Friday, March 23, 2007

The launching

was better than i expected - that not sound too enthusiastic rite..

at least i m proud of nina n d gang presentation. the taaruf went well too.. had so much fun. we (kids n i) picked bee as our logo and we buzz as motto.
1495, echoic of bees and other insects. Meaning "a busy rumor" is attested from 1605. Aviation sense of "fly low and close" is 1941. Sense of "pleasant sense of intoxication" first recorded 1935. The game of counting off, with 7 or multiples of it replaced by buzz is attested from 1864. Buzzword first attested 1946. Buzz off (1914) originally meant "to ring off on the telephone." Buzzer "apparatus for making loud buzzing noises" is from 1870.
^ tu dr etymology dictionary-

apart from that... ble la tahan.


Since yesterday there was something pelik2 berlaku. Since ari ni jumaat so x leh ngumpat la.(ari lain pun x ble jugak sebenarnya...)

tp ari ni konpius.. i was in class wen nina said somebody wanted 2 see me. told nina i'll be downstairs after 2.50p.m. i was almost forgot abt it, until its time for me to perform my zuhur prayer. bumped into nina and asked did she convey my messages earlier.

nina : i m confused. Ms KLM said Ms JKL wanted to see u, then i passed your message to Ms KLM and she said, not she know nothing about it.
me : it's not april yet right?
nina : y?
me : not april fool prank huh? should i go?
nina : hahahah.. dont.. she would probably say the same thing 2 u.

April Fool is attested from 1687. April-gowk (from O.N. gaukr "a cuckoo") is a northern variant. April Fool's Day customs of sending people on false errands seem to have come to Eng. from France late 17c.; originally All Fool's Day (1712). In Cumberland, Westmorland and northern parts of Lancashire and Yorkshire, however, May 1 was the day for hoaxing, and the fool was a May gosling. That custom was first attested 1791.

For the record, I was eating with Ms KLM in the canteen half an hour before and Ms JKL also chaired the group meetings with me an hour earlier.

Apa ke pelik beno dunia nih.. and i did wat i always did wen i'm confused - buat bodo jer...

If somebody want me to know something she'll let me know by telling me, becoz i wont know wat u r thinking ladies. nor did wen u r talking behind my back..


Had a brief meeting with Farhan 2day. Rasanya biasa jer tp bila nampak peluh menitik kat dahi dia (despite duk bawah kipas).. i was like... awk ni takut ngan saya ke?

and the poor boy sengih and timidly said no.

and i told him... pls dont coz u make me tertekan...

i did.

the fact that their ex-teacher (nama dia kak sha) leave some money to me, and since after a month she left but still no substitute therefore i have to do something with the class. Its not the workload that bothers me.

I worry that they dont like me, dont think that i m fit to replace Kak sha (even temporarily), not gud enuff or make short, i m not welcome.

thats y the brief meeting took place. and later we kind of had MoU. and I'll be seeing em' once a week.

In time like this, i remember someone whom his most favourite phrase is " cuba jangan treat i mcm student u kat sekolah".... till now i dunno wat he means. I dont think he knows how i treat my students oso..

and in time like this... i'll do wat i alwez did when i remember this particular someone..

cried myself 2 sleep.

becoz sometimes.....

arghhhhh.....words failed me.



zino said...

rasanya macam blog baru ni kan? baru perasan.. hehe

Kengkawan said...

ye betullll!!!!!!!!!!!!! tu atas bantuan pakngah saya la kan....

welcome home.. hows Ginting?