Friday, May 11, 2007

Am i that old?


Was collecting mothers day card from kids on wednesday when mira whispered... "ce.. ble x kalau x nak pos"..

Ok fine... that cards was going to be posted for their mothers and mira was the only one who complained.. after much probing she still reluctant to hand it to me..

apa lagi nk buat kan except asking her reason behind that... she handed me her card with all the message neatly written...

instead of saya, she wrote kami.. y?

"ce.. dia mak tiri saya jer.. saya x tau dia boleh terima kami ke x.." i wanted to ask more but seeing her watery eyes.. x jadi la..

but i m glad when she said, "mak tiri saya baik.. tapi saya tak taula.. nanti apa kata abang2 n kakak2 saya.."

so thats it...

be grateful that u hv mother..



It was happened last friday. Seeing Nina wasnt feeling well i offered to give explanation on what Dr M told me.. hehehe.. after drawing the anatomy and kasi tau blablabla.. she kind of said.. "ce.. I have a problem.. xla besar sangat tapi still it makes me sad"(ok matanya pun startla berair smer...)

While she telling everything i cant help smiling mcm kerang busuk.. i shouldnt do that kan.. hehehhe.. tapi.. nak tergelak jugak... guess masa sy budak2 dulu gini gak kot..

But i like nina a lot.. she's very positive.. so instead of nak kasi pendapat or watever i told her.."misti ur parents dah ajar awk ngan baik"

hahaha.. sorry..

and today nad came to me... and she cried too.. and again.. i was smiling.. huh


these persons never failed to make me mad.. iskk.. x nak cakap la.. but then on my way seeing them i bumped into azam, zaim and a boy i hardly remember..

depa dtg kelas n turned out tuition tu dah kensel. zaim travelled like... 10km for the tuition pas tu kensel plak.. hangin betul.. ckp la awal2..

so sambil minum sama2 kitaorang pun sembang2.. i was their form teacher when they were in form one..

azam told me... they still talked abt me a lot.. huh? especially first time diorang try nak ponteng kelas. sbnarya sy pun dah lupa..

but to them it was hillarious sbb x sangka sy g cari n bila sy kira x cukup... i was yelling.."mana lagi nih"..and smer pun kena tarik masuk kelas... tu la sekali dia ponteng kelas ce dia..

"Ce ingat x Achoi nangis?" asked azam..

"ala yg dia gaduh ngan fendi...".. add zaim..

yes of course i remember.. i was a new teacher then.. konpius betul.. achoi dah la xl, fendy xs.. ble fendi tolak achoi n achoi jatuh pas tu dia nangis.. and i remembered kasi mail kat pakngah asking mcmmana nak buat kalau boys gaduh.. and pakngah citer pengalaman along and ngah gaduh masa kecik n pakngah kata nak gaduh xper kalau berbunyi dua2 pun kena... thats what i did too.. until now boys x penah dah nak bergaduh in front of me..

"alaaa... gaduh pun dpt duit lima inggit" azam ckp dlm gelak2

"oo sapa kasi?" i asked curiously..

"ce(thats me ok) la.." accused him.. and i tried to recall my reasons.. but i cant.. "apsal saya kasi?" now i really need an explanation from them..

"mana nak tau.. ce yang kasi kat achoi".. zaim lak kata..

i was like... apsal eh.. x ble ingat langsung...

maybe i should mintak balik rm5 from achoi coz i m sure dia kayo sbb dpt elaun being state's sprinter.. huhuhu...

and the once timid fendi was district level champ for tarian tradisional....

"where's yas?"... now.... whenever i met any of his batch.. ni la soklan wajib... and zaim ckp.."dia sihat ce.. dia pun ingat ce jugak.."

even how hard i tried... still rasa nak menitik jugak airmata...

i wish i could be a better teacher..

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