Tuesday, April 10, 2007

a perfectly hampeh moment

jerk called early in d morning. despite i've changed my fixed line number.. grrrrr..

and i asked him.. "x rasa mcm salah kaunter ker?".. heyyy i mean i wasnt the person in charge no more man... still, promised him i'll pass the msg..

then i call jie.. and he still in bed.. and he was like " ari ni selasa laa" (selasa is his off day).. aisehhh

next, picked up d data... the person in charge said, "alaa saya x tau la.. x siap lagi".. ah yess.. told him x siap pun xper i'll call em' n ckp YOU didnt do it (wic is true)..

and i went home, surfing few materials for tomorrow's presentation.. coz i didnt want kids saying, "we dont wanna come 2 meeting coz YOU make it so boring"..

but then... in time like this.. it is very hard 2 concentrate..

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