Sunday, March 18, 2007


i m sleepy now.

went to kl 2 see et this morning and cam biasala kan... hd a gud time mkn sambil bercerita mcm dah 18 thn x jmpa.. supposedly i have a class this morning but i've informed the kids and they're more than happy to hear it (few of them x malu2 bersorak riang...)

had a new gorgeous tshirt (on et la plak). actually its kind of azab to find tshirt that can fit both of us. et is S and i m an xl size. lots of tshirt wic we like, but then it was either xder size or xl dia pun pendek jer... then we found this one..

its only that 4 hours later i found out harga dia rm56. i tot murah jer.. if only i knew sahih x beli.. bapakla mahal..

we ate at garden seafood tg malim. mcm habis best jer mkn kat situ.. turned out the food soo bland.. make short the food is not for me la..even org lain elok jer mkn..

et asked me apa kena mengena my previous post..

huhuuu.. tu la masalahnya bila buat keje tgh sleepy..

Gini... Masa dlm flight ari tu i read poems by Nguyen (a vietnamese poet). The poems sgt menyentuh hati sampai sy siap2 salin tu (sesuatu yg dh bertahun x berlaku)..

I just realised poems tu dah misplaced when i tried to write posting. Sbb x puas ati (dgn diri sendiri) so i just belasah jer taruk a poem yg pada satu waktu yang sangat2 lama dahulu was my favourite jugak.

The title of the posting (She doesnt matter!!) was invented by one of our gang during the trip. Since vietnamese mana paham ckp melayu kan... abis la smer orang kena spiking.

Most of the time kitaorang ngajuk salesgirls kat ban thanth market tu ckp.. very chip madam, no madam no, high koliti, 1 met (metre) 2 dollars, 2 dollars maximum!!(sbnarnya paling murah dia kasi tu 2 dollar jer wic means its minimum not maximum)

then masa weighing bag time nk balik tu... we were told max weight was 20kg but even one of the gang exceed the limit, the person-in-charge x kisah pun.

we were like .... wa... x kena bayarker? she smiled warmly and mouthed NO..

then one of d gang (mmg konfem beg dia berat!!!) happily ckp kuat2.. "u know.. she doesnt matter!!!.

whatttt!!!!! we were like laughing rolling on the floor..

pas tu the phrase she doesnt matter kind of lawak of the year la..

make short- the posting sepatutnya abt vietnam, just that\... entahla...


see.. tu secara x langsung to say that i spent my holiday in Vietnam.

last year during my holiday in West Sumatra, I met a new fren (x mo tulis nama dia) in front of Istana Bung Hatta. Eventhough we spent some 30mins together (tu secara terpaksa) but until now we still keep in touch.

No ni bkn citer movie ker hapa yg boy-meets-girl pas tu gitu-gitu. He is an interesting person with impeccable English command and strong religious background. We are fast friends.

So sblm pergi i kind of hoping akan jumpa someone mcm best jugak in Vietnam like him. U know.. the one yg jumpa 30mins tp jd kwn for life.. tp x jmpa pun... sgt sedih...

but then zana n i did make a new fren actually.

there's a lady yg kejar kitaorang semata2 nak pulangkan balance and kasi kain sbb kitaorg memecut 100m sbb 1. pasar tu dah nak tutup. 2. kitaorang kena ada dlm van kol 7 and masa tu dah 10 min lewat.

the next day bila zana n i lalu kat depan lady tu, she called us.."come my friend, i want to give u ring..u are my friend, ysterday u run"

itaorg pun singgah kedai dia partly sbb zana nak beli lagi kain mainly sbb excited nak dpt ring (cincin)..

pas tu her staff dtg bwk dua biji kelapa.. pas tu she invited us, "ring my frens. thse coconut i give special for u. u r my frens. Ring!.. ring!"

its not everytime a newly-found fren offered u ring. So we ring and i tell u.. sedap giler..
sbb free kot..

but then masa tu ada sorang sri lankan marine engineer tu spoke highly of that lady. He said whenever he came to vietnam misti dia singgah kedai lady tu...

well i think the engineer tu sgt menarik hidupnya... and dia pun mcm beria2 nak bercerita. It just that i was too busy nak memecut lari ke van, jd nya even few times he hinted nk dtg malaysia in 2 weeks time tp x terpk lak nak kasi email add ke hapa..

iskk x perla.. at least i've made a new fren oso la... the ring lady. enuff la tu....

adusss... sgt ngantuk nih..
nite evryone

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