Monday, June 25, 2007

Cerita bebudak

when i was in school, no one did my homework.. except.. ok fine.. when i was in uni Mid did my computer course.. tp itu x kira sangat coz at that time i really not computer-savvy (sekarang pun x) and Mid memang kerjanya gitu... dan dia pun memang baik orangnya.. hehe

there was time when our lecturer, Puan Noraini insisted that we see her at least once to discuss about our project, but I never did.. coz Len banyak kali reminded me... "ni kerja kita, kenapa kita x boleh buat sendiri? kalau dia yang kasi tau kita wat to do means ni dah jadi her project". hehe

but this time is different. On Saturday, only 2 students turned up for my tuition class. Zana and Mila. Further check smer orang bz buat kerja kursus nikah kawin.. thats PMR project ye tuan-tuan..

Weh... hangin betulll..

they've been talking about it for months and until now pun x siap lagi...

Normally, they will accompany me to my next tuition clas wic is 15km away(agaknyala) but both refused sbb nak siapkan kerjakursus tu..

On Sunday, I found myself helping Zana n Mila siapkan their kerja kursus. while i was busy giving ideas, suggesting pics and person to be interviewed, the layout, i can see that zana confused and a bit reluctant to follow my ideas..

That Len's spirit... hehe..

I'll never see the end product. They are going to submit today.. Aminn..

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