Sunday, May 06, 2007

Teachers do know how 2 make us feel guilty... eternally

Some 10 years ago.. We were bunch of young, ambitious students and Dr sep gave us a very very simple topic for our weekly presentation..

How I do see myself in 10 years time..

It took us how long eh? guess it was among the easiest.... no burnt midnite oil r freeze in the freezing library (kuat betul aircond nyer pun...)doing research.. belasah je la pa yang patut..

there we were ramblings about things we dream was recorded too.. (Enid was in charge of the camcorder gadgets)..

my classmates-cum-makan2mates-cum-kawansusahsenang were len, izan, liza, wa, helen, mani, jie, haniza, enid and I. outta respect of our frenships i wont reveal wat they said... hehehhe.. (ok ok... i m not really mulut tempayan kan.. hahhaha)


Mine was..(lebih kurang ginila..)

In 10 years time, I want to be the next Agnes Bojaxhiu. nothing to do with her faith but i really admired her charity work.

born on 26 August, 1910, in the center of Uskub, in the Kosovo Province of the Ottoman Empire (now Skopje, Macedonia).She left her home at age 18 to join the even though she knows would never again set eyes on her mother or sister.

The journey wic took her to foreign land with different climate and colours and poverty is infamous for, Calcutta.Later she changed her name to Theresa.

The life of me, I was showered with love by parents, family and friends. i have the comfort of knowing these people will always be with be through thick and thin. Unfortunately, there are others as described by her, "the hungry, the naked, the homeless, the crippled, the blind, the lepers, all those people who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for throughout society, people that have become a burden to the society and are shunned by everyone." Its my mission to care for them, make them feel loved and wanted.

After graduated, I planned to work for a few years, saved some money and later, god willing i'll travel around the world as a freelance photographer. Like her, I will do my best to give back to the society. Who knows someday i might open my own orphanages, hospices or lepers houses all over the world.

Therefore, in the next 10 years time I would be the next mother theresa.


That was the most foolish things to say kan...
Coz after 10 years time.. I m still stuck with the same job, the same workplace. the same people...Nak mintak transfer kat diff environment pun azab.. cett!!

Nak travel around the world?... g India pun x pernah lagi.. isk isk..

freelance photographer???... huhu... amik gambor anak sedara pun still kena komplen..

talking about nak bina all those houses... helping those lepers.. giving back to society.... wuishhh.. pagi tadi kat tuition class out of 26, only 4 kids turned up...

maybe i shud say something realistic like one of my classmates in LKI class told us in her presentation.. she wanna be a good mother.. we were like (wehhh x payah la masuk U kot takat nak jadi mother..).. but she got her point there and wish her luck..

or maybe i shud stick to jie's.. (byk betul kwn nama Jie) ... u know.. bila ada jer nak set up commitee apa2 Jie misti rebut nak jadi permaisuri agung.. x paham betul.. mana ada jawatan tu.. tp dia create sendiri.. no she's not permaisuri agung, at least not yet.. ( who knows kan...)..

or maybe... well.. maybe i talked too much..

it just that.. i feel like a loser..

sungguh sedeyy

but then.. mother theresa is still my idol.. jgn ah tanya apsal x pilih muslim as an idol.. ada... tp itu kategori lain..

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