Sunday, April 01, 2007


for me, she is pelik!!

kalau x suka ckpla depan2.. wat is the use of kat depan baik tp kat belakang ngumpat jugak? i told her once (2 years ago) kan elok if she tell X wat she did is wrong... she's the only one X talked to at that time and shes also my best fren. (X was really overboard spreading embarrasing news about ME)... kalau betul xper jugak..

and she said, "biarla.. as long as i know kawan saya macam mana". and i told her i expect her to defend me and helped the person in question to remind her jgnla suka bwk cerita yg gitu2 after all thats fren are for... she said, "biarlah dia sedar sendiri, bukan kerja saya nak mengajar2 orang"...

she got her point there. lesson learnt.

it was 2 years ago, now X and i are really errr.... after much talk and makan2.. we regarded that as storm in a teacup jer..

and it happened one of our colleagues transferred early this year. i was terkejutberuk when one day she defamed her in front of someone. i really cant take that.. i mean... what the hell r u doing? she's not here to defend herself, and of course kalaupun dia seburuk itu, y didnt u tell her before? y wait until dia xder then u chose nak mengata?

then one day i was really gave her my piece of mind, and from then on our friendships x seindah dulu. i mean... she's really nice to me, saying all the right things and lending me helping hands oso. it just that, behind me she said all those stupidstupidstupid things.

i've told her... if u said something behind my back i wont learnt anything and be a repeat offender for all my life.

and she told me, paham2 la sendiri...

masalahnya saya x paham..

kerana kwn2 baik saya, mcm cermin. kalau saya salah dia tunjukkan, kalau sy over dia maki kan dulu, kalau saya silap dia betulkan.. kalau saya hangin dia kipaskan, kalau saya sedih dia gelakkan (so that i wont be self pity 2 much), kalau sy berjaya dia ingatkan ada orang lain lagi best, kalau saya mahukan sesuatu dia tanya, perlu ker.. kalau org kutuk saya,dia backing kalau sy yg betul, kalau saya salah dia lak kasi warning siap2... kalau sy malas dia motivasikan..

dengan kawan baik cenggini sy sentiasa beringat nak berikan yang terbaik coz i know, watever i do have to answer 2 them too.. (believe me, mulut diorang lbh power dr C1 explosive).

now i m behaving like her to... watever she did i okayed it, even dlm ati rasa mcm.... hiskkkk.... therefore i rarely mingled with her much nowadays. becoz its damned hard to keep a happy face when u r really not happy with the outcomes.

and when i was really in the lousiest mood... my standard reply was "really? but i was the only female guru popular winner since the anugerah kicked off".

in the past it never failed to kicked her off from the room. from the look on her face, dia pun mcm nak kicked me jugak.. not that i m proud tapi tu sbg retaliate tahap tenuk for someone yg rasa dirinya best sgt sbb, "sy x kisah... ngan smer orang saya kawan"..

i dont think she knows apa makna kawan pun. arghhh.. its not fair rite... the definition of kawan varied from one person to another...

to put it safe (bcoz u just dunno who might reading) lemme said...

would u pls stop d back biting?

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