Thursday, April 26, 2007

Now what?

I noticed, smakin tua i m becoming more and more forgetful..

for a start.. i tot i've told the kids that our morning class will start at 9a.m. I was preparing some food when wawa and d gang came.. "Ce.. wat hepen.. dah kol brp nih?"

i was lost for word.. it was only 8.45 ok... And i begged them to wait... then sessi lari-sana-lari-sini commenced..

slipped of d tongue maybe... but... ok... at least jah said she heard NINE..

sudahnya had to bring rice cooker and while explaining memacam to them, masak la nasik tu... and we had brunch at 10.45. except for Jah whose father fetched her at 11.00 on the dot, the rest called their moms and the class continued until 12.00noon.

at 3.00p.m had another slot at 25km away from my home.. was damn tired and sleepy and lazy and very very not in good mood..

but then, i ve gave my words...

these kids never failed to surprise me.. dgn muka x bersalah they insisted that there should be no homework today coz they've done their previous homework meticulously. Tu ok lagi..

When they demanded they dont wanna learn today coz everyone submitted their homework.. i was like.. "Wei!!!!"

"But u promised us..." you see.. these kids should be on tv..

Promised tu x ingat sangat tapi rasanya i did say something like if Baha didnt finished his homework means there'll be no more games...

Honestly.. rasa mcm nak jatuh kerusi when tetiba lak si Baha leh hantar homework dia.. Luar biasa ni...

So as promised they have 3 games today.

I dont think they'll ask for more games in future coz games ari ni mmg la giler memenatkan... huhuhu..

Something sweet

ok la kalau cakap kita penat n bz, others will say d same thing abt their job kan

well, it just that i had a very very kerja bertimbun2 day.. coz suddenly ada corronation, therefore smer org pun terkejar2 nak abiskan kerja ended up i jump the bandwagon too..

tiba2 masa ni la i got the instruction to handle nite class, n i wasnt prepare yet wic make me super gabra..

and yesterday i was introducing a new (for me ...) workout methods. Since i myself pun x penah cuba before ended sangagt2 sakit kaki last nite.

and last nite despite trying to have a gud rest my phone keep beeping and no, i didnt answer the call sbb sangat malas... and i didnt switch off the phone either heheh takut nanti susah nak cari since my room sangat la berterabur lately mcm kena serang pengganas..

and this morning i sms someone telling her i wont join the potluck tea coz i have a very packed class today.. this particular someone said she dont mind but when we meet she pulled face.. hehheh..

had netball games for 2 hours in the morning then preparing 2 paperworks, then g jumpa 2 diff ppl to discuss and at the same time have class to attend to...

in between class, few kids came dgn mcm2 citer...

was 30 mins late for the feast.. was mkn ngan zana coz smer org dah blah, was not so happy coz i cant help (ada kelas sehh)..

was realy really unhappy when Aida and Sathiya asked, you werent there? becoz the feast is for Aida and Aisyah and Sathiya is a close fren.. cesss!!!!

wasnt happy when it was drzzling wic mean had to cancel another class and replaced with something sungguhla x seronok..

was so x puas hati when the bell rang... coz i haven't finish preparing for tomorrow class.. i know i know... besok is cuti but wat to do?

came home with heavy heart... then i saw a missedcalled from et... i didnt called her back coz was rushing for my 8-10p.m class..

then had another 2 more missedcall

She wanted me to know that the latest fashion in her office is baju songket and kain apa eh... and she bought one for me too...

u know wat...
kids oredi gelak2kan coz bila diaorang puji my white butterfly watch and pearl bracelet i told them that are hadiah masa masuk spital.. (et kasi jam and gelang tu from zana).. and now.. bila rasa tension and penat giler.. i was rewarded with baju baru..hehe

i think i m the luckiest person on earth.. *sukasukasuka*


Ala lupa la...

April 23 was Baby's birthday..

Dear baby
Semoga makin kukuh iman dan mendapat kesudahan yang baik di Sana..
hadiahnya mcm biasa la kan....

Kasih Sayang yang x bertepi...
Selamat hari Lahir

Andak dan Abang Brad pitt hehe

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

yang palsu

my current obsession since sethn dua ni (its still current u know...) is reading blogs... there r some wic i considered a must!! (tu termasuklah blog pakngah)..

except for pakngah and et's blog the rest i just read, never leave comment coz honestly i dunno what to say... but i keep coming back to appreciate their writings, opinions and amazing experience..

and i never linked it to my blog coz hehehe i dont know how to do it... very the not computer savvy...

over the years i tot i picked the blog randomly until one night i chatted to this person.. then i was quite preoccupied with a blog then the person complained that i was slow.. n i told the person i m reading and he asked me wat kind of reading and i gave the add, and the person asked again what other blogs that i read.. and i listed some of my favorites..

and the person asked me... why u read all these materials? i told him my reason and he kind of
saying something wic i never realised before...

wat ever it is... here is the list of blog that i read almost every entry and really enjoy it....

there is a very very nice poem in bakri musa's blog yang bertajuk SAJAK PALSU... i really wanted to paste it here.. tp not sure kang kot kena saman ribu nak bayar??...

p/s.. yg #4 dlm list tu is my fren..hehehe

Monday, April 23, 2007

Bila dah malas...

Pada satu maghrib yang panas (yang panas tu saya sebenarnya).... di bulan Februari lalu i told Uda, "Si X tu sangat jahat... she put our names dalam list tapi nama dia xder pun.. dia jahat dan pemalas"..

And uda .. either dia malas nak melayan adik dia or from her experience said, " biarlah dia malas, nanti Allah tarik balik nikmat yg dia pinjamkan. Jgn bising2 buat keje awk jer"..

True enuff... now this person is on hospital bed. To be fair.. there are sick prone ppl.. kejap2 demam, angkat barang berat sikit, MC..bila pregnant misti teruk2 or apa2 je la... and she was not one of them... that's why when i heard the bad news i kind of... errr betul ke nih?

Kadang2 kita lupa... Janji Allah tu benar..

insaf betull...

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I dunno wic one i hate most...

talking to two strangers this morning or agree amik tuition class ni..

i took this class solely because Azhar, my colleague yang dekat 80 kali ckp.. "pls.. tahun ni jer.." in the beginning everything was quite ok.. attendance pun ok but lately kureng sket...

this morning was the worst.. i was waiting for 10 minutes when the stranger in his running shoe came.. " mana budak2 ni? sepatutnya pukul lapan yer?" i nodded..

Then he dashed off.. i continued with my reading when few minutes later Zudin and the gang turned up. I told em' that the man dropped by and they shrieked... that's the manager himself..

Really? Ah... now he knows..

nak jadi cerita kak Sal cancelled her class today. therefore few kids were late.. normally when i arrived they were having their breakfast tapi ari ni jadual sudah tukar maa.. Basically they're not late, it just that Zudin and I managed to speed gila babas and sampai 6 mins lebih awal..

While waiting for others, i distributed some vocab worksheets and london swiss roll cake.. (Napa nama dia London Swiss eh)...

Dah namanya budak kan.. mana ble dia dapat kuih pas tgk jer.. so saya pun.. persilakan la diorang makan... ngan pesanan.. kalau x siap keje, siap awak karang...

then the slightly ajar door was pushed by a man not taller than myself.. i tot he was one of the kids parents.. but no... again... he is the manager too ( kat sini ada 7 managers ye tuan2)... and his main concerned was attendance...

Attendance lagi..

this 2nd slot ni x la masalah sangat but the 1st slot tu adusss!!! mmg menduga akal betul la...

I've did wat Pakngah suggest last year.. Some are really changed tapi yg satu kelas ni... mmg iskk iskkk iskkk... kebal betul..

Bila la nak masuk bulan Disember nih? x sabar nak tunggu abis tahun...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Baru semalam saya tau..

These pics were snapped a month ago kot... was rushing to the library when I saw Syawal..

I love Syawal.. he is so funny and tiap2 ari ada jer benda2 yang mengsurprised kan when he was around.. i wanted to write about him in my blog.. hehehe..

but then was stopped by the boy.. (wic i dont know his name- yang x pakai necktie).. he wanted to have a pic with his best fren (again.. i dunno his name either).. it was hillarious!!!

Taufik (the boy kat tepi tangga tu) wanted to join em' but ditolak ketepi by both of them while they maintaining their "muka x bersalah"..

then i realised something....

Me : Syawal.. you are form three, why u mix with form 4.. eh kejap... Taufik... aren't u
Form 4?
boy #1: Kitaorang kwn ngan smer org la Ce*
boy#2: Ha'ah Ce.. kita orang Islam smer saudara apa.. Darah sama merah Ce..
boys : (unison) ye betull..
Me : Ye la... but I m confused.. wat r u doing here anyway? janganla ponteng kelas...
boy#3: Mana ada ponteng.. Jangan buruk sangka la Ce.. Cuba tgk jam..
Me : Alamakk.. Sorryyy... why didn't u go home yet? Pergila balik rumah.. nanti ur mom risau
boys : nanti la Ce... jap lagi kitaorang balik ah.. ambik gambar kitaorang ramai2 bole?

so... tu la gambo diorang ramai2... sampai sudah they didnt tell me wats going on. even i asked byk kali.. diorang ckp biarlah rahsia...

yesterday i was doing a small scale project with izzati and asma in the library when they found this pics.. and i relate my story and they relate theirs..

we ended up gelak berguling2...

rupanya these boys g audition wic was held at media room.. Man was looking for new talent nak jadi lead vocal utk Pertandingan Puisi dan Lagu... Waaa... patutla... sampai hati ko Man x ajak kita menyaksikan detik2 indah tu... hhehehe..

Btw.. kan ada iklan kat Radio Erra abt.. "Impian saya.. menyanyi tanpa dimaki".. i really love that iklan... brilliant betul copywriter tu..

Well... none of the boys dlm pic tu passed their first audition.. Xper mungkin bakat diorang dalam bidang lain tu... hehehe

* (i dunno why kids love called me Ce.. glad i m not an ustazah.. x ble nak imagine they called me Zah karang...)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

not proud...

Over a heated argument wic ended up sy dipangkah secara berjemaah last week, Kak Sal Rais complained that we lacked this... we lacked that... they(x tau sapa) should do this, they(again.. unspecific but definitely not us) should do that..

And i asked her dengan nada yang cuba nak kontrol tapi kurang berjaya kot, "what u have done for kids so far? kak sal kena ingat.. kak sal ada anak jugak.." then i left her with others... others yang ada anak sendiri...

Partly coz I was so dissappointed with benda2 yang berlaku and the way they acted to it and mainly was so scared that I'll lose my temper and start buat benda pelik2...

Then today, Kak Sal Rais was very excited about this aborted plan and asked me to help her doing this project for kids... She got all the plan and everything and my role is very very very tiny... Saya pun apa lagi.. terus je.. Kita on kak!!!

Supossedly this project should be done by C tapi even dah cakap (both of us pegi jumpa dia at different time without any of us aware of) and after 2 months dia x buat gak.. so we decided nak buat jer sendiri...

The main problem is money..

because we dont have access to the fund and the-person-in-charge whom supposed to monitor these things is sleeping (2 months delay tu..............) so we decided nak pool sikit sorang... in time like this i wish i am a permaisuri so i dont have to worry about money no more... aminnnn

dalam satu cerita yang berkaitan sikit2...

was having morning games this morning when a girl from another group approached me
a girl : napa lambat?
me : no la... 2 hours kan..
a girl : tapi kitaorang dah boleh balik dah..
Leha : Weh... kubur masing2 la....
me : !$%%%!!!!!
Konpius! Should watch my language la.. Was telling them the importance of amanah and menepati masa last week... rasanya i closed my brief advice with, watever we did kat dunia, akan di ambil kira waktu di alam barzakh (i simplified it jadi kubur) nanti..

It looked like si leha ni amik yg hujung jer.... isk isk isk

dalam satu cerita yang langsung x berkaitan sikitpun..
was so tired to shut the window pane (bapakla banyak).. and i sought help from a bunch of boys.. most of them buat2 xdgr except Zaki.

Zaki is the most otai of them all..

My jaw dropped and suddenly I dropped everything (except my jaw) and hurriedly helped him... I mean this boy baru jer kuar spital last friday.. The incident wic makes me hangin gila babas (pas tu kena pangkah la kan...)

This boy who described by some as good-for-nothing helped me doing simple and uninteresting thing as shut the window panes...well i dont think he did that at home pun..

Er... Did I mentioned nak jadi permasuri tadi?

Kensel la.. I cant see any most rewarding job at the moment except mine. X kisah la kalau saya x kaya, have to cut my holiday budget, x boleh beli handbag baru, x leh g Beijing bln 5 ngan Uda, x dapat beli henfon baru ganti henfon yg ilang tu, x dapat tukar ekzos keta yg pecah wic makes my car bunyik mcm kereta kebal dan asyik kena pangkah jer.. as long as the kids know i genuinely love them...

Tu saja la laporan ari ni...

Monday, April 16, 2007

to err is human

ntah hapa2 bila marah...

bukannya best pun..

i m glad dah settled..

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Strawbery escape!!!!

Started last week..

Et called and insisted that we shud go to Cameron Highland partly coz ada crazydiscount on Rosa Pasadena Hotel and mainly she badly need a break. Told her I m saving some money for mybest fren birthday somewhere in May. And she answered back, "who said u hv to pay maa?"

Firstly.. I dont really like menapau orang and Secondly i really wanna do something with kids on the weekend.

Turned out last week was disaster... Like et i do need a break. Afterall i got some extra money from sumber2 yang halal. haha..

On Saturday, after class i called her. It was 12.00noon and no one was at home. She promised to come after visited her niece yg buat locum kat batang kali..

then i waited.. waited...... waited.... and dozed off... it was raining ok...

pas tu kol 6.45 bangun nk sembahyang asar.. i saw her car kat depan umah... and she was waiting for the past half and hour before i woke up.. ngan smer pintu umah x berkunci(except my bedroom door la kan) so she preferred tdo jugak dlm keta...

Pas tu tergesa2 packing and kol 7.00ptg we started off our journey.. was raining masa tu and she drove confidently.. cam biasala... x sah kalau sy x pening2 lalat plus muntah2 bila naik sana...

And we settled for Strawberry Park Resort..

Its a beautiful secluded place. Apartment is very spacious. For RM324 per nite its really value for money coz dia kasi two extra bed, spacious living room, ada kitchen (cooking is not allowed tho), a very, a very bright bathroom (oyen la plak) and the scenery is breathtaking. There is a lush greenery wic provides fresh air.. Just imagine how wonderful it is when u duk kat balcony and enjoy d view..

Tapi kot dtg 2 org, datang dr kampung plak tu.. idak la rasa best sgt duk tepi hutan kan et kan.. hahaha.. dah la dtg mlm2 and all the way si et asyik citer hantu jer ended up.. nak tido pun takut sbb tepi hutan.. giler x best..

The next morning, after breakfast in Jim Thompson Terrace (mak aihhhh ni la first time g mkn kat tpt crowded giler) we strolling along Jalan Sultan Abu Bakar.. Pakcik guard tu kata it'll take 20 mins to Brichang cz tu short cut.. tp after 40 mins x sampai2 gak.. so we decided patah balik..

But then sonok apa.. coz even dah byk kali g Cameron Highland x tau lak kat situ ada istana.. We also saw (and admired!!!!!!) a private bungalow along the road.. MasyaAllah.. cantik betul bunga2 dia mcm dlm filem..

We took few pics.. especially abundance flowers ... rasanya boleh duduk kat situ sepanjang tahun kot...

So next time u go to Cameron Highland.. instead of g kat Strawberry farms, cactus farms and etc kat main road tu.. do jalan2 kat Jalan Sultan Abu Bakar... It is one of the highest point there.. and least travelled too.. U'll be surprised!!!.. Pleasant one tho..

Btw.. there is a small hotel at the end of the road too.. Sri Juliana kot namanya... and if u wanna privacy ( clunny lodge looks tempting tp sbb private property kita org x pegi la..

Sekian la report ... was tired gila babas..

tapi et lagi penat.. dah la dia sponsor kena drive lak tu... teng kiu!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Birthday

i really think 18 kali before writing this..

to someone who is so kind and a good son to his mother, a good grandson to his grandfather, a good brother to his younger siblings, a very good boss to his subordinates, a good employee to his employer, a good friend to all his friends..



Ada rupanya berita gembira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(from Metro April 12)

Felda Besout juara keseluruhan olahraga

Oleh Abdul Jalil Ishak

SEKOLAH Menengah Kebangsaan (Felda) Besout (SMKFB) diisytihar johan keseluruhan Kejohanan Olahraga Majlis Sukan Sekolah Daerah Batang Padang (MSSPK) selepas mengutip 30 pingat emas, sembilan perak dan tujuh gangsa, baru-baru ini.

Kejohanan yang dilangsungkan, di Stadium Proton City, dekat Tanjung Malim, turut menyaksikan SMK Air Kuning(SMKAK) menduduki tempat kedua dengan 20 emas, 20 perak dan 14 gangsa manakala SMK Datuk Zulkifle Muhammad (SMKDZM) ketiga dengan 6-2-2.

Ahmad Fairus Nuzri dari SMKAK dipilih Olahragawan Terbaik selepas mencatat rekod baru dalam tiga acara - 100 meter dengan catatan 11.71 saat; 200m lari berpagar, 27.25 saat dan 400m, dia mencipta 56.28s.

Robaatul Adauwiyah Mohd Ali, dari SMKFB pula diisytihar sebagai Olahragawati Terbaik selepas mengungguli 100 meter lari berpagar, 200m dan lompat kijang.

Bagi kategori Sekolah Rendah (SK), Muhammad Shafiq Roslan dari SK Slim Village pula diisytiharkan terbaik manakala Olahragawati, Afifah Yusra Kamarudin dari SK Seri Besout.


Congrats to Ustaz Shahrul and d gang..

p/s bukan ari tu cakap ada central training kat Manjung ker?

p p/s SMK Air Kuning tu skolah projek sukan.. Besout x.. heheheheh apa maknanya tu?

p p p/s honestly, my contribution to athletic team cumalah sebagai tukang sorak profesional jer..

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Saya pun keciwa jugak..

Suspens tu...

in d beginning d newscaster said, "Perdana Menteri melahirkan rasa marah..." then dlm clip tu Pak Lah was speaking calmly tp tegas ttg kebocoran ... iskkk.. ni dah jadi news report plak..

My point is for someone yang tgh marah he was very calm. I really admired people yang boleh tenang even tgh hangin tahap tenuk. Sungguh!

One of my many weaknesses is bila marah i really marah sungguh2. Just like today, i really gave my piece of mind. Not elaboration though..

u see.. (ni cerita lain plak eh...)
i really hate the attitude yg cakap macam2, tapi did nothing. salahkan orang itu salahkan orang ni.. salahkan benda itu salahkan benda ini... lepas penat cakap, habuk pun tarak!!!!!!!

actually i've been talking about this attitude since i was in uni, during one of our many class presentations. still remember dr sep ckp one of u have the cut for a politician (ke dia kata talked like a politician).

it took me few weeks before i realize she was talking about me.. (tu pun sbb i congratulate izan on something and told her dr sep was right about the politician thingy and they were like.. it was u la!!!!!).

No way. Never dream of that. Besides.. mana ada politician yg blurred..

In time like this.. u see... when Pak Lah kata dia keciwa.. satu malaysia dgr dan ambil tindakan. tp luahan hati saya yang sangat keciwa ni walaupun didengar... apa kesudahannya?

rasanya lepas ni misti kena pangkah....

on 2nd tot maybe i shud be a politician u know.. because i read somewhere, a very very long time ago someone jump into politics because he just fed up about things and instead masuk.. u know.. (he was pro-opposition) he joined the mainstream party.. Reason? Kalau nak betulkan sesuatu kena dari dalam (parti), katanya la..

but again... politician must alwez calm and never crack under pressure....

iskk maybe i shud stick to my last year ambition ... menjadi seorang permaisuri.

ah... thats another story...


its not fair to say that smer org suka salahkan org lain..

dgn rasa hormat tahap rimau i wanna say i really appreciate what FELDA did to the community..

there was a talk today.. seeing all those makcik2 and pakcik2 berbondong2 g dewan surprised me. my mommy was not invited so i do not apa halnya..

in my humble opinion FELDA had done a lot.. I did wrote in my previous en3 abt makcik2 ni yg ramai2 g sambut a man whom just released from rehab centre... mommy told me, tu mmg dah diceramahkan pada smer parents... jgn sisihkan mereka..

ada juga yg FELDA buat tp sy x berapa suka.. tp i m sure they've thinking abt it thoroughly..

despite i dont have the statistic kejayaan projek2 felda ni.. but one thing for sure, they've create awareness among parents...

its better than cakap macam2 tapi habuk pun tarak...

kalaulah saya boleh ulang balik.... instead of marah2 i would say..

tuan-tuan pun ada anak juga kan..


Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Did you know ralat can be used in diff situation.

Ralat = Khilaf
Petikan semalam ....
National Laurette sepatutnya berbunyi National Laureate. Kesilapan ejaan amatlah dikesali.

Ralat = sebal, kesal
Saya merasa ralat kerana hari ini ketua saya berkata, "sekarang baru tuan-tuan tahu langit tu tinggi atau rendah".

Not going to elaborate more.


Tried hard raking my brain to write something cheerful today.. x jumpa..

I was mengeletar and blurred. Nak makan pun xder selera.. Susah rupanya kerja ni..

Kalaulah saya kaya.....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

white lie

bertahun2 yang lampau saya membaca satu laporan di dalam akhbar.

Soalan lebih kurang begini, "Apakah yang menganggu fikiran saudara?".

Jawapannya kurang lebih begini dicatatkan, " Saya merasa terganggu kerana ditemubual oleh pemberita yang mengatakan beliau meminati saya tetapi bertanyakan berapakah jumlah novel yang pernah saya tulis. Persoalan ini amat menganggu fikiran saya".

I wont forget the article coz at that time my one and only dream was to be a journalist.. (welcome to my world of ambitions!!). The saudara was none other than our National Laurette A Samad Said. I read Salina, Hujan Pagi and Bulan Tak Bermadu di FatehfurSikri, but then cant really say I m his ardent fan. Can I?

But then, I read Salina hundred times since I was in Primary School. Now I've stopped coz that book no longer in the library.. (sapa la punya keje?)

Alaa.. kuar tajuk lak..

There is a rising writer in my workplace. His poems and short stories dah published countless times. Takat menang hadiah tu dah biasa sangat kot.. (tp everytime pun sy sangat teruja coz nanti dia belanja kitaorang hehehe)

Since April is language month so i approached him.. ye la.. kan bagus displayed kan all his writings... but how 2 start?

and then the white lies started.... nop i didnt say i m his biggest fan la weii.. it was something like... i've read almost all your writing but i didnt have it all especially in ur early days..

it was partially true.. tp Mr Hashim sbb dia mmg baik sangat orangnya dan lepas dia menolak byk kali dan saya desak jugak (my natural flair) so insyaAllah smer pun ok...


Btw i found this website wic worth visiting (congrats guys!!!)

a perfectly hampeh moment

jerk called early in d morning. despite i've changed my fixed line number.. grrrrr..

and i asked him.. "x rasa mcm salah kaunter ker?".. heyyy i mean i wasnt the person in charge no more man... still, promised him i'll pass the msg..

then i call jie.. and he still in bed.. and he was like " ari ni selasa laa" (selasa is his off day).. aisehhh

next, picked up d data... the person in charge said, "alaa saya x tau la.. x siap lagi".. ah yess.. told him x siap pun xper i'll call em' n ckp YOU didnt do it (wic is true)..

and i went home, surfing few materials for tomorrow's presentation.. coz i didnt want kids saying, "we dont wanna come 2 meeting coz YOU make it so boring"..

but then... in time like this.. it is very hard 2 concentrate..

Monday, April 09, 2007

Sunday, April 08, 2007




One time I went down our old road

And saw our familiar place full of weeds

I asked myself why you had passed the river so quickly

And left me alone in this sad lane

Smiling with the wind.


Time please take everything with you

Take the accumulated anguish

Just leave me only one thing

Your love

Which is always the same.


In your life, sometimes you feel regret

For something that is already gone

Love, why did you turn into a butterfly?

Causing life to become a game of tag.


Then everything will be over

Happiness and sadness

Will become history

Only undeclared love

Remains unchanged and unspoken.

p/s these poem was published in Heritage (Vietnam Airlines mags) rasa mcm indah sgt kan? don u think so?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Renova Viscky

One of my many ambitions was to be a photographer.. tp till now no one has courage to hire me.. hehehe. sy rasa sy ber bakat jugak a.. despite Baby slalu ckp gambar yg sgt amik senget2..

Maafkanla baby.. she still in dark.. huhu..

Mid March last yr while on my quest to be the-best-photographer-zon-perak-selatan.. I bumped into a guy yg tgh giler amik gambo sana sini. sy pun tiru la.. He is fr Jakarta tgh outstation kat situ.

Then coincidently terjumpa balik coz we were heading the same place.. i don' t think he likes me tailing him, asking too many questions and later have to treat fee entrance for me too.. (mana nak tau masuk taman kena bayar...dia x nak Ringgit lak tu... heheheh)

And the i stumbled a magnificent footbridge. And I was like..Renoooo... loook!!! (Yess mcm dlm tv la plak).. it looked inviting...ah unfortunately i was running out of time.. gilo lps breakfast kena balik ke Padang..

I made him promised to tell me amender kat sblh sana.. Got his email add. Got the answer few week later..
So thats it.. our frenships started fr there.. and last month he told me dia baru jer buat haji.. I was like ....waaaaaaaaa x adil..

I mean..he's younger than me, richer than me (in term of experience and worldly possession), he's happily married and blessed with kids and knowing that he is doing Haj before me really makes me green with envy.. Dah la his English.... waaa next time jumpa misti kena bwk kamus la... berabuk giler (loose translation- impeccable English)

Apsal dia dapat smer yg sy nak?

x tau la soklan tu utk siapa.. tapi yg betulnyer i m so happy for him.. and he called me 2day.. apart from nk check my new no tu betul ke x, dia pun pesan, "dont lost it (henpon) again ya.."


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Izzuddin Abdullah

zudin and his sis aisyah

kat bawah ni.. Zudin and cousins yg jugak jiran sblh umah

My bro in-law tu sgtla x banyak ckp..

Then masa Izzudin was a toddler... he told my sis (whom later told all and sundry la kan..) nanti2 dia nak pakai Merc.. he said masa tu Izzudin dah jadi engineer la kan...

We were like... ooh? For the record ... my bro-in-law mmg utm grad engine. mcm x la pelik sangat kot dia harap anak dia cenggitu..

Lain la kalau dia harap anak dia jd org pilem ke, org tv ke.. tu mmg x logik.. (sbb he is camera shy)..

Tp yg ni kitaorg mmg pelik..

He woke up at 3 a.m. semata2 nak siapkan homework dia..

And he is just 6 years-old.. budak tadika tuuuuu....

I wonder camna la cekgu2 kat tadika dia tu.... rasa mcm nk buat lawatan smbil belajar plak...

wat say u?

p/s oyen is his fav color

Sunday, April 01, 2007


for me, she is pelik!!

kalau x suka ckpla depan2.. wat is the use of kat depan baik tp kat belakang ngumpat jugak? i told her once (2 years ago) kan elok if she tell X wat she did is wrong... she's the only one X talked to at that time and shes also my best fren. (X was really overboard spreading embarrasing news about ME)... kalau betul xper jugak..

and she said, "biarla.. as long as i know kawan saya macam mana". and i told her i expect her to defend me and helped the person in question to remind her jgnla suka bwk cerita yg gitu2 after all thats fren are for... she said, "biarlah dia sedar sendiri, bukan kerja saya nak mengajar2 orang"...

she got her point there. lesson learnt.

it was 2 years ago, now X and i are really errr.... after much talk and makan2.. we regarded that as storm in a teacup jer..

and it happened one of our colleagues transferred early this year. i was terkejutberuk when one day she defamed her in front of someone. i really cant take that.. i mean... what the hell r u doing? she's not here to defend herself, and of course kalaupun dia seburuk itu, y didnt u tell her before? y wait until dia xder then u chose nak mengata?

then one day i was really gave her my piece of mind, and from then on our friendships x seindah dulu. i mean... she's really nice to me, saying all the right things and lending me helping hands oso. it just that, behind me she said all those stupidstupidstupid things.

i've told her... if u said something behind my back i wont learnt anything and be a repeat offender for all my life.

and she told me, paham2 la sendiri...

masalahnya saya x paham..

kerana kwn2 baik saya, mcm cermin. kalau saya salah dia tunjukkan, kalau sy over dia maki kan dulu, kalau saya silap dia betulkan.. kalau saya hangin dia kipaskan, kalau saya sedih dia gelakkan (so that i wont be self pity 2 much), kalau sy berjaya dia ingatkan ada orang lain lagi best, kalau saya mahukan sesuatu dia tanya, perlu ker.. kalau org kutuk saya,dia backing kalau sy yg betul, kalau saya salah dia lak kasi warning siap2... kalau sy malas dia motivasikan..

dengan kawan baik cenggini sy sentiasa beringat nak berikan yang terbaik coz i know, watever i do have to answer 2 them too.. (believe me, mulut diorang lbh power dr C1 explosive).

now i m behaving like her to... watever she did i okayed it, even dlm ati rasa mcm.... hiskkkk.... therefore i rarely mingled with her much nowadays. becoz its damned hard to keep a happy face when u r really not happy with the outcomes.

and when i was really in the lousiest mood... my standard reply was "really? but i was the only female guru popular winner since the anugerah kicked off".

in the past it never failed to kicked her off from the room. from the look on her face, dia pun mcm nak kicked me jugak.. not that i m proud tapi tu sbg retaliate tahap tenuk for someone yg rasa dirinya best sgt sbb, "sy x kisah... ngan smer orang saya kawan"..

i dont think she knows apa makna kawan pun. arghhh.. its not fair rite... the definition of kawan varied from one person to another...

to put it safe (bcoz u just dunno who might reading) lemme said...

would u pls stop d back biting?