Friday, June 22, 2007

biduk berlalu

cewahhhh... mcm tajuk drama..

but then... this week was really a drama.. began with kak zah hempas buku (something she never did), and many things happened wic too tedious too share and the tears from Ms X wic not surprisingly new..

glad its friday... the last day of weekday.. cant wait for weekend retreat..

cewahhh... wishful thinking..

coz oredi made promise with kids..

n today i saw ayu with her new greyish skirt wic really makes me green with envy.. cantik betul... katanya beli kat jusco sale.. isk isk isk... too bad i've 3 slots tuition on weekend.

by the way... i was thinking very hard...

i means its oredi 52 days since my last treatment.. i tot it was only for 30 days.. and dah lebih 22 ari dah ni..

i've seek opinion fr few lady frens and family... but no one knows for sure..

i've surf internet, tu la masalahnya... x jumpa plak..

the only gynae whom i know have phone no is Dr M.

and he is in Ipoh.. I m debating

to call r not 2 call..

all these waiting2 games ni makes me .... berdebar2 kot..

sgt tension..

by the way its really has nothing to do with the entry title up there... ntah apa2kan..


zino said...

tak paham hehe

Kengkawan said...

yang tau je faham.. hehhe