg baca pun), let me clear the air first.

weeks before, during the assembly Sathiya complained abt kids behaviour during solat. no hard feelings, it only spurred the poor ustazah on to work harder. afterall.... she seems impervious by the criticism.
was an uphill struggle. kids ni x mo gak berubah. thats y ustazah so hangin.

seeing them sembahyang jemaah dlm library made me so frustrated with myself. its my duty as a sister to guide them, but look wat have i done? nothing!!!

i told them wat i feel, and urged them to work with me to do something about it. and i burst into tears (sesuatu yg x pernah berlaku la kan and x mungkin berulang lagi insyaAllah).

from then on i started stays in surau and did whatever i can to help the kids. i m not alone, zana is my right hand together with the MKT too.

honestly i m a bit jahil too. er... banyak jugak jahilnya..

thanx 2 everyone the situation improved tremendously. the poor ustazah tu la yg ckp... she said she was give up then and felt extremely relieved now.

The downside is...

td ada 3 kids lepas abis solat zohor berjemaah, dia bgn nk sembahyang mula.

Me : napa eh diorang ni? *kerut2kening*
Ustazah : Hahaha cuba zan tanya

Me : Kak (thats endearment ok) sy nak marah, tp sy konpius gak.. dont u know how 2 pray jemaah?
Kids : Tau.. kitaorang nk sembahyang semula la ni..
Me : Y? tadi kan dah sembahyang? Fr wic class r u?
Kids : We're Teratai* kan u told us... kalau masuk lambat, sembahyang ikut imam dulu lepas tu sembahyang semula..
Me : What?? Weiiii. sy ckp salah ker? *rollingondfloor*.sorrysorrysorry sy mmg x pndai pls talk 2 ustazah.. (ustazah pun tgh ketawa terkekeh2)

btw Teratai is the last class, supposedly i give a clearer instruction.. my fault.

Did i told u I love my job? Tapi jgnla jadi ustazah-konfem x lepas..

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