Thursday, April 26, 2007

Now what?

I noticed, smakin tua i m becoming more and more forgetful..

for a start.. i tot i've told the kids that our morning class will start at 9a.m. I was preparing some food when wawa and d gang came.. "Ce.. wat hepen.. dah kol brp nih?"

i was lost for word.. it was only 8.45 ok... And i begged them to wait... then sessi lari-sana-lari-sini commenced..

slipped of d tongue maybe... but... ok... at least jah said she heard NINE..

sudahnya had to bring rice cooker and while explaining memacam to them, masak la nasik tu... and we had brunch at 10.45. except for Jah whose father fetched her at 11.00 on the dot, the rest called their moms and the class continued until 12.00noon.

at 3.00p.m had another slot at 25km away from my home.. was damn tired and sleepy and lazy and very very not in good mood..

but then, i ve gave my words...

these kids never failed to surprise me.. dgn muka x bersalah they insisted that there should be no homework today coz they've done their previous homework meticulously. Tu ok lagi..

When they demanded they dont wanna learn today coz everyone submitted their homework.. i was like.. "Wei!!!!"

"But u promised us..." you see.. these kids should be on tv..

Promised tu x ingat sangat tapi rasanya i did say something like if Baha didnt finished his homework means there'll be no more games...

Honestly.. rasa mcm nak jatuh kerusi when tetiba lak si Baha leh hantar homework dia.. Luar biasa ni...

So as promised they have 3 games today.

I dont think they'll ask for more games in future coz games ari ni mmg la giler memenatkan... huhuhu..


zino said...

dah tua ke? hehe

zino said...

pamiran buku dah bermula baik cepat datang sebelum terlupa hehe

Kengkawan said...


tua sikit2.. hehhe

ala.. ari rabu tu g kl... tp hehehe mmg x ingat ada pameran buku...

Anonymous said...

Hi kak errazz..

Salam perkenalan.. :)

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