Wednesday, April 18, 2007

not proud...

Over a heated argument wic ended up sy dipangkah secara berjemaah last week, Kak Sal Rais complained that we lacked this... we lacked that... they(x tau sapa) should do this, they(again.. unspecific but definitely not us) should do that..

And i asked her dengan nada yang cuba nak kontrol tapi kurang berjaya kot, "what u have done for kids so far? kak sal kena ingat.. kak sal ada anak jugak.." then i left her with others... others yang ada anak sendiri...

Partly coz I was so dissappointed with benda2 yang berlaku and the way they acted to it and mainly was so scared that I'll lose my temper and start buat benda pelik2...

Then today, Kak Sal Rais was very excited about this aborted plan and asked me to help her doing this project for kids... She got all the plan and everything and my role is very very very tiny... Saya pun apa lagi.. terus je.. Kita on kak!!!

Supossedly this project should be done by C tapi even dah cakap (both of us pegi jumpa dia at different time without any of us aware of) and after 2 months dia x buat gak.. so we decided nak buat jer sendiri...

The main problem is money..

because we dont have access to the fund and the-person-in-charge whom supposed to monitor these things is sleeping (2 months delay tu..............) so we decided nak pool sikit sorang... in time like this i wish i am a permaisuri so i dont have to worry about money no more... aminnnn

dalam satu cerita yang berkaitan sikit2...

was having morning games this morning when a girl from another group approached me
a girl : napa lambat?
me : no la... 2 hours kan..
a girl : tapi kitaorang dah boleh balik dah..
Leha : Weh... kubur masing2 la....
me : !$%%%!!!!!
Konpius! Should watch my language la.. Was telling them the importance of amanah and menepati masa last week... rasanya i closed my brief advice with, watever we did kat dunia, akan di ambil kira waktu di alam barzakh (i simplified it jadi kubur) nanti..

It looked like si leha ni amik yg hujung jer.... isk isk isk

dalam satu cerita yang langsung x berkaitan sikitpun..
was so tired to shut the window pane (bapakla banyak).. and i sought help from a bunch of boys.. most of them buat2 xdgr except Zaki.

Zaki is the most otai of them all..

My jaw dropped and suddenly I dropped everything (except my jaw) and hurriedly helped him... I mean this boy baru jer kuar spital last friday.. The incident wic makes me hangin gila babas (pas tu kena pangkah la kan...)

This boy who described by some as good-for-nothing helped me doing simple and uninteresting thing as shut the window panes...well i dont think he did that at home pun..

Er... Did I mentioned nak jadi permasuri tadi?

Kensel la.. I cant see any most rewarding job at the moment except mine. X kisah la kalau saya x kaya, have to cut my holiday budget, x boleh beli handbag baru, x leh g Beijing bln 5 ngan Uda, x dapat beli henfon baru ganti henfon yg ilang tu, x dapat tukar ekzos keta yg pecah wic makes my car bunyik mcm kereta kebal dan asyik kena pangkah jer.. as long as the kids know i genuinely love them...

Tu saja la laporan ari ni...

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