Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Citer lain ah pulak

Was trying 2 upload few pix when the connection halted. Malas dah nk try... konfem xder smgt d way... that's Phi (pronounce-Fi) our helpful tourist guide. I like him. Zana pun kata dia nmpak mcm penyayang... rasanya yer kot.... nanti2 la citer..

Now I would like 2 tell u a story -The Drama of d Year.

She lives in XYX but had treatment in XoX town. The main reason is, there was no hospital in XYX before, i mean when she started complaining abt the pain some 7 years ago.

During d operation the docs in XoX hospital were on leave so Dr SRS from XYX took over. He did the usual, interview, scanning.. bla bla..

And the operation day came, Dr SRS name was printed on the white tag on her right wrist. She was unconscious during d operation, but the next day Dr SRS paid her a visit (tu namanya ward round) and explained all the details.

after operation she was given an injection treatment, on 22nd every month for 6 months. since her house is quite far, she was given 2 syringes in a go and are advised to see the doc in the nearest hospital. wic is XYX la kan..

in Dec she was treated by Dr SRS himself, whom denied he did the operation despite she swore it was his name on her wrist tag. Dr SRS bersungguh2 menafikan n told her, it was Dr JKL himself because somehow.... lupa la dia ckp apa... tapi yg ingat dia kata.. it was tough.

ok.. fine.. x ngaku sudah... at the same time she submitt insurance claim form to the XoX hospital. She applied for the cheapest laporan perubatan - not fr head of dept ke hapa.

it happened that they had a rule, only the big boss (dr JKL) will do it. and he's bz. its delayed.

until her next routine check up. He was there, holding d medical report fr patologist and the one for insurance. and d finger pointing started. Because d report didnt matched their first assumption and the medicine is damn expensive. And she had 2 boxes at home. And the main issue was.. who signed the release. (rasa mcm kes razak baginda plak.. except she has no duit juta2 la kan...). He denied he operated her... again... later he at then end of finger pointing session he admitted...yeah i remember u.. u were d only one becoz after that my father passed away".

He said he was very sure abt his first assumption/findings and will asked 2nd report fr pathologist, therefore he cant release LP for my insurance claim. wic is ok with her. as long as not exceeded the grace period. and he wanted d medicine back, well its expensive, and promised he will call.

He never call but she got the LP few days later, everything was like he told her. she got her compensation/money and dah selamat dihabiskan pun.. she continues with the medication.

then came the next routine check up. she was treated by diff doctor (dd). And dd asked her lots of questions wic confused her. She wanted some answer fr Dr JKL, but she was terrified coz he was yelling (ke mmg suara dia gitu) to his subordinates.

dd asked her to stop d medicine at once! wen told she had like 2 boxes at home, dd asked her to keep it. Oh? its like usd335 each on goverment money la bodo'. No.. she didnt tell dd anything outta respect of Dr JKL position. We shud respect d boss.

after much thought, her best fren advised her to call drJKL. she did. He said d 2nd report was similar 2 d first report.

but my Insurance LP? asked she.

i only had ur best interest at heart- comes his reply.

He wanted her to come for thorough examination. He suggested a date, she told him "sy xder kat Malaysia". He said.. do come bila free. she picked the next day. he agreed.

She drove like 120km back and forth just for the check-up. Was told he's on leave. She was furious, snapped to the poor nurses and they advised her 2 call him.

She did and almost broke to tears. He said he'll arranged 4 other doc to see her and he'll give instruction via phone and asked her to hold on.

She regretted the bad things she said and was abt to texting him 2 say sorry when he called back, saying the arrangement has been made. She said sorry for being inconsiderate since he's on emergency leave and prefer 2 come another day. he okayed it and dgn suara yg mcm sedeyy ckp.. ye la.. i m on emergency leave ma.... she melted (tolong ahhh jgn buat sora cenggitu dah)..

All d way home she cried, partly sbb tgh sengkek (jauhh tuuu) mainly coz d nite before she got berita buruk and now was treated badly too. like d whole world was against her..sedeyyy. Afterall its been a long long time since she lost her temper. She was ashamed of herself. Seems like she not worths of living..

and d next few days she cried almost all the time. she was a diff person, kata kwn2nya la and almost kena pangkah..coz she alway cried and refused to mingle. hehehhe until a friend knocked some senses into her.

she tried 2 forget the incident but she cant coz tomorrow is the 22nd!

she called him this morning. he is in genting, attending a congress and will be free next week and said he has to examine her before giving advice.

and she is nervous-wrecked before tomorrow is 22nd. she cant sleep tonite because she cant stop thinking.. wat will happen...

the truth is in her adulthood life, this is the first time she had no cramps, no pain, no vomiting dlm masa 4 bln berturut2.

she is happy being healthy.

thats the reason y she didnt make fuss abt d drama. secretly she thanked Dr JKL for saving her life.

but then if only she could ask something to Dr JKL, please do not raised ur voice when u see her. she knows u were talking to someone else, not her, but she's scared.

she might look brave and chirpy at the outta layer but it will gone once u yell.. u scared her to death. lagi pun, after d operation wic done by u, she found out she's over-sensitive lately.. even tgk rika sumarto jerit kat bawang putih pun dia dah rasa tertekan dan siap mengeletar lg.

is that 2 much 2 ask?

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