Thursday, April 26, 2007

Something sweet

ok la kalau cakap kita penat n bz, others will say d same thing abt their job kan

well, it just that i had a very very kerja bertimbun2 day.. coz suddenly ada corronation, therefore smer org pun terkejar2 nak abiskan kerja ended up i jump the bandwagon too..

tiba2 masa ni la i got the instruction to handle nite class, n i wasnt prepare yet wic make me super gabra..

and yesterday i was introducing a new (for me ...) workout methods. Since i myself pun x penah cuba before ended sangagt2 sakit kaki last nite.

and last nite despite trying to have a gud rest my phone keep beeping and no, i didnt answer the call sbb sangat malas... and i didnt switch off the phone either heheh takut nanti susah nak cari since my room sangat la berterabur lately mcm kena serang pengganas..

and this morning i sms someone telling her i wont join the potluck tea coz i have a very packed class today.. this particular someone said she dont mind but when we meet she pulled face.. hehheh..

had netball games for 2 hours in the morning then preparing 2 paperworks, then g jumpa 2 diff ppl to discuss and at the same time have class to attend to...

in between class, few kids came dgn mcm2 citer...

was 30 mins late for the feast.. was mkn ngan zana coz smer org dah blah, was not so happy coz i cant help (ada kelas sehh)..

was realy really unhappy when Aida and Sathiya asked, you werent there? becoz the feast is for Aida and Aisyah and Sathiya is a close fren.. cesss!!!!

wasnt happy when it was drzzling wic mean had to cancel another class and replaced with something sungguhla x seronok..

was so x puas hati when the bell rang... coz i haven't finish preparing for tomorrow class.. i know i know... besok is cuti but wat to do?

came home with heavy heart... then i saw a missedcalled from et... i didnt called her back coz was rushing for my 8-10p.m class..

then had another 2 more missedcall

She wanted me to know that the latest fashion in her office is baju songket and kain apa eh... and she bought one for me too...

u know wat...
kids oredi gelak2kan coz bila diaorang puji my white butterfly watch and pearl bracelet i told them that are hadiah masa masuk spital.. (et kasi jam and gelang tu from zana).. and now.. bila rasa tension and penat giler.. i was rewarded with baju baru..hehe

i think i m the luckiest person on earth.. *sukasukasuka*


Ala lupa la...

April 23 was Baby's birthday..

Dear baby
Semoga makin kukuh iman dan mendapat kesudahan yang baik di Sana..
hadiahnya mcm biasa la kan....

Kasih Sayang yang x bertepi...
Selamat hari Lahir

Andak dan Abang Brad pitt hehe

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