Thursday, April 05, 2007

Renova Viscky

One of my many ambitions was to be a photographer.. tp till now no one has courage to hire me.. hehehe. sy rasa sy ber bakat jugak a.. despite Baby slalu ckp gambar yg sgt amik senget2..

Maafkanla baby.. she still in dark.. huhu..

Mid March last yr while on my quest to be the-best-photographer-zon-perak-selatan.. I bumped into a guy yg tgh giler amik gambo sana sini. sy pun tiru la.. He is fr Jakarta tgh outstation kat situ.

Then coincidently terjumpa balik coz we were heading the same place.. i don' t think he likes me tailing him, asking too many questions and later have to treat fee entrance for me too.. (mana nak tau masuk taman kena bayar...dia x nak Ringgit lak tu... heheheh)

And the i stumbled a magnificent footbridge. And I was like..Renoooo... loook!!! (Yess mcm dlm tv la plak).. it looked inviting...ah unfortunately i was running out of time.. gilo lps breakfast kena balik ke Padang..

I made him promised to tell me amender kat sblh sana.. Got his email add. Got the answer few week later..
So thats it.. our frenships started fr there.. and last month he told me dia baru jer buat haji.. I was like ....waaaaaaaaa x adil..

I mean..he's younger than me, richer than me (in term of experience and worldly possession), he's happily married and blessed with kids and knowing that he is doing Haj before me really makes me green with envy.. Dah la his English.... waaa next time jumpa misti kena bwk kamus la... berabuk giler (loose translation- impeccable English)

Apsal dia dapat smer yg sy nak?

x tau la soklan tu utk siapa.. tapi yg betulnyer i m so happy for him.. and he called me 2day.. apart from nk check my new no tu betul ke x, dia pun pesan, "dont lost it (henpon) again ya.."


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