Sunday, April 15, 2007

Strawbery escape!!!!

Started last week..

Et called and insisted that we shud go to Cameron Highland partly coz ada crazydiscount on Rosa Pasadena Hotel and mainly she badly need a break. Told her I m saving some money for mybest fren birthday somewhere in May. And she answered back, "who said u hv to pay maa?"

Firstly.. I dont really like menapau orang and Secondly i really wanna do something with kids on the weekend.

Turned out last week was disaster... Like et i do need a break. Afterall i got some extra money from sumber2 yang halal. haha..

On Saturday, after class i called her. It was 12.00noon and no one was at home. She promised to come after visited her niece yg buat locum kat batang kali..

then i waited.. waited...... waited.... and dozed off... it was raining ok...

pas tu kol 6.45 bangun nk sembahyang asar.. i saw her car kat depan umah... and she was waiting for the past half and hour before i woke up.. ngan smer pintu umah x berkunci(except my bedroom door la kan) so she preferred tdo jugak dlm keta...

Pas tu tergesa2 packing and kol 7.00ptg we started off our journey.. was raining masa tu and she drove confidently.. cam biasala... x sah kalau sy x pening2 lalat plus muntah2 bila naik sana...

And we settled for Strawberry Park Resort..

Its a beautiful secluded place. Apartment is very spacious. For RM324 per nite its really value for money coz dia kasi two extra bed, spacious living room, ada kitchen (cooking is not allowed tho), a very, a very bright bathroom (oyen la plak) and the scenery is breathtaking. There is a lush greenery wic provides fresh air.. Just imagine how wonderful it is when u duk kat balcony and enjoy d view..

Tapi kot dtg 2 org, datang dr kampung plak tu.. idak la rasa best sgt duk tepi hutan kan et kan.. hahaha.. dah la dtg mlm2 and all the way si et asyik citer hantu jer ended up.. nak tido pun takut sbb tepi hutan.. giler x best..

The next morning, after breakfast in Jim Thompson Terrace (mak aihhhh ni la first time g mkn kat tpt crowded giler) we strolling along Jalan Sultan Abu Bakar.. Pakcik guard tu kata it'll take 20 mins to Brichang cz tu short cut.. tp after 40 mins x sampai2 gak.. so we decided patah balik..

But then sonok apa.. coz even dah byk kali g Cameron Highland x tau lak kat situ ada istana.. We also saw (and admired!!!!!!) a private bungalow along the road.. MasyaAllah.. cantik betul bunga2 dia mcm dlm filem..

We took few pics.. especially abundance flowers ... rasanya boleh duduk kat situ sepanjang tahun kot...

So next time u go to Cameron Highland.. instead of g kat Strawberry farms, cactus farms and etc kat main road tu.. do jalan2 kat Jalan Sultan Abu Bakar... It is one of the highest point there.. and least travelled too.. U'll be surprised!!!.. Pleasant one tho..

Btw.. there is a small hotel at the end of the road too.. Sri Juliana kot namanya... and if u wanna privacy ( clunny lodge looks tempting tp sbb private property kita org x pegi la..

Sekian la report ... was tired gila babas..

tapi et lagi penat.. dah la dia sponsor kena drive lak tu... teng kiu!!!!!!!!!!

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zino said...

pakngah baru balik dari pasadena hotel kat brincang tu.. tak le baru sangat tapi masa school holiday sebelum ni..

tapi masa cuti sekolah ke sana sesak dengan manusia..