Thursday, June 28, 2007

Breakfast with boys, bad news and a gud one

ni gambo last year.. they were 14... x kisahla apa org nak kata... but i adored em' all... never give me problems in the past..

that's y when i saw one of em' playing truant last wednesday, while we were on d way to azhar's hse to pick nasi beriani... then jeng jeng... the idea came...

breakfast with boys..

coz we can talk during makan2.. like me they were looking forward nak makan2 with their old ce*. and i even asked tina to print out the boys mid year results.
come wednesday.. HIM didnt turn up.

make short.. was told by them HE ran away from home.. called his house, the grandma was as clueless as i am..

since when? y didnt u tell me? korang ni napa x ckp? gaduh ek? biasala soklan wajib sy..

he was absent since monday, they just got the news today.

honestly... ni la yang paling sy takut sekali... at 15 mmg transition period.. this is one of d main reasons breakfast with boys will become my weekly agenda.

To U.. (in case u read my blog)
come back.. we missed u badly... u never failed me in the past, so please.. please dont start now.. think about your lil' brother, think abt ur grandma.. who's going to take care of them now? do u want your lil bro to feel rejected, unwanted and unloved by the one and only flesh and blood that he has..
never run away from problem.. watever it is.. u know u still have me...


sangat panas ptg ni.. lagi panas when i got several miscalled from office... thinking that something very important... cepat2 tukar baju PE and pick up the phone... someone wanna see me...

coming out fr d surau sambil pakai tudung ( i really tot ada emergency giler)... fews boys yelled, " ce* g mana tadi? syahid cari"

syahid mana? the only syahid that i know was.. haha was syahid the engineer (apsal ramai sgt org keje engineer?)

then he came..........

SYED IZLAN SYED MOHAMAD (dlm gambo -berdiri sebelah his best fren, Fiqah)

ala2 drama la plak.. he told me he's going 2 uitm arau tomorrow.. errrr.. i was melompat2 plak gembira.. i mean...

kalau tulis nanti kena pangkah ngan syed lak.. suffice 2 say that i've seen him ups and down.. sbb 2 gembiranya lain macam sikit...

btw fiqah is in kolej matrikulasi pahang now.. hmmm i wish dia dpt g gopeng jer so that nanti leh la jenguk dia n d kedai buku fevret saya kat ipoh sama2.. tp ala2 keciwa betul sbb dia dpt kat pahang..

sbb saya pangkah pahang...

its a long story anyway..

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zino said...

dah pandai letak gambar sekarang hehe